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4 Moms Discuss Managing the House and Nursing a Baby With ONLY Small Children

4 Moms on Parenting

How do you manage the house with ONLY little ones? How do you find time to nurse the baby when all of your children are young?

Managing the home is a big job, no matter the number of children you have.

Managing the home with only small children is like herding cats.

Managing the home with only small children while nursing a baby is like herding cats on crack.

What I'm trying to communicate is you have a big job ahead of you, but you are just the lady to do it, with some planning and determination.

Here are some tips:

  • Making a schedule for your day can keep you on track and help you remember what is highest in priority on your list.
  • Keeping a basket of read aloud books next to the chair you nurse the baby in can make that a sweet time for all. Call the children around and let them listen to you read as you feed the baby.
  • See these tips for nursing¬†and managing the home.

Be sure to see the tips my 4 Moms partners share.

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  1. Rebecca C. says:

    Now you just need to do a post on nursing while having only small children (6 and under?) and homeschooling… :) You probably have one of those posts already, but I need to read it. I am gearing up for our second year of homeschool (K and 1st), with a 2 year old and a new baby coming in Dec/Jan.