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4 Moms Answer Questions About Bedrooms, Family Meetings, and Church Camp

4 Moms on Parenting

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are answering questions about bedroom arrangements, family meetings, and church camp.

Here are the questions we got from readers on our 4 Moms Facebook page.

Some of you have all girls and one boy. What age does he get his own room?

Our only boy is now 16 and has his own room, but he has occasionally shared a room with a sister.

When he was 5 years old, there was a short period of time that he shared with Madison, our oldest and his closest sibling in age.

Then when he was 11 years old, he shared a room with his baby sister, Emelyn, who he is still very close to today.

Ideally, a boy would not share a room with a sister, but having an only boy and 7 sisters presents a special challenge. We are blessed now to have plenty of space to give him his own room, but when we didn't we made do the best we could.

Do you conduct family meetings? If so, how do you structure them?

We do have family meetings, but not on a regular schedule. When we are going on vacation, as we will be soon, and need to talk about travel arrangements and logistics, or as we are starting a new school year, or if we have a special announcement to make we will call a family meeting.

It usually goes something like this:

Mom and Dad: Everyone come to the dining room table. We have some things to talk to you about.

Random Kid: You're pregnant again?!

Me: No, I'm not pregnant. We need to talk about packing for vacation.

Kids: (disappointed) Awwww!

I would say we find a need to call family meetings once every couple of months, but we would be fine with having them more or less, as needed.

Since we eat dinner together around the table, we do a lot of informal meeting anyway.

Do you do sleepaway camp? (You know, like the week long Christian camp thing kids go on with their youth groups.) If you do, at what ages? If you don't, why not?

Once our kids approach the age of 12 or 13, we consider whether they are mature enough to spend a week away from us at church camp. We have allowed some to go earlier than others, and we have revoked the privelege of going to camp if a lack of making good decisions at home is seen.

We like that our children who go to camp are there with siblings who will gladly rat out any mischief or disrespect. Thankfully, this has never had to be reported to us.

Now, be sure to see what questions are being answered by the rest of my 4 Moms team.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter (age almost 11) went to church camp for the first time this year. She has come to know Jesus this year and we felt it would be an encouragement to her to be surrounded by other young believers for several days. Many of the counselors were part of a revival group that came to our church. She went with 7 other girls from church and they all bunked together. Through church, she earned money towards the fee by doing memory verses and questions. She also earned all her spending money and some of the fee through chores. She came back with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible and with a close bond to some wonderful girls. I do agree that going to camp involves good behavior and also some responsibility.

  2. Rat out. Ha, ha! :-)

  3. I have a question regarding bedrooms as well. I have two sons: a 20 month old and a 3 year old. I am also close to 37 weeks pregnant with our first girl :). We are currently all in the same room. Our upstairs is just one large room…so its just spaced out so that the boys are in the first original “room” and we are in the “room” next to it. But its really all one room. Our children both just started sleeping through the night…most of the time..which is much later then most probably due to the sharing. I was just wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom to keep me from pulling my hair out after the baby is born. :) Also any tips on how to bend over when 37 weeks pregnant??

    • Elizabeth says:

      Bend at the knees (tho much less gracefully than a ballet dancer) and always near something you can hold on to :) I learned to pick things up with my toes. At work (as an RN) at about 36 weeks along I squatted to do something after standing for 12 hours and got stuck on the floor-had to be helped up by the medical director for the hospital.