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Why I Can’t Shut Up About Abortion

Warning: This post contains adult topics and graphic descriptions.

I was recently at a blogging conference where a company was expressing that they like to work with bloggers who won't embarrass the brand with controversial opinions that might polarize customers.

I could completely understand where they were coming from, and it got me to thinking that I could be a more "successful" blogger if I would not post about controversial topics on my blog or on my Facebook page or Twitter.

And I pondered that for a whole five minutes before deciding that I can't do it. I can't shut up about things that I feel need to be spoken about. And one of those is abortion.

Here's the thing. I used to be one of those enlightened 20-somethings who drank expensive coffee and was concerned about women's rights. Granted, I was a Christian and had graduated from a Christian university, but I still repeated what I heard from people who I respected, and that was, "I would never get an abortion myself, but who am I to tell another woman what to do with her body?"

But when I saw my own baby's image on a sonogram for the first time, the little blinking light of a heart, the rudimentary limbs, the eye sockets, I felt a small shift in my thinking. This wasn't just my body. There was another body at stake here. Maybe, just maybe, it was wrong for any woman to end the life of a completely helpless, innocent human being. A baby. A little person.

Then one day I saw the horrifying photographs of actual aborted babies. The headless bodies. The bloody arms and legs, with tiny recognizable fingers and toes, ripped from torsos, tossed carelessly to the side.

And a change so great in me took place, that I will never be able to go back.

Not only would I never get an abortion myself, but now I wonder if "Who am I?" might be answered with "You were chosen for such a time as this."

To speak up about the killing of innocents.

All the innocent ones who are not capable of holding a poster with the words, "My body, my choice." The innocent ones who would never grow up to have women's rights.

Maybe there are others who do not know, as I once did not, what actually takes place during an abortion. Maybe the pictures will make a difference to them the way it did for me.

I know there is a cost to talking about this. I have seen it on my Facebook page, where I had 185 comments on a thread I posted about abortion, and I was called a nasty name (and I don't mean "loser" or "idiot"). I lost Facebook followers that day, and I lose them every day I post about abortion. I have had a real life friend tell me that maybe I should back off a little with my stance, so as not to ruffle so many feathers.

But I just can't. I can't shut up about the killing of babies. I can't let innocent lives be taken without speaking up for those who cannot cry out.

Before the comment thread on Facebook got to 185, I was able to get a confession from the most vocal pro-abort commenter that it is indeed horrific to dismember and behead a living baby. But she became enraged when I asked her to complete the following statement:

I believe it is horrific to dismember and behead a living baby, but I would rather do that than (be poor, be embarrassed by a pregnancy, have a retarded child, __fill in the blank__.)

Really, isn't this what it comes down to? Even the pro-abort crowd says, "Nobody likes the idea of abortion..." At least that's what was being said on the above mentioned thread. It's just that abortion is preferable to the alternative, letting the baby live.

Millions of babies have been silenced, but I will not be.

I will speak up. I will stand for life.

A word about comments: I welcome civilized discussion and even disagreement. However, name calling will get you blocked from commenting. And emailing me about "freedom of speech" will do no good. If you cannot discuss this issue civilly, practice your freedom to get your own blog and call me names there. 

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  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me recently and I was astonished how many people gave me the advice to not talk about it, or not to mingle ‘politics’ and my religious beliefs. Astonishing. Keep preachin Connie!

  2. Keep standing for life. It is what Jesus did and it is what he calls us to do. I am constantly amazed at people who call themselves Christians and are pro-choice. These are humans…created by God in HIS image…He has a purpose and a plan for their lives as much as for ours. Never, EVER back down from standing for truth, escpecially in these last days where good is being called evil and evil is being called good. :) thank you for you ministry. :)

    • This has always amazed me too, Brandi. Then I thought about how the first Christians didn’t call themselves Christians, but were called that by others who noticed how like Christ these followers of Jesus were. It is easy to throw around or adopt a title, but when others give it to you based on your lifestyle and conversation, that is an interesting assessment. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus came that we may have life. He is the way, truth, and Life. etc. Christians, therefore, are people who reflect who He is, the Life.

  3. I want to give you a standing ovation.

  4. Bravo! I now want to keep following you more than ever! I honestly don’t post much about controversial topics on my blog, but I have gotten some nasty comments when I spoke about my view on gay rights. I have spoken out about abortion to a degree, but not as forcefully as you. I have liked you on facebook, and I will continue to follow you here and everywhere I can. Don’t give up! God will bless you!!

  5. Natalie says:

    I feel the same way, and I’ve gotten dirty looks for speaking against abortion. I think there’s so much brainwashing promoting it. People are not realizing that if their mother had wanted it, they wouldn’t be here.

  6. THANK YOU for speaking out about what you believe in! I too was that 20 something girl…and then I was 30 and couldn’t get pregnant…and then after years of procedures, acupuncture, and months of shots we got a positive test to eventually find out there was no heartbeat. I’m happy to say we now have 3 kids and things evemtually worked out, but my thoughts have totally shifted on the subject of abortion. First, its a life…I saw my twins hesrtbeats as early as 6 wks 5 days, I saw my daughter jab her fist into the air at 9 wks as if to say, “I’m here!”. How could someone choose to get rid of something that precious? In our journey to have a family, we of course met thousands of other couples with fertility issues. Each one of us trying with every minute and every dollar we had just to have the chance to have that 1st soho pic/bundle of joy to bring home. Sooo many were unable to conceive and were desperate to find a birthmom who was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and put their precious little one up for adoption. So speak away about the horrors of abortion. Let your voice be heard! You will have those who bad mouth you for doing so but I am sure you will have just as many of us praising you for speaking your mind and holding you in our prayers. So thank you

  7. YOU GO GIRL! I have worked at the local Pregnancy Care Center where you hear horrible stories of even Christian families who force their child to have an abortion because it would be a blot on their “perfect” Christian lives! Please stand up for what you believe in. I, too, have lost a ton of friends on Facebook because I stand up not only for abortion, but for traditional families and I take political stances that my extended family can’t seem to understand. Jesus took stands and we must follow His example! BRAVO!

    • yes I know someone who was dragged to an abortion clinic at 17 years old. She really didn’t have a choice, her mom made that choice for her. I know a different mom who was pregnant at 15 and her mom jumped into action preparing for the new baby. That mom didn’t have a choice either (probably would have chosen adoption.) Often for young mothers the “choice” is made by the grandma.

      • come to think of it, would be interesting to see a Pro-Life campaign directed towards grandmothers. We focus so much on the mom, but all those grandmas get off scott-free.

  8. Too many keep their mouths shut about this issue, and they only contribute to the murder of babies. Keep speaking out!

  9. Kristen Gonzales says:

    It breaks my heart that a lot of these pro abort people are the first to defend an animal. Why do they not see value in another human being? My children have made my life whole even though there are times we can’t make ends meet. Thank you for your post!

  10. Jason Longwith says:

    Continue to stand up for your beliefs and convictions. The truth should never be silenced.

  11. The problem, regarding so many issues today, is that nobody wants to “ruffle feathers”. So proud of and thankful for your outspoken stance. While we are on the subject of abortion… Lets remember to pray for women that had abortions and have now come to believe differently. I can’t imagine the pain/guilt they carry. My prayer for them is that they come to know Christ and His forgiveness and that they are able to move forward in ways that will keep other women from making the choice they did.

    • That’s an excellent thing for us to remember! Many women later regret that decision and need help living with the decision they made. Hopefully knowing that God will forgive them and love them if they follow Him and that their precious child is in His loving arms will get them through.

      • Absolutely. Also, seek to make a difference in the lives of single mothers who made the first right choice, but are now inundated and feel crushed under the load of life with children but no spouse. They need our prayers too, and our congratulations for making the choice to have that baby.

  12. Please don’t ever “shut up” about this, Connie. For all those who leave in an indignant huff, there may be one or two who are listening with an open heart. We must all do what we can to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. I’ve seen posts about people who would like nothing better than to allow “abortions” for a certain amount of time *after* a child is born. Satan is not happy with just a little. He wants it all.

  13. Jasmine says:

    Blessings on you for having the courage to post about such a important topic. Posts like this are why I choose to follow bloggers like you. May God bless you for your courage to take a stand for what is right!

  14. Thank you for taking a stand for life. Shared.

  15. Thank you for posting this, Connie. I hope everyone can remain civil in your comment thread today.

  16. Thank you! I always considered myself prolife until I found myself pregnant by rape, scared, shamed, worthless, alone & sadly I chose abortion in an attempt to make it all go away so I could just move on with my life. Unfortunately that was a lie. What I found was that I didn’t kill a rapist’s child, I killed MY child, my flesh & blood, created in the image of God, by God, even if it was through a horrible act. My abortion caused me such greater pain than the rape. I abused alcohol for years trying to numb the pain I felt & the horrific nightmares I had about what I did to my baby. After I got saved I still couldn’t shake what I had done. I knew Christ had forgiven me but I couldn’t forgive myself & still lived in deep shame & guilt completely terrified of anyone knowing. I began a post abortive Bible study called Surrendering the Secret & through that Christ COMPLETELY healed me!!! He has since used me to share my story & I now counsel other post abortive women. If we don’t speak about the hard things how will people know the truth? Thank you for speaking out! Many blessings & much love!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your story of redemption, Ashley! I pray many will be impacted and you will be richly blessed for your courage.

    • Alicia Brumley says:

      Thank you so much for your honest comment! It brought tears to my eyes. I have several friends who are saved and have had abortions and keep so quiet about it. Unfortunately, in a place (where we all have sins and none is greater than the other) where there shoild be only comfort, and forgiveness, most churches–and church people–offer only judgement and no grace. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your efforts.

      • I agree Alicia, but please also remember it is a delicate balance, especially for teachers and preachers/ leaders. We cannot in any way diminish the message that abortion is wrong, murder, don’t do it. We need to be loud and strong publicly about this. It is true there needs to be grace, but offering words of comfort from the ‘pulpit,’ in the same context of condemning the act, can send a mixed message (like what I heard as a teen -‘it’s wrong, but if you do it, God will forgive you, so it’s not really that big of a deal, it will be ok, everything will turn out for the best…’) and defeat the purpose. The compassion and grace needs to be on an individual one on one basis. Yes, God forgives and still uses murderers, but the results of that decision never really completely goes away. (No, I don’t call my friends murderers, and don’t think that of them when we speak of it, but hopefully you understand that is what God calls this sin, and the ‘label’ isn’t used with malice here.) It is a balance between public and private ministry to people.

      • Please, please don’t use a broad brush to paint “most” churches as judgmental. Because abortion has been here now for decades, I submit that most Christian churches embrace the downtrodden, the guilt-ridden, and the depressed, and point to the forgiveness found in Christ. To write that “most churches–and church people–offer judgement (sic) and no grace” is not only shortsighted, but erroneous, as well. Please don’t stereotype “most churches.”

    • Mama Mirage says:

      *HUGS* Thank you for speaking up- I know it must have been and still be so hard to talk about and think about sometimes. Your story can help others, and your Bible study! Praise to God for His healing and redemption!

    • Ashley, thank you for your honesty and I also pray that God will use your story to help others. It must have been so scary to speak out, but I am glad you did.

    • Teresa Wynn says:

      Thank You for sharing your story. I was blessed also to go through a post-abortion weekend. It helped so much and helped me receive the gift of forgiveness, and move past the anguish of the lives I took. Today, yes my heart still hurts, but I’m free from the shame, and guilt.. and today I speak out against abortion. What a change a real relationship with Jesus can make.

  17. Standing with you, sister! I used to think the same way as you regarding abortion. Seeing the pictures of aborted babies changed my mind. Well, that and the Holy Spirit tugging at me for some time to let go of my people-pleasing pro-choice view. “Who am I to tell another woman what to do with HER body?” Ya, I said that one too many times. Keep speaking the truth.

  18. I believe that the reason we are here today is that too many Christians were asleep in their pews in the early 70s (except perhaps the Catholic church) and didn’t want to make a controversy, so now we have abortion on demand. That you for speaking up for those that cannot!

  19. Keep speaking up, keep talking! :) You haven’t lost this reader! This IS an important life or death topic. Beautifully said. It took my pregnancy with my first child, at 18 years, to cement my pro life views. And it took my last pregnancy, and the Gosnell case to get me talking about it. I know it is offensive to some, but so is a declaration of sin, and a call to repent to anyone. I have friends who have had abortions, and who are pro choice, and I do love them all dearly. I have also heard the regret and pain in the voice of a very dear friend when she spoke of her abortion. She carries that with her constantly. Abortions don’t just kill babies, they harm women too. They rip families apart, and disenfranchise fathers. They destroy many beautiful things that God has created. People, made in his own image. They destroy relationships, peace, and hearts. Abortions are death, and death is destructive, whether you call it a choice or not. :( So very heartbreaking.

  20. Michelle says:

    I’m very honored that I call you “friend”. Thank you, Connie!

  21. Jessica says:

    We need to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Doing (saying) what is right is not easy. I was born the same year Roe V. Wade was legalized. Now I have a precious, miraculous life growing in me (4th baby:-)) and this topic is so difficult. The evils of this world were foretold in scripture, but it never gets any easier to see or hear about these atrocities:(

  22. “Ruffle feathers”? How about ripping wings off? That’s closer to the reality. Wasn’t there a time when “good Christians” (except for a few like the Ten Booms) kept their thoughts to themselves and the Holocaust went on? Never let them silence you, Connie. Though I see there’s a fat chance of that happening. May God keep giving you the strong conviction and the words to express it that abortion is NOT the way to solve anything.

  23. Some people are very aggressive when discussing this issue. I’m pleased to see you mention that you still love your friends- whether they are prolife or have had an abortion. Some women feel enormous pressures to end a pregnancy- so loving them and encouraging them is one way to make a difference in the life of a child. Keep speaking out with love.

  24. Kristin says:

    God bless you for standing for His precious babies. I too was too afraid of offending someone else for a long time, but after becoming a mom and seeing my babies’ ultrasounds, I know that Jesus’ opinion of me is far more important than anyone else. If we dont speak for these babies, who will?

  25. Mynnette says:

    Thank you. <3

  26. I am the mother to both birth and adopted children. Both of my adopted children are from the sort of situation which people counsel are best ended in abortion. I thank God everyday that their birthmother s chose differently. They are bright, precious people who I am honored to mother. In our culture the cry seems to be “I don’t want it, but you cannot have it.”

  27. Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you so much for this!

  28. I also used to be that young enlightened woman who knew without a doubt that abortion was wrong and horrific. . . but always said it wasn’t my place (or anyones) place to tell other women what they can and cannot do, that their decisions would be between them and their maker. Then I learned that standing up for the truth is what we are called to do. If our sisters are lost, it is our job to help guide them back. If an innocent is at risk, it is our job to protect them. I talk in graphic detail with my children about the horrors of abortion and I pray every day that they will always hold that truth as evident, that they will always stand up for those babies. We help support the local pregnancy center and there have been many opportunities to talk with the kids about the work they do and why it’s so important. To the children, a $100 benefit dinner ticket is “so much money”. . .but when we explain that my $100 may help save the life of an unborn baby, they get it. I intend to take them out to participate in a 40 Days for Life event at the next opportunity. We must talk about it. We must never shut up about it. When we watched our little ones develop on ultrasound, saw their little heartbeats and wiggly bodies at only 7 weeks, I looked at the Dr and my husband and said, “how can anyone say that’s NOT a baby?”. Ultrasounds need to happen (and be seen by the Mama) before an abortion is allowed, every time!

  29. Bridget says:

    Thank you for discussing this issue again. Abortion hurts everyone, not just the baby and his/her mother and father. I lost two siblings to this atrocity (this is my first time mentioning it publicly). I’ve mourned for them and the life we could have shared for years. I’m my mother’s only surviving child.

    Keep speaking the truth and engaging the culture of death, Connie. I’m sure you are planting many seeds. He will continue to water and bring a harvest from your obedience. When I see your posts on Facebook or in my inbox, I’ll say a prayer for you and this work you’re doing.

  30. Preach it!! :)

  31. Great post – I like to ruffle feathers LOL but in all honesty I get so tired of so many thinking we have to be politically correct, non-judgemental, don’t offend, etc – there comes a time when we must offend (to use the modern terminology) even Jesus offended when He went in and began to overturn the tables in the Temple! That said I was very much ‘pro-choice’ and ‘women’s rights’ however it took losing our first baby to an early miscarriage at 7 1/2 weeks, after having seen the heartbeat to change my mind and know that that baby was a living being – God does everything to bring Him glory and by losing that baby He begin the long process of bringing me back to His fold and changing my stance on abortion/murder. I miss that baby and I often find myself wondering what it would have looked like and we have not lied to our children that they have a sibling waiting in Heaven. I’ve had to explain had that baby lived then I wouldn’t have had our oldest when we did since I got pregnant a mere 5 months after we lost our first (of course the OB and the midwife frowned on me becoming pregnant so quickly). I just did a Walk for Life in my area where I had to collect sponsors and when I asked my mom (who is very much into the whole lie of women’s rights, choice, etc) if she’d sponsor me simply because I was her daughter, she refused. She didn’t want to support a place that gave a woman other options beyond abortion. It’s truly a sad world we live in when women can throw away their precious babies like trash. BTW: I was also told that I needed my option when 4 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby/a son because I was gestational diabetic so early and they knew he’d be born with some horrible defect (their words) I told them that they could write in their charts I refused any and all counseling because the only option would be to deliver a baby, whether he lived a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or years. If I had listened to the doctors I would have murdered a perfect baby boy – and regardless if he had had something wrong with him, he still would have been perfect in our eyes and the Lord’s.

  32. Cameron says:

    God doesn’t call for us to be popular, He calls for us to stand for the truth. Keep standing up for what you know is right! May God bless you for taking the not always popular, but always RIGHT road.

  33. Mama Mirage says:

    Connie thank you for speaking out. Abortion breaks my heart. For the babies murdered, the mothers’ hearts hardened or broken, and the state of our culture that any “choice” but abortion enrages so many. We can’t stop talking about this. Keep being a voice for the babies!

  34. Connie, I saw a blog post not too long ago about how bloggers shouldn’t touch controversial subjects (especially religion and politics) because brands don’t like it, and people won’t follow it. Ridiculous. What good is a platform if you don’t use it to do something important? Maybe some people who are in it for money or to feel good about themselves or to just do some fluffy, fun stuff, shouldn’t touch these topics. Obviously they can’t handle the heat. Fine. Whatever. But I don’t call that blogging. I call it shilling.

    Be radioactive. I’m radioactive. I don’t make a lot of money, and brands are scared to death of me. I call that a job well done. :-)

  35. Clapping, standing ovation… by the ones here on earth AND the *millions* that are already in Heaven!

  36. Praise God for your voice, Connie! You were chosen for such a time as this!

  37. You are taking the right stance! There are some things that are controversial that are not really worth stirring the pot about. That is, unless you are called to minister in that area. However, as Christians, we are called to defend the poor and defenseless. We cannot turn a blind eye because it is not popular. We can do it in a way that is loving and compassionate. We can offer help and support, counseling and solutions for difficult situations. But we must not be silent.

  38. Option 1 – Say the things that God has for you to say and let Him provide completely for your needs.

    Option 2 – Be silenced by man and then trust man to provide for your needs.

    Yeah – I’d pick the first one every time too.

  39. Thank you for being a voice to those who have none. Good thing it’s God who ultimately determines who the “successful” bloggers are, not some corporation. I don’t have to tell you, you made the right choice. May God bring you many blessings from it.

  40. Thanks for this and I agree. I have always post about abortion issues, but the Gosnell thing really had me ramp up on FB and Twitter and I lost friends and followers. But in the end I believe that the babies being killed are more important than being silent in the name of “women’s rights”

  41. Your stances on a variety of topics, and your ability to write about it so well, keep me coming back. Thank you!

    My dad thinks that as non Christians those babies and their parents are lost in sin so it makes no big difference, but I disagree if Christians don’t loudly proclaim sin and show the light then we are guilty of sinning ourselves. Does loving our brothers mean only other Christians? I don’t think so. Should we keep our mouths shut when our Brothers are rolling and wallowing in sin, no, proclaiming that abortion is wrong is the same as proclaiming that lying is a sin, and that infidelity is a sin, God sees no difference in sin.

    I had a dr that was so mad that I wouldn’t have genetic counseling when I needed him to do an ultrasound because my baby was too wriggling for my normal dr. office to get the pics they wanted, that he told me that my baby had a marker for tri simony something or other, basically a fatal defect, she is now a happy healthy 2 year. He just wanted to upset me enough to have the extra tests.

  42. Keep speaking! As a woman, your voice immediately has more credibility on this issue than mine can ever hope to have.

  43. The very sad thing is that we as Christians have been brainwashed in so many way’s…..this subject is one, another similar to it is that the pill is “harmless”.
    “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself upspotted (unpolluted by) from the world.” James 1:27

  44. thank you.

  45. I will also never shut up about the issue of abortion. I call it by what it is: Murder. Plain and simple. And I don’t care what others think or might call me as a result of my stance.

    You go, girl, there are plenty of people standing with you on this…… and most importantly, Jesus Christ himself is standing with you.

  46. Abortion is vile! When people mention having the exception for rape it makes me very angry as well as sad. I was raped when I was in my late 20’s and became pregnant as a result of the rape. I did consider abortion for a time to get rid of the “problem” but really it does not get rid of the “problem” by getting rid of the baby. The problem was the rape and not the baby. I ended up keeping the baby and she is now a 3 year old little girl who I love dearly and she is my whole world. I never anticipated being a single mother but it is all well worth it in the end.
    I was lucky to be in my late 20’s when this happened, finished university and have a very well paid career so am able to have the finances to take care of her. If I was younger or with few financial resources would I still feel the same way about my daughter? I don’t know. However, I can’t imagine anyone despising their beautiful child once they are born.
    I’m not sure if abortion should be illegial or not but I just wanted to tell my story so others have another side to this controversy.

  47. I wanted to thank you too, for having the courage to say what needs to be said. Continue to speak truth with charity.

  48. Jessica says:

    Keep speaking, Connie!

  49. Wonderful post! Keep talking, it needs to be said!

  50. I know this may not be a long comment, but thank you!

    THANK YOU for being a VOICE that needs to be heard! I never really thought about it as you have put it- being the voice- and I completely agree with you.

    Thank you for sharing this as well. God Bless you and your family. I keep coming back to your blog, and now I know why…because I learn 😉

  51. Chellie says:

    Keep standing up for what you believe. Like you said, if people don’t like it they have the CHOICE not to read it. I’ll keep reading :) P.S. I have some strong opinions that many of my “friends” don’t like, too.

  52. Tiffany S says:

    Thank you, Connie! I have always enjoyed your blog and a good deal of the reason is because you will not back down on what is right – even if unpopular or controversial.

  53. Amen, sister! I have been a blogger for almost 2 years, and I am still relatively small. I think it is because I post about deeper topics. And people don’t want to read it. Christians don’t want to read it. we have imbibed a “tolerance” stance which really doesn’t mean tolerance. It means we need to embrace unBiblical and sinful behavior. I personally am fed up with Christians saying that God is love and God is tolerant. God is love. But God has never tolerated sin. You can’t read any part of the Bible and think that. Anyway…off my high horse.=)

  54. You go girl! I’m right there with you standing in faith. I’m so so proud of you. Much love, Lisa~

  55. Every child is a human being made in the image of almighty God. Keep on being vocal about your passion to protect the innocent Connie! If the family of God fails to, than who will?

  56. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is a very sensitive subject for me. I’m slowly learning to stand up and I’m working on sharing my story with others.
    After two kids, we thought we were done. One boy and one girl was enough. When I found myself pregnant when our kids were about 5 and 2, my husband talked me into aborting the baby. I don’t want to condemn my husband or make him the bad guy, but he did talk me into it. We were trying to buy our first home so it was “either the baby or the house.” A little less than a year later I was pregnant again. Once again, it was suggested that we “couldn’t afford” another kid. We killed one of our babies a second time. Wouldn’t you know it, about two years later we found out we were pregnant for a fifth time. That would be my third abortion. It almost destroyed me and I tried to destroy my marriage. I try not to feel contempt toward my husband as I promised him during those times. I know he didn’t really want to do it either. Several years later we have an almost five year old little girl added to our brood whom I spoil a little too much. I now know how wrong I was. I would do almost anything to have those three little ones running around my house. I often wonder whether they were boys or girls… what we would have named them… what type of personalities they would have had. The backlash scares the bejeebus out of me but I feel like I need to share. Thank you, Connie, for talking about abortion. Please don’t stop!

  57. charity says:

    Dear Brave blogger,
    Right at this moment and all thru reading this post, I’ve been feeling my 30 week old unborn baby moving inside me.as I last here with my three and five yr old little girls,I relished every movement from all sides! Inside and out :-) because, you see. I took the plan b pill with both of them. It didn’t work either time. And now with my sixth baby on the way. I’ve fought tooth and nail to keep thus little baby. Every one who had found out said it would be better if this baby would die, or I abort it. Left by my husband,I made some bad choices and became pregnant with this baby. I was going to remarry and have the baby with my fiancee. Circumstances weren’t in favor of this. Now single again, mother of five already, scorned called every base name.I’ve kept and protected thus little one as best I can.so unwilling for this baby to be born, my family has refused to take me to a doctor, not even once. The plan is that I’ll have this baby at home by myself while watching my other five children because everyone had informed me,I brought these children here,I can take care of them even during the birth. this is
    no exaggeration,2013 and this is my plight because I chose to keep this baby. I want the baby,I will fight for the baby because I see living proof of what I would’ve lost had the pills worked. Don’t sway, don’t stop.be brave tell the truth! I’ll never look at another picture of the word abortion again after seeing those photos. Thank you, its hard, but I know I’ve done the right thing, no later how hard thus is, or going to be. Good bless you and thank you.

    against every friend and family member telling me it would be bet

    • Is there a church nearby that can help you? Are there fellow believers who can come alongside of you? I will pray for you. If you happen to be in the Bay Area of NorCal, I would love to get you some help.

  58. I have a question for Smockity. I know you view family size as something to be planned by God, and therefore that birth control is, if not sinful, not advised either. But is that mitigated for situations in which a pregnancy almost surely would result in an abortion? I know your preferred method is to educate to your beliefs, but the reality on the ground for many people is that abortion will happen. I’d personally think a vasectomy is a far lesser sin than an abortion, but was curious about your thoughts.

    • Are you asking me which I prefer others to use: birth control or abortion?

      I would rather people realize there is always a possibility that sex could lead to pregnancy.

      “For situations in which a pregnancy almost surely would result”, I recommend birth.

      • I understand that – but I’m asking that if abstinence is not on the table (let’s say you just cannot persuade someone that way), if you regard preventing a pregnancy through birth control as on a moral par with terminating a pregnancy.

  59. Personally, I am a christian, and don’t feel the same as you do on abortion. Myself, I could never have an abortion, but I think it makes more sense to remove the things that cause women to have abortions, than to put a woman in jail for having an abortion. IE let’s tackle poverty, teen pregnancy, birth control, the adoption system, etc. Let’s make it doable for a woman to give birth and give that child up for adoption, if she wants to. I also don’t see locking up a doctor for giving someone an abortion at her request. What, we should let women who want an abortion go find back alleys and kill themselves in the process? Heck no, we make abortion as rare as we possibly can by improving the circumstances that lead to abortion.

    • I was already going to make a comment (for the third time on this thread) by itself, but want to reply to what you wrote. The pro choice folks (as well as the politicians) often state the mantra that they want abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” Obviously, that part of their abortion platform is an epic fail. Millions of abortions done annually hardly constitute “rare,” and physical problems after an abortion, not to mention deep emotional problems flies in the face of the “safe” part of the mantra. The only part that is true is the “legal” part…to our collective shame. And not once have I read that pro life women want to jail women who’ve had abortions. That is nothing more than a straw man.

      • I don’t see it as a straw man, as I don’t see how you enforce a ban on abortion other than putting doctors who perform them and women who have them in jail. What other option is there?

  60. Love you for sharing and standing up for what you believe in on your blog. I do agree with you and we feel the same way about abortion but if I didn’t I would still respect you for your opinion shared on your blog and facebook page. I don’t have time to read all of the comments but I will be back to do so.

    Most important is to pray for those who have made the decision to abort or those thinking about it. Sometimes that is all we can do even after speaking out.


  61. Keep standing on that soapbox. I’m sick and tired of things that Yahweh hates, becoming the “norm”.

  62. jennifer roberts says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for following the conviction of the Holy Spirit to not be silent. I am so proud of you!

  63. Melanie says:

    Way to go! Keep on fighting the good fight! I annoy and lose Facebook friends all the time by speaking out about abortion. I hope none of us are deterred by the dissenting comments and their cries of freedom of speech. For some reason freedom of speech ceases when they disagree with the opinion! We ought to please God rather than men and Jesus said of children that of such are the kingdom of heaven. I firmly believe that abortion is destroying our society and it must cease or we will fall into the hands of the living God. Keep at it!

  64. Excellent post! You are inspiring me to be bolder in speaking the truth, even when it is not popular! I have worked for years as a peer counselor at a pregnancy crisis center (offering encouragement to women not to abort and material help and spiritual support if they carry). However, there are still times when I am in mixed groups that I hesitate to speak up lest I offend, or if I’m being honest, lest others think less of me. You have inspired me to be more courageous!
    See, the criticism from “pro-choicers” that hurts the most is that those in the pro-life movement lack compassion and are quick to judge others in crisis pregnancies. God has given you a gift for writing, Connie, and I would love to see a post about the hope and healing available to any woman who has had an abortion! God’s forgiveness and restoration is big enough to cover ANYTHING, and it breaks my heart to meet women who feel they are estranged from the Lord forever based on what they’ve done. But for the grace of God, I have never faced a crisis pregnancy, but I am every bit as big of a sinner! I know you understand this, and would put this so eloquently! I know there is someone who read your post, and chose not to have an abortion, praise God! But there may be a woman who read your post who is suffocating under shame, grief, depression, and guilt! I have held their hands and cried with a few of them! So thankful for your blog and ministry!

  65. Just another reason why I love you.

  66. Have you seen this?
    I just have no words!

  67. BE LOUD, ruffle feathers. True warriors are quiet when need be, but never run from the truth. Excellent post. I love reading what you have to say. Inspiring. Thank you for being bold.

  68. Pro-abort? Really? I almost listened to what you were trying to say, but stopping so low as to refer to someone who is pro-choice as pro-abortion is just ridiculous. I’ve never met, and I’m sure will never meet, anyone who actually wants someone to get an abortion.

    Please, have the tiniest bit of respect for this debate. I’d never refer to a pro-lifer as anti-choice and I expect the same respect. Stand up for what you believe in all you want, but do it respectfully.

    In the end, I’m pretty sure that we all want the same result. But by calling people names is just making the divide bigger. If we could all work together image the effect we could have. Lets concentrate on what really matters. Who are the people getting abortions and why? How we can help them so perhaps in the future they could make different choices? Is the answer really just saying “no, you can’t do that”. How about “I understand this was an unwanted pregnancy, now lets see what we can do to support you”. Or before that “I understand you want to have sex but not pregnancy, lets see what we can do to make sure you’re not going to be in a position where you will want an abortion”.

    • Erin Royal Baloo,

      I am referring to those who are against allowing the baby to have a choice. They are FOR making abortion available as a means of getting rid of babies.

      Your suggestions are akin to trying to curb drunk driving deaths by encouraging drivers not to drive drunk. Or curbing manslaughter by encouraging neighbors to get along. That is all well and good, but drunk driving and manslaughter should still be illegal.

      • It’s been my experience that many many people who choose abortion do not have all the facts. They don’t know about the procedure, or the pain (physical and emotional). They don’t know realize the effect it was have on them in future, again both physical and emotional. How many people have you met that have had an abortion and later deeply regretted it? And how many of those people could have been helped with education?

        There’s just a better way of tackling abortion than simply making it illegal.

        • “It’s been my experience that many many people who choose abortion do not have all the facts. They don’t know about the procedure, or the pain (physical and emotional). They don’t know realize the effect it was have on them in future, again both physical and emotional. How many people have you met that have had an abortion and later deeply regretted it? And how many of those people could have been helped with education?”

          This is precisely why I wrote this post, Erin.

          I sincerely hope you are doing everything within your power to “tackle” abortion, too.

          • Then I urge you to reconsider using the terms anti-choice and pro-abortion. They blind people from the real debate and instead bring names and semantics into it.

            Personally, I stop reading and taking in any valuable information when I see the twisted terms like “pro-abortion” and instead become defensive. It’s unnecessary.

            • Smockity Frocks says:

              I can see why it is uncomfortable to face the “real debate”, which is whether it ought to be legal to allow the dismemberment and killing of human babies. I won’t compromise my fervor in bringing that to light.

              What are you doing to “tackle” abortion, Erin?

              • I’m not uncomfortable facing the real debate, but this isn’t a debate. A debate brings both sides into consideration and people respectfully discuss it back and forth. This is your blog and your feelings on abortion. I’m not here to debate abortion with you. You won’t change how I feel about it, and I won’t change how you feel about it. I simply feel it’s disrespectful to use the term pro-abortion just as I feel it’s disrespectful when pro-choicers refer to pro-lifers as anti-choice. Everyone seems so caught up in the choice vs life debate which just takes time away from the real debate.
                Believe me, I don’t go around the internet reading pro-choice and pro-life posts because it’s fun. I like to stay informed.

                As for what I’m doing, while I feel it’s not relevant here, I’m doing exactly what I suggested earlier. I support those around me. I aim for education and support. You won’t see me on a picket line or calling my politician asking for action. You won’t see me making grand, broad sweeping statements about pro-lifers.

                Stand up for what you believe and speak out (As they say, those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind). Bring up your best points about why you feel abortion should be illegal. But it weakens your argument when you have to say “pro-abortion” instead of “pro-choice”. Heck, if you need to, call it pro-women’s choice.

                I’ve said my piece and I feel like this will start going in circles now, so I’m done.

                • Erin, I understand the point you are trying to make, however, I applaud the blogger for her use of the term pro-abortion. The media frequently refers to the pro-lifers as anti-abortion rather than pro-life. They are the same in meaning but one has a negative connotation. A very deliberate use of language, which surely influences the viewer. So, the question remains, if you are FOR people having the right to have an abortion, how is that not pro-abortion? What other “choice” are you fighting for them have??? They already have the choice to let the baby live. No need to fight for that choice. Pro-choice is just a euphemism for pro-abortion. They are interchangeable whether you like to admit it or not.

                • Cindy, I cannot reply directly to you…looks like we got too deep into the comments.
                  They’re not interchangeable. Without abortion, there is no a choice whether to have a baby or not. The choice is then made.
                  Pro-abortion = everyone should have an abortion…? I’ll admit I’m wrong the day I meet someone who honestly believes that every single pregnant woman should have an abortion. There isn’t though. No one believes that all babies should be aborted.
                  Pro-life = all babies should have life, right?
                  As I said before, I don’t go around spouting off the propaganda such as pro-abortion, anti-choice, anti-abortion. That just distracts from the matter at hand.

                  Anti-abortion would mean no one should ever have an abortion then, right? So pro-life and anti-abortion are the same, just like pro-choice and pro-abortion are the same?
                  So you tell me that you don’t think a mother who will definitely lose her life, and that of her unborn baby, should be allowed to have an abortion? I’m not referring to someone whose baby has a minor defect, I’m talking about someone who will most certainly die. But if you’re anti-abortion, which you say is the same as pro-life, then you think she should just go ahead and die?

                  The meanings are not the same. They are not euphemisms. They are people trying to get attention to their cause no matter the cost.

                • Well, call it what you will. Just because you are “pro” something doesn’t mean you would demand everybody go get it – it means you support it. I could go on and on, but as you mentioned above this will continue in circles and you’re mind is made up on this issue. As for your question, about the pregnant mother who would supposedly definately die (from what I don’t know) but in general, I would offer the potential solution of delivering the baby alive by the safest means and supporting the life of the mother and baby during the process. Not killing one over the other, but supporting both lives to the best of the medical community’s ability.

                • You’re correct, pro would mean “in favor of”, but I disagree that being pro-choice means being in favor of abortion.

                • Erin,
                  Your line of reasoning has me baffled. You say “pro” means “in favor of”, but then deny you are in favor of abortion.

                  You do realize that the “pro-choice” position wishes to make abortions available to women, right? We aren’t talking about choosing a movie or whether to get your dessert with or without nuts. This is about the CHOICE to decide whether to ABORT a baby or not.

                • I think that’s a pretty broad assumption as to what I believe and my stance.
                  Pro-choice = in favor of choice.
                  No, I’m not pro-abortion. I would never tell my pregnant friend that she should get an abortion, that I’m in favor of her getting an abortion.
                  I’m in favor of the government staying far away from my vagina.

                  I think though, that I’ve proven my point, as this discussion has gone back and forth all day…not a productive conversation about abortion, the legality, or how to help fix the situation. No, a round discussion about semantics.

                  My original intention, if I did not make that clear, if that you are turning away the very people that you want to sway. Sure, pro-lifers will stop and agree with you, but is your goal to talk to the people who already agree with you? How many pro-choicers stopped and said, “You know what, you’re right!”…?
                  I honestly believed, however foolish it was, that if I just mentioned how you are alienating the very people you are trying to get through to, that you might reconsider the language you use. I see that really was quite foolish though. You’re not going to get through to people and have them see your side by referring to them as pro-abortionists. That was the only point I was trying to make. I’ve not said anything regarding the act of abortion or legalities behind it.

                  I’d venture a guess that most pro-choicers will react to the “pro-abortion” statements just as I did – with a huge eye roll.

                • I have to agree with Erin here, pro choice and pro abortion are different things. As I said earlier, I do now want abortions to happen, and I haven’t met anyone who really wants abortions. But in our messed up screwed up world, many of us don’t want to ban abortions. We don’t have a perfect world. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have poverty, rape, abortions, etc. And yes, calling a pro-choice person pro-abortion is not helpful to the discussion. When that is heard, the discussion is over, it isn’t a discussion. It is merely someone stating their position to state it.

  69. Martha Huber says:

    Thank you for holding to your convictions! It isn’t always easy to stand up for what is right.

  70. Hooray for your courage! God is glorified!

  71. Thank you for refusing to be silenced on this issue! I have also been told by a friend that I should talk about the more uplifting things of my religion and post more pictures of my cute kids, than share articles about the horrors of abortion on Facebook or blog about it. But like you, I just can’t “shut up”. These helpless, defenseless unborn babies need someone to speak for them. I’d rather lose 100 friends and bring criticism upon myself than stay silent.

  72. It is a huge risk, but I can only hope and pray someone would take the same risk if it were my life on the line.

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  74. I come from a walk of life that found me married and childless, “unable to conceive”, “secondary infertility”, begging God every month “please just this month”, “I’m sorry, we don’t have a reason the procedure didn’t work”, “insurance doesn’t cover this procedure”, “you can’t do that procedure at this hospital, you have to drive to one 3 hours away”, ” yes ma’am it’s $6000 every month”, “you have to fill out this 20 page application and send in the $1200 fee”, “we have decided not to work with you and are retaining half of the fee you paid ($3750) per the contract”, “we need 3 people unrelated to you”, “you need to reveal all of your life, your debt, your relationships, etc to us”, “the adoption including travel should be about $19,000 (it was $27,000)”, “the adoption including travel should be about $21,000 (it was $26,000), “the adoption should be about $24,000 (it was $31,000)”, “honey, I’m sorry you’re hurting so much”, and it just goes on.
    We’ve been married 25 years now and just adopted our last child in 2012. 22 years to build our family. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of empathy for someone with an unplanned pregnancy. If you would choose life, I guarantee you there is a family for your baby, that is hurting so much every month.

  75. Thank you for speaking out. I just became a follower because you will not shut up about what is important.

  76. You keep right on not being silent about this subject of abortion! Such a horrible thing our country has on its conscience. And God is not going to let us get away with it forever. May He have mercy on us!

  77. Yes Smockity, don’t stop! I read an article last week about how abortion is our Wilberforce moment. Keep fighting. Keep speaking out. ” You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.” William Wilberforce.

  78. Thank you for your continued stance on abortion. We need more people like you. Abortion is wrong, plain and simple. I’ve seen how devastating it can be to women. One woman in my family was convinced to have one and she has had nightmares for years.

  79. Looks like you got a few comments, here!
    Thanks for such a well-worded essay! I’ll be sharing it on fb. <3 K


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