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Where to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum

It's about that time when those of us who homeschool are looking to buy curriculum for next school year. And those of us who are frugal are looking for used homeschool curriculum.

Here is a roundup of where you can buy used homeschool curriculum.

Did I miss any? Add them in the comments!

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  1. ebay :)

  2. JessicaC says:

    paperback swap – great for Sonlight books

  3. I have a question about half.com. Is shipping included in the price? I looked up the site but could not find any info on shipping.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I pretended to buy a $2 book and the shipping was $3.84. It looks like the seller sets the shipping price.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Half.com sets the shipping price based on the weight and size of the book and the expected cost via media mail. We sell on there a lot and often what they charge doesn’t cover it when we sell heavy/large text books.

        Either way, it is an extra cost – not included in what you see at first.


      • Vicki Curless says:

        I have had a seller’s account on half.com for almost 10 years. There is a great misunderstanding about how shipping is set so here’s the real scoop — it’s NOT the seller. In fact, we get gyped by ebay, who owns half.com because we are required to take whatever they set as a shipping amount (usually $2.99-3.49 dep on zip code of buyer) AND purchase tracking (currently $1.05) or we don’t get paid. Usually, shipping is about 50-cents to $1 higher than we receive, and we never get paid back for the tracking. Half.com can have some great buys but don’t blame the seller for the shipping costs, which are outrageous compared to other selling sites.

  4. Jessica says:

    I second eBay! Some lots have up to a hundred books, and many have free shipping.

  5. I don’t have anything to contribute to the curriculum discussion. I just got a chuckle from the advertising below this post:
    “Cheap Prices and Huge Selection. Large Family on Sale!”
    I just found this funny. Probably because I’m currently hoping the nausea from this 3rd pregnancy will continue to taper off and just disappear.

  6. Heather Jacobs says:

    I have recently begun selling used homeschool curriculum and am in the process of working out the kinks for an online store/website. We have homeschooled for years and our bibliophilia has been a driving force in our lives.

  7. You missed the Hillbilly Book Barn…except that’s a local store. Ha, ha! :-)

  8. Jucinda Willoughby says:

    This search site is pretty useful when you’re looking for something specific. http://bigwords.com/?from=google&gclid=CICJm46FobgCFexDMgod3XMA0Q It started with college texts, but now includes lots of books, videos, games, etc. Compares with shipping costs too.

  9. Craigslist! Just got my history curriculum for less than half the price of new.

  10. thanks so much!! I’ll check out all the links. Amazon is my #1 resources that has saved us hundreds of dollars, but if I can find it cheaper, YAY!

  11. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that when buying books at a Half Price Books brick and mortar store you can use a 10% educators discount.

  12. Nadia Dukes says:

    I read almost everything you post on Facebook, and let me tell you, you have made my day many times with your post, The Lord uses you to be a blessing for others. I am Spanish my husband is from Alabama and we are moving to Peru in December, we are planning on homeschooling, our girls are 4, 2 and the other will be born in 3 weeks, I am zero about curriculums and all those books, could you mind to tell me basically how do I start? Is it time for my almost 4 to start? Do they need to have a test every year? Is it expensive? Sorry for bothering with all this, I hope ou can help a little bit

    • Nadia,
      The laws for homeschooling are different for each state, so you would need to start by researching those. Really, at 4 years of age, you are probably already doing “preschool” by teaching your daughter her colors, numbers, letters, playing with play-doh, drawing, etc. We do not formally “do school” until about 5 or 6, depending on the readiness of the child. Homeschooling can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make it. We have access to a large library, so we save quite a bit on book costs there. It really all depends on what you want to do. Hope this helps you get started!

    • Thank you so much, Nadia!

      Stacy is right. The laws regarding homeschooling are different everywhere. Try Googling “homeschool laws Peru”.

      I would not put any pressure on a 4 year old to do any formal schooling. Playing is very important for that age.

  13. BooksBloom is a great place to get books, too, but I don’t know if she sells online or only at curriculum fairs.

  14. the well trained mind forum has a great classifieds section.

  15. All of these are very good suggestions. We saved the most by passing down non-consumable curriculum to younger brothers and sisters and using multi-level curricula like Konos and A World of Adventure or My Father’s World.

    We have homeschooled 5 children for over 20 years and have avoided over-spending every step of the way. There are so many ways to save on homeschool materials as outlined in the comments above.

    For more used homeschool curriculum options, I would like to recommend my family’s site: http://besthomeschoolbuys.com where homeschooling families can connect to a great selection of used curriculum.

    Julie (homeschooling in Tennessee)

  16. Facebook buy/sell/trade groups, local co-ops/homeschool groups, friends of the library stores

  17. What a great resource list! Thank you for sharing. I bookmarked many of them. ~ Erica

  18. Bibliomania. I have bought from them often. She is great to work with. Her website doesn’t let you buy but I just email her what I am looking for she gets them together and will ship them. I live 900 miles away and she is still my first stop.

  19. mark schlender says:

    I just wanted to drop a note to tell you about a magazine written by kids 100% which might be of interest to parents who want to give their kids a chance to be published in print and online.

    This magazine has been around for years and has a unique approach to inspiring kids to love reading and writing.

    Check out the site https://www.thebunkroom.com. The Bunk Room Magazine.

    It has a free membership site, a chance to be published and also a print edition subscription opportunity either in classroom sets or an individual subscriptions. Give it a look. It seems to be wholesome and not have a political or religious bent one way or the other.

  20. Another good source is http://laurelwoodbooks.com.

  21. I wanted to share with you our new homeschool curriculum website called Homeschool Trader.com. It is a new, easy-to-use site to find and sell used homeschool curriculum for free. We also have some subscription offerings for those who choose to place many listings. Please take some time to learn more about us at http://www.homeschooltrader.com.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Exodusbooks.com sells new and used curriculum online.

  23. Sry if these have been said but 1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/252955138163956/
    2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/222126747798926/ 3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeschoolbuyselltrade/ 4. Look for used curriculum sales like through homeschool groups???

  24. Valerie D. says:

    Saw this after seeing it on FB recently and I’m totally saving it! A spectacular list! Thank you SO much! I’ve got another one: http://www.shopredeemed.com – a brick and mortar store in Springfield, Missouri that also has a web presence. I could pretty much live in their store I think…

  25. {BEST} Homeschool Swap-USA/Canada

  26. Homeschool Potpourri Kirkland, Wa. It’s a local store, but they will ship

  27. I’ve been selling on my Facebook groups the last few months but it got time consuming so I made a Facebook page. We have used homeschool stuff for all ages:) come check my page out. I’m also have a like and guess contest right now. Winner gets 10.00 free books off my page and I pay to ship it:) I will be having contest weekly

  28. I use discounthomeschoolbook.com
    they have alot of great used stuff

  29. Maria Leahey says:

    GREAT LIST! Thank you for this! I would add Book Samaritan for donations of books (either to receive or to contribute). They helped me out during a trying time of unemployment. I would also say that I used to use vegsource for used books and had great experience with the homeschool moms selling their stuff on there but the listing has gotten impossible to use and there are not too many sellers there anymore. Worth a try but only after you’ve exhausted other places.

  30. I saw a site where moms were giving away used curriculum and “buyers” only had to pay shipping. I can’t remember the name of it. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

  31. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Super cheap starting at $2.99. They have textbooks- just got our Health textbook for $3 and it was brand new never even used! Always Free shipping. And if you have 2 or more books in your cart from the same distribution center they take 50¢ off the price of each book starting with the 2nd book. I have ordered from them multiple times (over 50+ books just this year!) and never had an issue ever.

  32. I also like that they are wrapped individually so I may open the package and take out what I
    need without worrying about re-wrapping the rest
    to prevent freezer burn. Always buy fresh, shelled
    cockles from a fish market. There are so many great places to go while you
    are there.

  33. Veronica Moss says:

    What I think is really important when buying used textbooks is to compare the prices of the different websites. There are so many different sites that offer different prices that you need to get an overview of the best prices to be sure that you can save more money when buying used textbooks. To get the best price I always use Bonavendi.com. It is really a cool comparison site and very easy to handle. Here is the link if you want to check it out: http://www.bonavendi.com/buy/b/Video%20games.html

  34. Homeschool Potpourri, which actually has a real store on the Washington coast. You can call them and they’ll track down what you want. They have a huge warehouse and wear headsets so they can talk on the phone and search for your books! :) http://hspbooks.com/

  35. Salt and Light Learning in Loveland, Colorado does website orders. It’s been open since 2001. http://www.saltandlightlearning.com

  36. jane_home says:

    I am super cheap so I look around for the best place to buy expensive textbooks. I used amazon, chugg, etc until I found http://www.savemoneyontextbook
    This place uses latest search technologies to find the lowest price on internet. They
    even show COUPONS to use which other places don’t. This gem of a website
    saves me on average about $600 and sometimes more per semester. Just give
    them a try.

  37. Beth Bates says:

    I’ve been very impressed with Jeff and Cindy at Kingdom Builder Books,
    for helping with used books!

  38. A good place to get complete courses for high schoolers… delivered completely online and at the pace of the student, is Silicon Valley High School (svhs.co)
    They have everything from Algebra and Econ, to Mandarin, Programming, and Social Media. Pretty cool.

  39. So far I’ve only bought a phonics program, but I know one day we will have to purchase more for our curriculum. This will be super helpful!

  40. Thank you for your support of homeschooling. I have been in business since 1991 and have had a web-store for the last 6 years. Please consider listing our site, HomeSchoolBookSmart.com as a resource for books.

    Thank you,
    Jana Roland

  41. This site is not primarily a used bookstore site (although you can buy used books through it). It is, however, a rather comprehensive and frequently updated collection of multicultural books that have received good reviews and awards. http://www.multiculturalbooks.org

  42. There is a new website for buying and selling used homeschool curriculum and right now it is free! http://www.homeschooltree.com

  43. http://www.thehomeschoolbookstore.com Flat shipping fee and 25% off of your first order when you sign up for the newsletter. We are adding more books daily.


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