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The Time We Were Searching For 2 Teeth in the Flower Bed

gap toothed 7yo

This li'l cutie is so proud she finally lost her 2 front teeth!

Actually, one of those teeth has been "lost" before and then found. That's because when she was a wee lass, she was climbing a tree in our front flower bed area. At some point, she took a tumble and came bawling into the kitchen where I was fixing dinner and chatting with my visiting uncle.

When I turned to comfort her, I saw that there was blood all over her mouth and 2 teeth were missing!


Now, I'm not entirely sure why I thought we needed to find her teeth, or what we would do after we found them, or whether I had considered the very slim chance of finding 2 toddler teeth in a flower bed. It was just my first instinct to FIND! THE TEETH!

Everyone obediently ran outside to search for the tiny teeth, and I turned my attention again to her mouth to survey the damage. That's when I noticed her upper lip looked... odd. Yes, it was bloody, but there was something peculiar about the way it was sticking out.

I lifted her lip a little and saw that everyone was searching in the flower bed in vain because the 2 "missing" teeth were still in her mouth. They were just turned upside down.

That's right. They were still attached at the root, but when she tumbled out of the tree, her teeth hit a branch and they were knocked straight up!

If you are freaking out and shuddering right now at the thought of that spectacle, you know how I felt! I immediately called my husband who left work, 5 minutes away from our house and came home. He grabbed her up, and he and my uncle drove a few blocks away to our family dentists' house.

The dentist stepped out onto his front porch and examined the traumatized patient while my husband held her. He then stuck his fingers in her mouth and popped the teeth into their rightful positions. One of the teeth came right out, but the others stayed in place and we never could tell there had been any trauma to it at all.

Since then she has always had a gap in the front right where that one tooth lost the battle with that tree.

And now she has lost her 2 front teeth for real.

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  1. Oh gag! #shudderingandclenchingmyteeth!

  2. So cute! This story reminds me of the Robert McCloskey book, One Morning in Maine.

  3. Similar injury- our fifth girl climbed a chest of drawers, pulled it down on her face, and her four top teeth disappeared. Lots of blood. Lots of screaming. She cried a little, too.
    Called a sitter (lived a block away) looked briefly for the teeth (no idea why) and headed to ER (three blocks away), where the teeth started to come *down*. they had been driven up into the gums, but when they started to come down, they were rearranged, so the incisors and canines had traded places. They were totally not salvageable. The dentist removed them, stitched the gums, and she was missing those teeth until she was 8- when they grew in, they were also damaged- she has some vertical striation and discoloring. She also started to lisp- *after* the permanent teeth came in. they were in her way.=) The lisping went away after bit.

  4. Wow.

  5. Jana Brown says:

    I cannot handle stories of teeth. Or stories about the dentist’s office. And this one was off the chart. My stomach is in knots and my dinner is coming up. I have NO idea why, but teeth just make me gag…. like I have to hold back the vomit because it is really on its way.

    I have a son who’s teeth have started falling out, and he knows that’s daddy’s area. I don’t want to see him wiggle it or pull it, and I don’t want to see the tooth afterwards. As long as I don’t see any of those things, I’m very encouraging about his teeth biting the dust.