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That Ragged Old Flag

You may or may not know that our whole family loves Johnny Cash. In fact, I should probably be embarrassed by the number of Johnny Cash lyrics my kids know. We even named this rooster after him. The one in black, of course.

We also love our country, so we love this recitation by Mr. Cash extra 'specially much.

I hope you enjoy the video and your Fourth of July!

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  1. I am really enjoying your blog…I found it through the 35+ kids e book I got with the ebook bundle…I have wanted to post on other posts, but it seems I can’t :( I did just sign myself and my oldest up for the adult and kid goodies boxes…

  2. One of my best memories as a child involves Mr. Johnny Cash and his wife June. When I was little we used to travel back and forth to TN. We stopped at a Crackle Barrel to eat because there wasn’t one in OH at the time. Well there was Johnny Cash and June. We went up and talked to them. They were the NICEST people ever. June asked if she could braid my hair and we sat outside in the rocking chairs and she brushed my hair and braided it. The were so kind and sweet. It felt like hours but I know it was just a brief few moments. But to a small child like me it was amazing. It sits with me all of these years later…They truly were amazing people and you could see the love in them.