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I had the pleasure of recently meeting master photographer and author, Tim Ostermeyer, who gave me 2 of his beautiful, full color books to review.

Tim has traveled the world taking beautiful, award-winning photographs, which he has put into his children's books.


My favorite of Mr. Ostermeyer's books is "Snuggles' Japanese Alps Adventures."

The beautiful photos are fashioned into a story about a baby snow monkey who finds his way to the hot springs in the Japanese Alps. Along the way he travels with his parents, plays with his friend, gets into a scuffle, and finally ends up at his destination.


The text includes Bible verses that go along with the story. On this page, Snuggles forgives his friend for playing too roughly with him.


Also included are interesting facts about Japanese snow monkeys.

I think you will be impressed with the beautiful photos in this book, and the story and scriptures make for excellent discussion starters.

And because I love my readers, I am giving this book away to one of you!

To enter to win this book:

  1. Go to Mr. Ostermeyer's website and look around.
  2. Then, come back here, and tell me in the comments of this post which of his children's books looks most interesting to you. 

I will randomly choose one commenter to win "Snuggles' Japanese Alps Adventures" (Retail value $18.95)

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  1. Donald Discovers True Love looks like a cute one since it tours a bunch of southwestern states. I’ve not heard of Mr. Ostermeyer, but I love to see how he integrates beautiful photography with Scripture. We’re book worms at our house and love new reading material – so pick me, pick me! :)

  2. Jen5253 Range says:

    These books look great! If I was able to pick one, I would pick Pearl’s Far East Adventure. I’ve always loved Panda Bears!

  3. Oh, the baby penguin one looks adorable, and my girls are obsessed with Penguins. So, I think the Arctic Adventure book would be my first choice!

  4. Donald Discovers True Love looks very interesting and adorable! There are so many places to visit right here in our own country and Americans tend to forget that. We are truly blessed here in the USA. I love that the book teaches children about the States in a fun way.

  5. They all look great, but I am partial to forest animals, so I would pick Rusty and Ginger Fox.

  6. Are you kidding? I have to pick one? I would love the whole set! But if I had to pick one today, it would be Rusty and Ginger. One reason that book stands out to me is my son loves wolves which are mentioned in the list of animals the foxes meet. I am curious if all the books have scripture since Snuggles is the only one that mentions it specifically. We are nature lovers here, and I am always looking for new ways to introduce new animals, tracking helps, and identifying characteristics of specific animals. What a great way to learn new facts about old favorites in addition to learning valuable lessons and scriptures!

  7. The Australian and New Zealand one about overcoming fear looks great!!!

  8. HeatherR says:

    Those are so cute. I like Titus and Tiana. My girls would love these..

  9. My (1-2nd grade transitioning) daughter recently had this huge Australia kick, where all she wanted to do was learn about animals from there. I know she’d be vastly delighted by ANY of these books, but the Adventures in Australia and New Zealand looks like the one she’d be the most excited to read! Thanks for the tip off to this guy! Win or no, I’m totally exploring his site more, and maybe I can squeeze one of these books into our homeschool curriculum budget this year!

  10. Ashley R says:

    I also think Donald Discovers True Love would be a great one. I love that there could be places that we could visit that Donald visited. I think my kids would love that. Thank you for sharing Mr. Ostermeyer’s work.

  11. “Donald Discovers True Love” looks great! Lessons on geography, the U.S.A., ducks, bible verses and our “true Love”… what could be better? :)

  12. Tiffany says:

    Too hard to pick just one!! We lived in Japan so We are partial to anything Japanese and would love the snow monkey book. But I also love kangaroos and so the Australia and New Zealand book would’ve great too! Honestly all of them look great!!

  13. Rachelle says:

    Titus and Tianna….. My son loves cats!

  14. Karen Chaffin says:

    These books look great!! I think we would love the “Titus and Tiana, a Lesson for Baby Tigers” book. It sounds great!!

  15. Snowball’s Artic Adventure looks adorable!!! Who doesn’t love a cute cuddly penguin!?!?

  16. Zekesmom10 says:

    Donald finds true love or the little fox story. With all the yahoos running around right now, I couldn’t remember the titles from when I looked at them to when I came back to type this up. :)

  17. Penguins. The answer is always penguins. 😉

  18. Tiffany K says:

    These look great. I’d love to win! Snowball’s Arctic Adventures looks pretty cute! Pick me!

  19. Stacey B says:

    Titus and Tiana looks adorable! I love the idea that his books integrate scripture into a very enjoyable story. Thank you for giving away one of his books and spreading the joy! :)

  20. Julie Reese says:

    Snowball’s Arctic Adventure looks good! My girls would enjoy all of these though!

  21. The book about the tigers piqued my interest. It looks like fun!

  22. Heather Wawa says:

    I love the idea of Donald Discovers True Love. The pictures are great and I’m a sucker for geography, states, and sharing that love with my kids.

  23. Donald Discovers True Love :)

  24. Alpine Aupair says:

    Titus and Tiana. My son constantly talks about jaguars, so he would love this book.

  25. Melanie says:

    Love these books. It is so hard to find nice reading books that include
    scripture for children. I will have to find the collection.
    I would first choose either the Polar Bear or Penguin adventure books.

  26. K.C. Beecham says:

    I would pick “Snowball’s Antarctic Adventures” because my oldest daughter is currently going through a penguin phase! :)

  27. Alva Ramon says:

    What fantastic books Tom has created. My son loves all of God’s creatures, and I know that any of them would be a wonderful addition to his library. Reading the summaries, however, I think that Pearl’s Far East Adventures sounds like it would be a lot of fun to read. How does a bored panda go about finding ways to “have fun?” We’d love to find out! :)

  28. I love these!! My favorite is the raccoon and fox book, because it has animals that are local for us!

  29. Lucinda says:

    these all look interesting, but I’d choose Snowball’s Antarctic Adventures because I have a 10 yr old that loves penguins ! Thanks for the chance to win

  30. Stephenie P says:

    Snuggles looks great!

  31. Janel m says:

    I really think my kids would love the arctic ones, especially the one about penguins. My 14 mo old loves looking at penguins in books.

  32. You seriously want me to pick just one?! Um, that’s not going to happen. They’ve all gone on my wish list. Thanks for sharing about these books. I can’t wait to start purchasing them. I think they would make great gifts for kids of all ages. 😉

  33. What an awesome idea! These books would capture my son’s heart with the science and photography, and I love that they have a moral and Scripture verses! I think I like The Adventures of Rusty & Ginger Fox the best!

  34. I think “Snowball’s Artic Adventure” looks super cute!

  35. Pearl’s Far East Adventures would be my choice because my grandaughter is facinated with pandas lately.

  36. brittany says:

    one… of each? those books are beautiful! we like foxes, so i’m interested in the adventures of rusty and ginger fox.

  37. I think I would choose Pearl’s Far East Adventures! But any of them would be perfect for my nephew who is due in Oct! :)