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4 Large Family Moms Answer Questions on Breakfast, Preparing for a New School Year, and Funerals

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"How do you psyche yourself up to begin preparations for the next (home)school year?"

This is always difficult for me because I like to enjoy the dickens right out of summer until the last possible minute. For us, that includes lots of late nights camping out on the trampoline, sleeping late, swimming, and reading whatever we want without having to write or grade a report on it.

So basically, August comes creeping up on me and I'm all, "School? Curriculum? Whuh?"

I know. I might have to turn in my Homeschool Mom card.

But I usually manage to carve out a few days in mid to late August to go through the books and supplies in my curriculum closet to see what can be re-used (I re-use a LOT) and what needs to be ordered. I always try to buy used curriculum if I can.

When it is time for school to start, I post the new schedule, and everyone gets shiny new supplies. I arrange those on the school table for the kids to find in the morning on the first day. They love this tradition, too. It's like Christmas!

"What are your favorite summer breakfasts?"

"How does your family cope with death and grieving? Do your children attend funerals, or not?"

My children haven't experienced the death of a grandparent or sibling, but we have lost dear friends or Sunday school teachers who we had seen and hugged the week before.

We do take all of our children to funerals with us. There have been tears and questions and we handle that the best we can.

Although it doesn't compare, our children have also experienced the death of pets. I think this has given them a little practice in knowing that sometimes we lose those that are dear to us, and that is part of life.

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