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12 Tips For Parenting Daughters

Since I have 7 daughters, I'm going to go ahead and declare myself an expert in this area.

Wow. I feel so official now. Smockity - Daughter Expert

Here are 12 Tips For Parenting Daughters

1. Buy lots of conditioner. You'll need it.

2. Clean the rotary brush on your vacuum often. All that hair is hard on the poor thing.

3. Buy stock in feminine hygiene products.

4. Come to terms with the fact that hair clips and bands vanish into thin air. Buy lots. Often.

5. Sisters can be best friends. Encourage it.

6. Except when they are worst enemies. Depending on the day of the week.

7. Let them use real tea for their tea parties.


8. And real china.

9. Red fingernail polish doesn't come out of brand new beige carpet. Trust me on this one.

10. There will be drama. Stay calm and carry on.

11. Make your own "No More Tangles". It's way cheaper.


12. Love them like crazy!

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  1. I only have one daughter. Daughters are a mystery to me. You should blog LOTS about this topic. 😉

    • I have one daughter and three older boys. I don’t know why she is so much different. I’m glad she doesn’t have a sister to fight with. She fights enough with the boys!

  2. Yes. I need to see more of these. My daughter adds so much drama to the mix.

  3. What a blessed mama you are! Surrounded by all that beauty and feminine mystique! What joy! Plain fun! :o)

  4. 13. Only your most expensive perfume will ever be mistaken for air freshener and will be sprayed in every conceivable corner of the house…even the closets.

    14. When their feet get big enough to wear your shoes, get used to going barefoot.

    15. If you build a house, build more bathrooms than bedrooms. Designate one to the lone male of the house. It’s his only hope at finding an empty bathroom.

    • LOL! I have three girls and no boys, sometimes I just feel sorry for my husband, he totally doesn’t get the mood swings and the drama, drives him nuts.

      After being raised as the only girl in a houseful of brothers, I think my mom was right and I am getting paid back for all the drama I gave her.

      I apologize to my mother often for my child hood and she just laughs hysterically.

  5. Have you considered making your own feminine hygiene products? My daughters aren’t old enough for those yet, so I would just as soon someone else would talk their teenagers into homemade feminine hygiene products first and let me know how it goes :-)

  6. What a great post! I only have three daughters, and my oldest is seven, so I don’t have to worry about some of these things…yet!

  7. Bookmarking for future reference! 😉 I have six little boys, and am expecting my first baby girl (yay!!), so I am feeling very excited to read this as a real mama-to-a-girl (almost)! :)

  8. Really enjoyed this post! I have 3 daughters (no boys) and it has been a ride! BUT, a ride I would take again and again! I second the idea of owning stock in Feminine Products! It was bad enough with only 3! My two oldest have grown up and moved out now and I miss all the giggling, talking, and, yes, even some of the drama!

  9. This post brought a smile to my face. I have four daughters, and can attest to the truth of these words.