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How a 13yo Folds a Fitted Sheet

If you've been around here long or know me in person, you may have picked up on the fact that I am not a perfectionist.

I do have high expectations for myself and my children in areas that I feel are important. The less important matters? You might say my motto in those matters is "It'll do."

3 year old dressed herself and put her shoes on the wrong feet? It'll do. Get in the car.

9 year old surprised me by emptying the dishwasher and finding a brand new home for each dish? It'll do. Thank you, Love!

11 year old made a cake from scratch but left out the baking powder? It'll do. I love flat cake.

That's why I laughed a grabbed the camera when my 13 year old demonstrated to her siblings how to fold a fitted sheet.

It'll do.

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  1. Jennifer H says:

    I had a perfectionist roommate in college who tried to teach me the neat way to fold a fitted sheet. I never could get it right. My solution now? I only have one set of sheets for each bed, so sheets go from bed to washer to dryer to bed – no folding required!

  2. That’s how 33 year old hillbillies do it, too!

  3. Whew! It’s good to know I do it right! :)

  4. I love that you allow your children to do it on their own! I hope to be like that once I have little ones! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Gretchen says:

    That is how my husband does it… I didn’t take the “it will do” attitude and now he doesn’t even try…

    • I did that to my husband, too, but with dressing the children. Now I advise soon-to-be married women NOT to fix what their husbands do.

  6. Hey! That’s how I do it!

  7. Exactly! Take THAT Martha Stewart!

  8. That was hilarious for some reason. My mom would have fits if we folded sheets that way 😀

  9. Ok, I confess I went ‘but… but!’ as I watched it. lol. Perfectionist control freak here, yep that’s me. I used to do housekeeping at a motel though, so I still fold my sheets (and make my bed) the way we did there. Fitted, flat, and pillowcases are all folded together. So when I need a new set of sheets I just grab one ‘package’ and know everything matches and all the pieces are there. Old habits die hard I guess. lol. Whatever works, right?!

  10. Well, of course. Is there another way? Just kidding…although that is how I always end up doing it – I sometimes go through the motions of attempting to put the pockets together and whatnot, and it never works, so the video is a totally accurate depiction of exactly what happens around here…because really, caring what my sheets look like while in the cupboard, and then caring what they look like when they’re on a bed, covered by a comforter is more than I can stand to worry about…

  11. She inherited your funny bone.

  12. Hannah J says:

    That’s how I do it too! Who cares if it’s folded perfectly, no one sees it in the closet anyway!

    Check out my blog at:

  13. Christine L. says:

    I spent many years perfecting the fitted sheet fold. I believe it’s a part of every person’s life journey to get to a point where they feel the calling to figure it out. I am not called to spread the gospel using a fitted sheet, although I’m sure God might find a way to use it anyway.

  14. That’s exactly how I do it, too! The key is that the fitted sheets always go in the back of the linen closet behind the neatly folded flat sheets so you never see them anyways.

    Side note: Cami is getting sooooo grown up! Abi was just talking about writing her yesterday.

  15. HAHAHAHAHA! That’s how my husband does it too. She should totally watch my video. 😉

  16. Mine looks about as neat as that, as I have never figured out how to fold a fitted sheet!

  17. She’s so wise for only 13!

  18. This is the best! She can come fold sheets at our house anytime!

  19. That is so funny! I haven’t even bothered teaching my kids yet how to fold any sheets. They think they need the whole living room floor to fold a blanket.