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Simple Summer Veggie Cups

When I was hosting my good friend, Karla, who has 11 children, I knew I would want something easy for all our combined 19 kids to handle for lunch.  I decided to prepare these simple summer snacks ahead of time and set them out on the counter while I was dishing up the taco soup. Everyone was able to easily grab a cup of veggies along with their soup, and there were no worries about little hands spilling the ranch dressing!

These were simple to prepare in just a few quick minutes. Here's how I did it.

Simple Summer Veggie Cups

  1. Squirt ranch dressing in bottom of small cup.
  2. Add carrots, celery, sliced bell pepper, and grape tomatoes.
  3. Slice cucumbers and make a slit half way across each slice.
  4. Place cucumber, at slit, on edge of cup.

And here's the simple refreshing spa water I like to have on hand for large crowds. I love this 3 gallon dispenser!

Here's another variation I made, at my husband's request. This one has sliced lemons (1), limes(2), and oranges(3).

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  1. I saw that 3 gallon dispenser at Walmart and couldn’t decide if I should get it, I think I may go for it! Do you have a system to cut down on the number of dirty cups that accumulate?

    • Mylissa says:

      To limit dirty cups, I like to buy plastic disposable cups and use a Sharpie to write names. Another idea for glasses or what you have is to make individual coasters, or make a tag that could clip on the the rim on the cup. [sort of like how you would cut a slit in fruit]


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