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Peyton Iva Turns 3

Today my baby is 3 years old!

Do any of you remember when I live-blogged her birth? Yeah. Crazy times.

These days I find her doing stuff like this.

And this.

One day I walked by the laundry room and found her in here. I don't even want to know what she had planned for that shish-ke-bob stick.

All that mischief is exhausting!

I think we'll keep her.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Peyton! Thanks for making my daily adventures with a girl just like you seem just a teensy bit more normal!

  2. Happy Birthday, precious girl. I guess I can’t have you if mom has decided to keep you 😉

  3. Happy Birthday, Peyton!

  4. My husband likes to say “I think we’ll keep her(or him)” referring to one of our kids. My usual reply is “We’ll we are not putting her back.” I am sure at 3 that would be uncomfortable 😉 Happy Birthday to your baby girl!