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You may have noticed that our family loves books. (Remember when I addressed the library board to lift check out limits?)

So it's pretty much a guarantee that one of us is completely enthralled with a book at any given time. (Am I the only one who wonders what the characters are doing on the next page when you have to put the book down to eat and stuff?)

My 13 year old has been begging me to read The Hunger Games, so I figured I had better read it first. My 2 oldest teens have already read the entire trilogy, and we have had some very interesting discussions about it.

I have to admit it was a page turner! I stayed up way too late 2 nights in a row and plowed through the first book. I have decided that it is just too gruesome for my sensitive girl to read just yet, but I think she will enjoy reading it and discussing it when she's a little older.

Even though my oldest has urged me that I HAVE to read the rest of the books, I am putting that on hold for right now. Fiction isn't my favorite genre, even though I do enjoy it occasionally.

I need regular doses real life! And that's what these next 2 books give me.

I got Jon Acuff's new book, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters, at Blissdom, and I am excited about the encouragement in it. It is just what I need right now to crank out on some projects I have been putting on the back burner.

The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome is another book I got at Blissdom. Scott Stratten gave an excellent keynote address on how to be awesome with public relations and how to be un-awesome. It's an interesting book with lots of real life examples of companies that have gone above and beyond what was expected to answer customer complaints.

My 16 year old son has checked out every Agatha Christie book our public library had available, thanks to an episode of Dr. Who, which featured her.

And my 7 year old can not put down The Evergreen Wood, a retelling for children of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

What good books have you read lately?

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  1. Krystyne Wilson says:

    I just finished reading “Flipside of Feminism” by Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly and “Feminist Fantasies” by Phyllis Schlafly. They were both AMAZING!!! Talk about REAL books!!! I’m now reading two books written by Steve & Annette Economides and one by John Taylor Gatto. Oh, and a book about raising chickens lol. I don’t usually have more than one going at once, this is going ok though 😉 Hunger Games was a nice treat last Summer.

  2. My older daughter just finished (for the 3rd time) one of the David Eddings series. She’ll also finish Mere Christianity this week. I am rereading some books about Egypt by Elizabeth Peters. And I am working my way through Instructing your child’s heart but Ted Tripp.

  3. I just couldn’t make it through The Hunger Games. I figure it was because I was still in “Twilight Shock”! Heh.
    Hmmm, let’s see. I’m reading “Secrets of a Coupon Mom” (or something to that effect) and the most current issue of Mother Earth News. I have the vague notion there’s a pile upstairs I’m supposed to be plowing through, but I started spring cleaning this week so I don’t know if I’ll be seeing them much.
    The Manlings are reading–Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix), the youngest; Gentle Annie (#3); the second son is reading his EMT manual a lot!; and the Eldest is working his way through two books on personal finance and debt (Dave Ramsey and another one) as well as Wuthering Heights (poor thing).
    I have grand plans of getting some CS Lewis out for the summer.

  4. I’m reading The Happiness Project (if you haven’t read it, you would love it), The Great Gatsby, and The Mysterious Benedict Society. I’m reading Stuart’s Cape, Toys Go Out, and The Silver Chair with the boys, and baby girl is digging all things Curious George.

  5. Victoria Banks says:

    I’ve read the Hungry Games trilogy, and trust me, you’re not missing anything by skipping the other two books. I really liked the first one, and really didn’t care for the other two. 😀

  6. I loved the Hunger Games but I agree that it is far too gruesome for children! Especially a sensitive child! Good call!

    I’m currently reading through the Anne of Green Gables series for the 400th time! Anne is my favorite!

  7. We’re book worms too – both independently and for me reading aloud to the kids. I’m reading “Kite Fighters” by Linda Sue Park to my 11yo son right now, “Through Stress and Strain” by Emma Leslie to my 13yo girl (great old book), and “Man of the Family” to my 15yo son. Little House series to my 7yo and 9yo girls and always tons of read-alouds to my three youngest kids.

    I’m an Agatha Christie fan but my kids haven’t started them yet. My oldest does like Arthur Conan Doyle though.

  8. Billy Martin says:

    I really enjoyed “The Externally Focused Church” by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson. Their book led me to get involved in helping our congregation to work with some of our needy public schools in Hood County. This newly formed 501 C organization, “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors “( which we support ) now provides over 400 bags of food every week for kids to eat on weekends. If this program did not exist many children would not eat on weekends. Our congregation provides a hundred bags of food to three of these schools. I am blessed to worshop with many caring and loving Christians who always step up to the plate when there is a need in the community.

  9. As a family, we recently finished the 3rd book of the Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein aloud. That series was rather intense so we decided to read something lighter. We are now several chapters into Pride and Prejudice. Our 16 year old son is enjoying it, our 13 year old son is enjoying making faces while we read it and our 11 and 9 year old daughters are greatly enjoying it. We have so many books around that I have lost track of who is reading what.