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Emergency Room Visits and a Bowl of Dirt in the Freezer

We've had a rash of emergency room visits lately.

And one thing you may not know about me is that I am a "slap a bandaid on it and you'll be fine" type of gal. Bloody gash? Slap a bandaid on it. Stepped on some glass? Slap a bandaid on it. Twisted ankle? Really, you'll be fine!

All that to say that I don't run off to the E.R. for a sore throat or slight fever. So visiting the emergency room twice in one month is a big deal for us!

The first one was our rough and tumble donk-buster, who doesn't flinch during blood draws or dental procedures. You know when you have a kid that never complains about pain? When they are rolling around on the floor holding their heads, wailing in pain, you believe that kid needs urgent care.

It turned out to be her very first migraine, with the classic signs: flashing lights, severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, vomiting, numbness in arm.

It was very scary to see her in so much pain, since she rarely ever is.

The E.R. was packed and we were in the waiting room for 2 hours! After vomiting 6 times from the pain, she was finally admitted and was given 3 different i.v. medications before the pain subsided. We went home in the wee hours of the morning with a prescription in case anything like that ever happened again.

The most recent emergency room visit was with our newly turned 18 year old, who called me from her gymnastics practice and told me in a very calm voice that she had fallen and I would need to come pick her up.

When I arrived she was still sitting calmly where she had fallen. She had to be carried to the van because she couldn't get up. The entire time, she seemed to be in only mild discomfort. I told her she probably had just sprained her ankle, but she asked to be taken to the hospital anyway.

The diagnosis was a broken fibula!

She only winced when it was time to set it for the splint.

In other, totally unrelated news, we found a big bowl of dirt in our chest freezer. The culprit had apparently spilled half the bowl while putting it in, so that should be a fun clean up.

We lined all the kids up, explained the scenario and asked for a confession. Crickets. We got nothing. We said we knew good and well that one of them had put the bowl of dirt in there, so they might as well come clean.

More crickets.

The world may never know. What I want to know is... a bowl of dirt? In the freezer? Really? What in the world?

I have some weird kids.

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  1. My first quesion is WHY dirt in the freezer and I google searched it.
    You got 2 options (your kids are smart, but you are smarter) if you come with why they did it, you can probably figure out which kid would need frozen dirt for that reason…kwim?
    Well first I wondered if the mice child needed sterile dirt for her mouse or something?! but then I found that freezing dirt doesn’t do a good job of sterilizing it.
    Then I remembered that some seeds need cold temps to start the germination process. So do you have a gardener in the family? Someone trying to grow an apple tree, snap dragons, etc…
    Look for seeds in the dirt. 😀 or maybe ask the kids why would someone need to put dirt in the freezer? See who knows why. LOL
    Say, “I’m sure whoever it was had a good reason, mabye we have a better way to achieve what you were trying do?” Dirt or seeds in a plastic bag…instead of an open bowl. Don’t need the seeds in dirt to do this….I don’t think. you could just put the seeds in the freezer, if that is the reason.
    Think of this as another chance to say YES to your kids. 😛 Yes, I am a stinker. hehe

  2. And she’s STILL SMILING!!!!
    God bless her!!!

  3. Awww…..Madison, you look beautiful and so calm for someone who just broke a bone! The last broken bone we had was when Samuel broke his femur…he was anything but beautiful and calm. He was so pathetic and sweet and my heart broke for him, but he was definitely not calm!

    Dirt in the freezer…sounds perfectly normal to me…and you must have the same person living at your house as we do. His name is “Not Me” and he (or she) seems to be responsible for a good portion of the messes/problems around our home. I’ve heard he’ll move out when the kids do. :-)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Yes, Jaynee! We discuss “Not Me” a lot around here. He sure is sneaky…

  4. I currently have half a kiwi in my freezer. I have also found carrots in a bowl of water and other fun items, but never dirt. :)

  5. Oh my goodness!I was going to suggest googling the dirt in the freezer but Heather beat me to it!

    Oh the joys of motherhood!

  6. Ouch! Migraines are nasty! Ouch! Broken bones are nasty! And Whaaaa? Spilled dirt in the freezer is weird!!! Praying for all the “sick” kiddos!

  7. I have to admit that when no one will confess to a crime in our house then it becomes a family issue and every body suffers. For example, if we were planning a trip to go hiking. Instead we cancel trip, and sit in the living room for the planned time. I would talk up the punishment hoping that others would pressure the guilty party in to coming forward. I have also been known to declare a sugar fast until the culprit comes forward. Aren’t I terrible? I just absolutely hate not knowing who did a willful act of disobedience. Hoping that person feels the conviction to confess! Praying for the quick recovery of your 18yo! I broke my fibula at age 40. First broken bone, and it is no fun. Also praying your other daughter has no migrane attacks for a long time and that the meds. help. Blessings!

  8. What do others do about their unnamed culprits? “Not me is constantly doing things in our house. It drives me crazy and someone needs punished since they have figured out to keep silent and I won’t know who did it.

  9. Janet Kiessling says:

    Been there & have done that! We have one that you can tell by the sound of his cry that you just better grab a towel & some butterflies…….we do not do the ER……yucky experience for him. A dr told me that when this little guy was 2 & needed stitches – that the dr could not numb him – that it would leave a scar…..:(. Horrible Night. And I believed the dr! Never Again! Hubbie is a physical therapist – so he helps with alot. Just the other day – Jordan(11 now) was upside down on oh the kitchen chair. It was at the table. I asked him what he was doing & should he be doing it? He said…Hmmmm? And at the same time, the end of the table came down on his chin. I knew by his cry….towel & butterflies! “Mommy, no stitches, PLEASE!”……:( Sigh! We love our adventures! And I love your daughter’s er smile. We have a couple like that, too! Thanks for listening! Have a blessed weekend! Janet Kiessling..:)

    • just curious what you would do in the case of a broken bone?

      • Janet Kiessling says:

        Well, thats a very good question…..:) One, Praise the Lord, we have not had to deal with that in all of my 21+ years of being a mommy! I have fallen down the stairs during the night caring for a very fussy baby – never wear socks on stairs..:{ – hubby checked baby & me & we wnt to bed. We went to reg dr the next am. Fortunatly, we have been blessed to be able to make to the ped or dr the next day! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  10. Just wanted to chime in on the migraines. I started getting migraines when I was 10 that was the year we moved into a house with full grown and almond and walnut trees. Those nuts are yummy and good for you, and my mom started making baklava, hmmm yummy, about 5 years after that my mom read an article about how migraines can be caused by dietary factors. Yup, almonds and walnuts, and milk top the list. After taking out the two nuts and limiting my dairy, my migraines slowed down, now I very rarely get them.
    I hope this helps you or someone who reads the comments:D