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About Saying Yes to Those Baby Mice

*Some rodents can transmit Hantavirus, which can be deadly.

So, I told you yesterday about my daughter rescuing some abandoned 2 day old baby mice. And I got a few comments on the Facebook link to the post saying stuff like, "You are a nicer mom than I am," or something similar.

Here's the thing. I don't even really like animals all that much. I mean I like them more if they give me eggs or milk or yogurt, but otherwise, not so much.

I rarely pet animals voluntarily because I know I'll have to wash my hands afterwards. It creeps me out when I see people kiss their dogs. And when I go to the vet to pick up the dog from getting shots, and they say, "Are you here to get your baby?", I say, "No. It's a dog. I'm here to get my dog. I have had 8 real babies, and they aren't the same as dogs."

Okay, I don't really say that, but I think it in my head.

Now, I know I just alienated about half of my audience, but don't get all up in my grill, okay? Because hopefully I'm about to redeem myself.

Here's the other thing. I want to say yes to my kids loving animals.

Even squirmy, naked rodents that make me shudder.

Believe me, I know they are gross. When I first saw them, I shrieked the kind of ear piercing scream that makes all the pigeons in Times Square take flight simultaneously. And I hopped from one foot to the other repeatedly. And shielded my eyes. And fanned my face. And then managed to get out in a whispered scream, "Get. Them. OUT!"

But I said "yes".

Yes, my girl can set her alarm to feed them during the night.

Yes, she can read more about baby mice.

Yes, she can watch some more Youtube videos on feeding orphaned mice.

Yes, I will help her write an ebook on caring for orphaned mice. (Anyone wanna buy an ebook???)

You don't have to love an idea to allow your children to try it.

Let them climb trees, ride wild donkeys, use power tools, and bottle feed abandoned baby mice.When they tell you their favorite place to practice quiet contemplation is on the roof, take a deep breath and be okay with it.

They'll never forget the times Mama said "yes".

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  1. Well, I like animals (all sorts), but I’m with you on the whole “Mummy/Baby thing” with people and animals. I don’t understand it either; who wants to be thought of as their animal’s parent? And, babies are not the same as animals. Well said!

  2. We had a puppy for a little while which is long gone..but anyway we took the puppy to petsmart to get it some shampoo and we had our two boy with us. The lady at Petsmart was referring to the puppy as my son’s “sister”. Ridiculous.

  3. I had to laugh when I read your comment about voluntarily petting an animal and washing your hands. I feel the same way! People think I’m heartless but in reality, I feel that I am often the one who is saddled with the responsibility of a child’s pet. I’m the one who has to deal with vets, feedings, etc. and when the time comes, I’m the one who has to deal with putting the pet to sleep or finding a new home. I’ve just never found any real joy in the whole pet thing.

  4. I so agree with you here! I cringed when my brother in law gave my boys a snake one year. They wanted one and he was into them and showed up with one. YUCK. Well those boys took care of it for the most part (sometimes forgetting to put the lid back on right and then it was a snake hunt in the house… not a favorite believe me) I was also not happy when this same brother in law thought the boys should have an iguana as well. (Also an escapee) However, they grew up learning to care for these critters, care about animals and have respect for them.

  5. I am an lover and want my kids to be one. We can not have dogs or cats because I have one that is deathly allergic. So we have fish and birds. Iwas raised on a farm where the animals gave us our food. But yes they will remember when MAMA said yes. So what if you don’t like animals you are an awesome mom no less.

  6. What an amazing way to look at it! Yes they will remember when mom said yes! Just like my mom, who let me dye my hair purple & wear blue lipstick… It was a phase lol. She hated it, (she tells me now) but said as long as it didn’t change my attitude or my grades I could do it :) great mom!

  7. Thank you I needed this. I need to be a better yes mom, so this is what I needed to read today. And yes your kids will have great memories because you said yes to mice. :-)

  8. Amen! I had such a great example of this from my parents and knew I wanted to do the same. I’ve had adventures with my 4 I never would have dreamed of and we all have great memories of the “yes” moments! Hugs Connie!

  9. Mama Mirage says:

    What kind of bottle would one use for something so small? Do they make bottles for mice?

  10. I get saying “yes” – I just wouldn’t want to get hantavirus. If anybody comes down with the flu in 3 weeks, make sure the doctor knows about the mice. That’s all :-) (And they are cute).

  11. Amen, Connie. I want my kids to be interested in living life and in taking in the world all around them – even if that means snakes in Bell jars and bugs in pockets. What a great example you are setting for your kids (and for your friends who think you are amazing and brave).

  12. Hahaha! You always make me smile. :)

  13. This is hilarious! I can picture your reaction when you first saw them so clearly now.
    As for animals, I feel the same way as you.
    My younger sister keeps mice and my children LOVE them. They pick them up and ask me if I want a cuddle (NO.) and love on them and I make nice and say things like: ‘Oh yes, it is very cute.’ and ‘Mmm. I’m glad you love it honey.’ and when they get put back I say: ‘Now please wash your hands.’
    Strangely, when their Daddy caught (er, killed) a mouse that was in our chicken feed the other day, they were just as gooey over the wee little cute…dead…mouse as they were over my sister’s pets.

  14. “I rarely pet animals voluntarily because I know I’ll have to wash my hands afterwards. It creeps me out when I see people kiss their dogs.”

    Yes, yes, and, um, YES!! I completely relate. To all of it.

    Well, some of my creepiness might also be because I’m allergic to all kinds of animal fur and I don’t want my eyes to bug out of my head…

  15. I do love animals, well, dogs and cats, and baby goats and baby sheep, even baby chicks, but I would struggle with saying yes to mice. Snakes no trouble that would be a flat no! But my husband would over ride me. Good luck to your daughter and get her her own hand santizer for keeping next to the mice, that way she has at least sanitized between the mice and the bathroom door and door knob on her way to washing her hands.

  16. They are kind of cute, I have never seen baby mice before.

    Mice make very good pets, a friend of mine has one who is just adorable.

    I just have tarantulas, a dog and 2 cats.