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What Duck Dynasty Can Teach Us

Some time last year my friend, Jami convinced me to start watching a new show, Duck Dynasty. I was skeptical at first, thinking it would be one of those swamp people reality shows with lots of cussin', spittin', and missing teeth. (Even though Jami is SO not a cussin, spittin', missing teeth type girl!)

It turns out Duck Dynasty is a faith filled, family friendly show about a real life Christian family who became successful in their duck call business.

But it's more than just a clean, entertaining show.

There are several things Duck Dynasty can teach us.

  • God can use anyone, not matter how weird, to further the gospel.

Seriously! This is great news for us oddballs! Whether you are heavily bearded and wear camo to a formal event, or you have 8 kids who follow you around and call you "Mama", God can use even you!

  • God can use your situation as a platform to further the gospel.

Most of us don't have reality shows, but we still have an audience. Got kids? There's your audience. Got a blog? There's your audience. Got neighbors? Audience. Friends? Audience. Use the platform you have to spread the love of God to those around you.

  • God can use imperfection to further the gospel.

The family patriarch, Phil, is very honest about how he was "into sex, drugs, and rock and roll" in his early adult years, and even after he chose marriage and fatherhood. But all that changed when he met Jesus. It turned out to be a beautiful story of redemption that he is happy to share. I wonder how many people can relate to having an imperfect past and wishing to find something to make a different future?

If you are a Christian, your sins are forgiven through Jesus' blood! Spread the news!

  • God uses those who are willing to be used to further the gospel.

I love the way the sons recall that there were always people, strangers in their home studying the Bible with Phil.

β€œI would get up for school, and there would be two to three people asleep on the couch, their wet clothes over a chair,” Alan said. β€œAt some point Dad had baptized them in the river near our house.”

  • There are people who are waiting to hear the good news.

In this video, Willie tells about a famous, hall of fame football player who has wealth, popularity, and success, but he knew he was lacking something that left him discontent. He needed someone to show him the light, and Willie did that.

Duck Dynasty is a family favorite around here! Not only because it cracks us up, but because it reminds us of how God can use us.

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  1. We love Duck Dynasty. It’s such a glimpse of home. My dad ran his own business, and the antics at the warehouse are VERY familiar. I love that, even though some of the show set ups are obviously scripted, you can’t keep the true characters from shining through. I wonder how many show ideas start with, “Okay, let’s take Uncle Si and throw him in a room of….”

  2. I have to admit, when I first saw the ads for Duck Dynasty it really turned me off. Of course, that could be because I saw it about 10 times during the 1 hour show I was watching. However, a friend at church told my husband about it so we started watching. Oh my word, we love it now! It’s quite fun to watch and Jase has slowly become my favorite. We watched the episode where they took their wives deer hunting and I laughed so hard. My hubby loves to deer hunt, but I would never go with him.

    I also love how Phil and Miss Kay talk to each other. They love each other and it’s very evident. I think it speaks well, especially to younger people, that the romance doesn’t die out when you get older.

    My favoite part is the end though. I love to see the family gathered together to eat dinner and hearing Phil pray. It’s such a testament to the love the family has for each other and for God.

  3. I love that you posted about them! We’re big fans here. They crack us up. :)

  4. We are new fans of Duck Dynasty! We have been watching it online for two weeks now. My husband heard about it on KLOVE (christian radio station) apparently willie is speaking at the KLOVE awards or something like that. Anyway he heard they were christians and we watched it that night and we loved it! Actually the next day my husband went to wallmart and bought some camo hunting pants. He’s aspiring to grow a beard. He’s drinking tea out of a canning jar. :)

  5. I have not yet seen it –waiting on everyone else signed up with Netflix to take their turn so I can but I have heard their story and listened to some of the youtube segments of them talking here and there, and I am very impressed. They seem to be good, Christian folks who I would love to get to know.

  6. We like DD as well! Such a funny show!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    The other day during devotional time, I was discussing planting seeds of faith with my 10 year old. We discuss appropriateness of TV and of being an example. We just watched the clip and my daughter goes “hey, seeds”. It was just a cool moment. Thanks.