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4 Moms Deal With Snotty Attitudes and New Babies {Plus a GIVEAWAY}

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are answering questions submitted on our 4 Moms Facebook page.

How do you deal with a snotty attitude in a 7 year old? Some days he's just nasty.

My children know they are to speak respectfully and be considerate to everyone they encounter. If they disobey that expectation, we deal with it the same way we deal with all disobedience. They receive an unpleasant consequence and an admonition to do what is right. If they continue to be disrespectful after receiving the admonition, the consequences become more severe.

We have taken away all electronics for a week at a time, placed children in "solitary confinement" in their rooms for the entire day, doing all school work, and even taking meals there, and left children at home (with an adult) during fun trips to town.

If the solution you are applying isn't having the desired effect, change tactics. Make sure you are not threatening. Do not warn. If the child knows what you consider "snotty" and you hear it, apply the consequence.

How did you emotionally prepare for number two? I'm specifically wondering about loving #2 as much as #1, having babies in such drastically different stages and with such different needs (#1 is walking and learning to talk, verses a newborn who will want to nurse constantly - if past experience holds true), and any suggestions for making the transition easier.

I don't think you'll have to worry about loving the new baby as much as the "old" one. God gives us what we need, and He knows that baby needs love. God built into your maternal instincts a desire to love, nurture, and protect your babies. All of your babies. You'll be amazed at how your love will grow to include all the babies God gives you.

The different stages can be a challenge, but you will rise to meet it. Since the new baby will mostly want to do nothing more than eat, sleep, and poop, you can still focus plenty of attention on your older child. You can read aloud, snuggle, sing songs, and chat all while nursing. You can also do most of those things while changing diapers.

You can involve the older child in many of the activities the baby needs. Big sisters or brothers make excellent diaper fetchers and they love to apply lotion to baby toes, too.

Welcome your older child's desire to help out and make him or her feel needed and appreciated in the care of the baby.

Be sure to check out which questions the rest of my team are answering.

And now for some fun giveaways!

Heather, my go to gal for all things goat milkish, sent me some of her hand made goat milk soap to try. You should have smelled my mailbox the day the package came!

If you've never used goat milk soap, you are in for a treat! It lasts much longer than store bought soap. It's creamy and lathery, and it leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized, not "squeaky" like store soap.

Heather makes several different varieties of goat milk soaps, and she would like to give away 4 bars of the winner's choice! (Click the link to see the ingredients she uses.)

To enter to win 4 of Heather's soaps, leave a comment on this post saying you would like to try to the soaps.

Now, join me, along with Homeschool Giveaways and Blessed Beyond a Doubt for a new weekly feature. And if you have a giveaway to share, link it up here!

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  1. Merry jo says:

    I’d love this! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I would love to try this soap!

  3. Rolanda says:

    I love this idea! I would like to try the soaps.

  4. Ooh! I’d love to win the soap!

  5. Vanessa says:

    I would love to try the soaps!

  6. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I would love a chance to win this I have been wanting to try goats milk soap !!! Does she have an etsy or online store as well in case we do not win ! I would love to buy some :D.

  7. Amy Osborn says:

    I would like to try these soaps. Thank You.

  8. It would be wonderful to win the soaps!

  9. Thanks for the offer! I would like to try the soaps!

  10. I would love to try the soaps!

  11. I would love to try the soaps!

  12. I have never heard of goat milk soap. My son has eczema, this might do the trick to relieve the itch :-) thanks for the chance to win:-)

  13. Melissa says:

    I wanna win. :)

  14. I would love to try these soaps., I hear goat’s milk soap can be good for sensitive skin which seems to run in our family.

    Hope you have a great day!


  15. Is it good for dry hands? I would like to win the soap!

  16. Thank you so much for answering my question!

    Also, I would live to try some soap!

  17. Brandae says:

    I’d LOVE the soap!
    Really appreciate your solitary confinement idea. Might seem extreme to some, but having one very strong willed child who has tested my patience too many times to count and nothing has worked to change his attitude or heart when he’s in the worst of a tantrum, this might just help.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    If I use a whiny tone can I go to my room and get solitary confinement? :)
    I love goat milk soap. It doe help with our numerous skin issues. Thank you for the chance to win some!

  19. I would love to try her soap!

  20. I would love to try the soap. Particularly the lavender one.

  21. Ooo. I would LOVE to try this!

  22. I would like to try the soaps! Dry, winter hands are icky.

  23. I would love to try them! I have used all different kinds.

  24. Julie Reese says:

    I would love to try goat soap:) It sounds fantastic!

  25. I would like to try that soap! :)

  26. I would like to try Heather’s soaps! Our skin is sensitive, so I’m always on the hunt for something that won’t dry us out!

  27. I love homemade soaps, but have never tried goat’s milk soap. So I would ove to give it a try! Thanks for hosting.

  28. SOAP! That sounds lovely.
    Thanks for the chance to win some.

  29. I would love to try it!

  30. I would love to win the soap. My hands get so dry in the winter that they crack and bleed. Store bought soap seems to make this even worse stripping the natural oils from skin.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to try goat milk soap!

  32. Becky Milstead says:

    I would love to win this soap!

  33. My kids battle eczema do we’d love to try some moisturizing soaps!

  34. I love homemade soap. It’s so much nicer than store bought.

  35. Kimberly says:

    Our family has very sensitive skin. My sister just introduced us to goat’s milk soap last month and it seems to be helping. I would love a chance to try Heather’s soap!

  36. The snotty attitude is one I struggle with at my house. Unfortunately, I think that the snippy and impatient tone is one they’ve learned from me. Self-Improvement: Blech.

    And yes – with an eczema sufferer, I’d love to try the soap!

  37. My youngest and I both have very sensitive skin, and I would love to try the goat’s milk soap to see if it would help. Homemade soaps tend to be better for us than store bought soap.

  38. Cathy S. says:

    I would love to try these soaps! Thanks!

  39. I would love a chance to win and try some!!!

  40. Samantha Goff says:

    i would love to try. it sounds amazing!

  41. i would love to try the soap

  42. Kate N. says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I would love to try the goat soap! I have never tried any goat products before. Cool!

    Thanks again.
    Kate N.

  43. This sounds great. I would love to try this soap. :) I don’t have a facebook so I can’t ask a question on the 4moms page but if any moms read this comment I have a question I would love to have answered. Does anyone have any tips for getting my 15 month old to sit still long enough to read a book to him? My two year old is great I can read three or four books to him as long as he does’nt have too much energy. But my 15 mo. old just will not sit still..even when I try to do bible time with them I can’t get him too. And there is no practice in church because we have tried church after church and just can’t find one in our area we want to continue going to. Anyway the only books he will let me read him are touch and feel board books and we only have two.

    • Michelle Bonneau says:

      I am not one of the four moms but I do have three under six. We read to our kiddos a lot during the day but I do not necessarily make them sit and listen especially our 1 year old I let them do busy quiet things and I read to them sewing or blocks things like that that way their still absorbing but their little hands are busy. My 1 year old and I think your 15 month old are not capable of sitting still for long periods of time. The board books are quick and perfect if you want to encourage more of a quiet time try a snack while reading? It will keep those little hands and mouth busy !

  44. Shelby S says:

    I would love to try the soaps :)!

  45. I’d love to try the soap. My parents raised goats when I was little, so I grew up drinking the milk, but they never got into making soap so I haven’t tried it yet.

  46. I’d love to try the soap! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I would LOVE to have a chance to try out the soap. Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. These sound great. Thanks!

  49. I’d love to try this soap!

  50. I would like to win.

  51. Dani M. says:

    The soaps sound lovely. I’d love to try them!

  52. Rachel davis says:

    I would love to try some.

  53. I have sensitive skin, so I can’t use many regular soaps. I would love to try goats milk soap!

  54. I would love to try this soap. I used to get goat milk soap from a neighbor, but she moved.

  55. Brittany Barrett says:

    Some kids do well when sitting but others, and I think most, have to be moving and that is ok! Just read anyways. One day he’ll stop moving and will listen to the whole book. Maybe do church in your home and invite some others along. That’s for Nicole. Homemade Goats milk soap? Yes, please!

  56. I would like to try these. Thanks!

  57. patricia says:

    I would like to try her soap.

  58. I would love that soap!

  59. I would love to try this soap!!

  60. Christina says:

    I want to try it!

  61. Goat milk soap is amazing, I’d love to try hers! :)

  62. Megan A says:

    I would love to try these :)

  63. I would love to try the soap!

  64. Ruthie P. says:

    Please pick me. I’d love to try the goat milk soap.

  65. My hands are begging me to comment! Would love to try a soap that is kind to my skin :)

  66. I would love to try these soaps!

  67. I would love to try goats milk soap.

  68. Heather B. says:

    I love goat milk soaps! I’d love to try some!

  69. I would love to try some goats milk soap! What a sweet giveaway! :)

  70. I would love to try this soap!

  71. Melissa says:

    I would love to try the soap! It sounds like a lovely treat each time it’s used. :)

  72. Sarah V. says:

    I would love to try these!

  73. Wow! Super excited for this give away! I hope I win :) Thank you!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I love using natural soaps! Thanks for this giveaway!

  75. I love goat milk lotion, so I’m sure I would love the soap too!

  76. I would love to try the soap :)

  77. Melissa Bryant says:

    Would love to try the soap. Thanks

  78. Jo Lane says:

    I would love to try the soap! Thanks

  79. Ooh, I’d love to try the soap! :)

  80. I loved this soap even before I found out I was sensitive to wheat! Did you know that vitamin E and tocopherols often contain wheat? Thank you for the chance to win some!

  81. I love handmade soap, that vapor soap sound great! and we all such dry skin this time of year anything that helps that is a blessing!

  82. Rebecca R. says:

    I would love to try this… One of my daughters has eczema and more natural is better!

  83. I would LOVE to try those soaps:)

  84. Kristi Peshke says:

    I’d love to try the soaps.

  85. I would LOVE to try the soaps.

    The Honey Oatmeal looks like it would be fabulous.

  86. I’ve been interested in goat milk soap for a while now, but have been unsure if it was worth it. I would love to try out a freebie to “get my hands wet” so to speak. 😉

  87. I would love to win Heather’s soaps! They sound great! Thanks.

  88. I would love to try! I’ve used goats milk lotion and loved it!

  89. Loretta says:

    Would love to try this soap!!

  90. I would love to try the goat milk soap.

  91. Caroline Robertson says:

    Yes please, to soap. Keeping four boys clean is a challenge!

  92. I’d love to try these soaps – especially the “Vapor Relief” one. (Got me curious…)

  93. I’d really love to win these soaps!

  94. I’d love to win! Thanks!

  95. If it isn’t too late to enter, I would love to try this. I’ve heard great things about goats milk soap.

  96. Melissa Pallex says:

    I LOVE homemade soaps…so much better than anything store-bought! I would love to win some here!