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4 Moms Answer Questions on Breastfeeding and Potty Training

It's time for The 4 Moms once again to focus on reader questions. Here are 2 I have received lately.

What about breastfeeding? How do you do keep it up? When do you wean and how?

I have written before about how I continue breastfeeding for at least a year after each baby is born. You will find tips in that post on maintaining a good supply, and what to do about pain.

As for weaning. Sometime around the end of year one, my babies become very nosey and want to explore all that is around them WHILE nursing. The stay for 1-2 minutes, and then want to get down, only to come right back in only seconds for more milk.

That's when wean, and I do it by increasing their food  intake, and introducing a sippy cup. Slowly, I encourage them to use the cup and replace one nursing at a time with that. Eventually, they are completely on the sippy cup, and no longer nursing.

Here you will see how to manage a home while you have a nursing baby.

How do you potty train?

For the most part, we wait until the child is around three and showing all the signs of readiness. Here are some potty training tips I have written about before.

And now, please go visit Life in a Shoe and The Common Room to see the reader questions they have answered.

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  1. What do you put IN the sippy cup? :)

    My little guy is about half weaned (14 months), but he’s intolerant to milk and milk products. I’m not sure what to use to up his solid food intake that’s calorically/nutritionally similar to my milk. He already eats an egg and half an avocado a day. He won’t eat very much peanut butter. Broccoli, cucumbers, and fruit just don’t pack the same punch as milk :) I’ve decided to keep nursing until he has enough molars that he can deal with a good chunk of meat and then finish weaning. I’d love to hear other thoughts, though! :)

    Oh, and I love your potty training tips. Will be back to them when that time comes around over here! :)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      We use cow’s milk or goat’s milk. When we had one that was failure to thrive, we used Pediasure.

  2. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I to am curious as to what you put in the cup lol ! I am weaning a 13 month old who just will not stay asleep at night we to are weaning to sippy cups but had used water to this point. Any tips for night weaning and how to stop a 3 am wake and eat!

    • Mine still wakes too! I think he might actually be hungry, because if I feed him enough during the day, he’ll go 7-8 hours. Hmm… :) Good luck!

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