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What I’ve Been Up To

We don't have anything super exciting going on this week, but I thought I'd share what we are up to.

  • When I opened our security gate with my automatic opener last night, 5 of the neighbor's donkeys ran out onto the road. My 11yo and I bailed out of the van and went running after them down the road in the dark. Of course, the more we ran after them, the more they ran away. Yeah. Good times. Fortunately no cars came along, so there was no carnage to mix in the the pandemonium.

    • I am almost through reading this book, and I am enthralled. It is horrible and wonderful and beautiful and ugly. I absolutely can not put it down. I am very much a non-fiction girl. No time for vampires over here. Give me the facts and numbers, and I'll be happy. If you are the same way, you'll enjoy this book. It has lots of Texas history and geography. (Warning: It contains graphic violence.)
    • This short video will make your day! Pay attention to the reason the boy from the other team gives for passing the ball to the special player. Mamas, what we teach them makes a difference!

  • Here's how we do "social studies" in our homeschool.

What are you up to this week?

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  1. You amaze me each day! I am very thankful God is using you & your family to teach us & help us. I don’t know how you do all you do. I have 7 children 5 boys then 2 girls. We homeschooling & each year is a failure. I start the next year hoping for better & nope. Struggle with mornings, breakfast, getting school work started & done. Keeping the non schoolers busy & try not to go hide in my room. They need me & I feel I just can’t each day. Keep doing what you do & keep serving God. I know this has to work for me. You are a wonderful encouragement!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Claire, Just keep doing the best you can and pray for strength and endurance. What we are doing is not easy, but it is worthy! I will pray for you!

  2. Billy Martin says:

    My father’s younger sister (my Aunt) was married to Lynn Parker who was related to Quanah Parker. My Aunt and Uncle lived on a ranch near San Saba, TX. I used to spend a week or two with them every summer. I was about 9 years old. They had a lot of rattle snakes so you had to be careful. I used to help my Uncle feed the cattle. I have fond memories of the visits I had with them. They used lamps and candles because they did not have electricity until about 1954. I guess that makes me “old as dirt”.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      We need to have you over for dinner soon! My kids often say, “I love to listen to old people tell stories!” Don’t be offended. They lump me in there as one of them. :)

  3. i am sobbing over the basketball video….thank you for sharing

  4. I am SO glad you like the book. I wasn’t sure if people not from Quanah would enjoy it. haha! I’ve had the legends of Quanah Parker and family implanted in my brain since kindergarten.

  5. What a wonderful basketball new story video. Thank you for sharing. Nice to be reminded that good people do still exist. Sometimes the news would have us forget that.

  6. Like Diana above, I couldn’t help but cry over the basketball story. It did indeed make my day.

  7. Janet Kiessling says:

    Hi there Connie,
    We have a child with a heart like that…:)…yes, I have tears right now. Our son is on a gymnastics team – known as Break the Barriers. He has been on it fir about 9 years. But at the time of this story, he had just been only on the team a couple of years. This gymnastics team is unique in itself. They teach inclusion. They do gymnastics with able body people & disable body people. The ages range from 6 Our sons age – up to 30. Its awesome! The older part of the team go all over the world & teach this. Anyway, they were at a highschool. Getting ready to do a performance with basketballs. Jordan was all ready. But one of the coaches forgot an extra basketball for one of the girls who was helping in the performance. So, our son walked up & told his coach that Lizzie could use his ball..:) He did his part w/o a ball. But the super neat part was ~ three seniors saw what he had done. Lizzie was Jordans friend – she has Downs & he didn”t care! Our 6 yr old son brought 3 seniors to tears for just being him!…….:)Thank you for your post today! Have a blessed week!