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TEXAS Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

You probably know that I LOVE the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit that takes place in Oklahoma every January. It is unlike any event I have ever attended. It is aimed specifically at the emotional and spiritual needs of homeschool moms. There is no talk of curriculum or SAT scores at this event, only encouragement and praise to God, by whose power we manage to do this monumental task called homeschooling.

It is not a "how to" homeschool event, but a "by whose power" homeschool event. It is meant to pamper, encourage, and lift up in prayer homeschool moms and equip us with the faith to continue our journey.

Basically, it's 14 flavors of awesome sauce.  But don't take my word for it. Read and hear the testimonials of Summit attendees for yourself.

And the organizers of the event, who have a vision to share this encouragement, faith, and praise with as many homeschool moms as they can reach, would like to expand the Winter Summit to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas as early as next January!

Yesterday, I attended a 5 hour meeting to hammer out the very beginning plans of doing this. The Summit organizers are adamant about some things that must always be in place at any Summit event.

  • The Summit will glorify God.
  • The Summit will be a ministry of encouragement to homeschool moms.
  • The Summit will be a God-led event, covered in much prayer.
  • The Summit will take place with round tables where homeschool moms come face to face to encourage one another.
  • The Summit will have seasoned homeschool veterans, with graduated children, as speakers.
  • The Summit will have moms that are currently homeschooling in the trenches as speakers.
  • The Summit will include, laughter, encouragement, and praise.
  • The Summit will take place in January to give hope in the midst of cold, dark days.

As you can imagine, I am super excited to play a part in this ministry!

The head of the event, Roxanne Parks, told us over and over that the Summit expanding to Texas will be a "God thing". We will not plan, organize, and appoint it into existence, but God will lead the people to us who are to be speakers, worship leaders, decorators, sponsors, greeters, planners, etc.

She told us of so many amazing details that had already worked out to even bring our small group together, that we all are convinced that God is leading this expansion to Texas for the purpose of bolstering the faith of more homeschool moms.

Our goal is to find 200 women who would come to the DFW area for a weekend to be encouraged in their homeschool journeys and give God the glory for allowing us to continue in it.

So, how many of you would come? How many would you bring with you?

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  1. I would come!!! And encourage anyone I could to join me!

  2. I would be there!!!

  3. I would come, I live in the DFW area and have a TON of friends that would probably come as well! Seriously, any help I could offer (greeting, helping set tables, anything!!) that I could do to help that can be accomplished with a baby strapped to me (I’ll still be nursing!) works for me :)

  4. I had the opportunity to come this year (I won a ticket), and had made plans to do so. However, I found out that my daughter had an important Music Festival that Saturday, which we had originally thought was on a different day.

    All this to say, though I was willing to make the long trip, (thanks to the blessing of a free ticket and a ride from sweet Lisa P), it would be fantastic if the conference was closer. I would like to go next year, and having it IN Texas would certainly make a difference. And I’ll even bring some friends too.

  5. I’d be there with as many friends as I could shove into my suitcase!! Lol

  6. Jen5253 Range says:

    I live in far northeast Dallas (in McKinney) and am in a co-op in Anna, and I know of several other co-ops all around me. I would LOVE to attend something like this here in the Dallas area!!

  7. Kristianna Myus says:

    I would come! We live in Katy so the drive is not bad at all! I would bring maybe 9 people with me!

  8. I would come. I am from the San Antonio area. I would also be interested in helping put together the event, if there is a need for help.

  9. Daneta Sims says:

    I would come and at least bring 1 friend! Maybe more!

  10. I would come. I would encourage my friends to come, also! I know of several ladies who I think would come. How exciting!!

  11. Move it to the Houston area and I’m there.

  12. I am mom to an 18 month old and one on the way, but definitely plan on homeschooling. I live in North Dallas and while mine are too young for me to attend this event, I would be more than happy to serve if needed!

  13. I would totally be there…I know several other that would too.

  14. Would love to attend and would try bring 5 or more with me! It’s a 5 hour drive for us, but would be well worth it!

  15. This sounds like such an awesome event. Though I am expecting our eighth child and our oldest is about to graduate high school, I’ve just begun homeschooling. We are reaching out to other homeschooling families in our area. We live north of Houston and I would definitely try to make arrangement to attend!

  16. Would love to go and bring lots of ladies with me. This sounds great.

  17. Already forwarded this to two friends, so at least three of us;). We would definitely share this with others! I am in McKinney also and there are many homeschool groups & families in North Texas! Can’t wait to hear more:)


  19. Yes, I’m in the DFW area and I’d definitely be interested! I would be able to bring at least 2-3 other homeschooling moms. Sign us up! :)

  20. I’m in! The Winter Summit is an awesome event, and I know it would bless any mom who attends.

  21. I’d come, and bring one or two with me!

  22. Just left the dear deep south but I’d time a trip back to coincide with this. Seriously. From NY. And I’d bring 1 friend. Lord willing, that is.

  23. I do not have children, but I plan on homeschooling once the time comes, so one of these days in the distant future I would love to have something like this to attend!

  24. Wow!! Could all this be because of an out-of-the-blue facebook message from over a year ago? :-) By the way, thanks again for saying, “Yes!” :-)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Dana, YES! I have mentioned your name so many times when telling how I became involved. I’m so glad you invited me! (And I would love to hug your neck again!)