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How to Throw a Homeschool Valentine Party

This is a guest post brought to you by Crystal, a homeschool mom of all boys. She loves sharing craft tutorials, easy recipes and helping moms learn how to meal plan. Stop by and check out her mommy resource site- Crystal & Co.

Have you been thinking about throwing a homeschool Valentine Party this year?

It is not too late. Really, it's not. This is our first year to homeschool and I have plans for something very low key at our house and I am going to show you how you can do the same.



You can have the party with just your kids, or you can invite homeschool friends or folks from your homeschool group. (We are not members of a group yet, are you?)

We are going to make this as low-maintenance as possible. It will be affordable, just about effortless (in the form of preparation) and totally fun. Who want or needs last minute stress.

Valentine Goodie Bag

Our party is just going to consist of just my kids. It will be here at home and very casual.

First, I scoured the dollar bins at Target and other local stores over the last few weeks. There is some great stuff in there. I picked up a few items each trip spacing them out. It is not too late. Some of it is on sale now! You can find pencils, stamps, note pads, candy, necklaces, you name it. Yes, my boys love necklaces. They wear them across their chests (diagonally) like Army gear.

I am going to give each child 4-5 of these inexpensive trinkets in a cheap color bag. You could even use brown paper lunch bags.

Then, I will add a couple of cute treats that are from Cupid (or Mom and Dad if you choose).

Each of my boys will get a bag of Cupid Poo (a fun printable with m&ms). The from area will say Cupid.

Each of my boys will also get bubbles from Cupid using this Blow Me Away printable.

Valentine Crafts

You can also make a couple of crafts during your Valentine Party. Some of these crafts come with a free printable, but if you are just making the crafts at the party and want to skip the printable feel free to do so. Nonetheless, they are fun crafts!

  1. Heart Crayons
  2. Valentine Mailboxes
  3. Valentine Soap

Valentine Food

And the food for the party is just as exciting. You can either make these items before the party or do it during. The kids will love to help and devour. Making these as a group during the party takes stress off of preparation and you can just go with the flow.

  1. Valentine Marshmallow Pops
  2. Valentine Bark
  3. Valentine Popcorn

How easy and fun is that?

Want more ideas? Take a peek at all of my Valentine crafts and other Valentine food ideas for a successful party at home!

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  1. We are having our 2nd annual homeschool Valentine party tomorrow! So fun!