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Children’s Clothes at Great Prices: Online Resale

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I love to find gently worn children's clothes at great prices when I shop at thrift stores or resale shops.

And just because I am buying used clothing doesn't mean it is worn out. Many times an item will have only been worn once or twice before being resold, and occasionally I will find something with the original tags still on!

Well, finding those great bargains just got easier! Here is a nifty online resale shop for children's clothes, size newborn to size 8. Little Frugalista was started by a grandmother who became an expert at finding the best bargains on quality used children's clothing, and now she is providing that service online for frugal moms.

The prices are great, with free shipping on orders over $40, and they have lots of name brands at deep discounts!

They even have brand new items, like this sweater for only $4.99

Here is a darling, like-new, size 6x dress for $7.99. Now, I might be able to beat that price if I looked around at garage sales or thrift stores, but I would have to factor in gas prices and time spent.

Little Frugalista makes shopping for children's clothes a breeze! If you like to shop for like new children's clothes at great prices, give it a shot.

What about you? Do you shop at thrift stores for used clothing?

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  1. Last two links weren’t working for me (but first one at top of the post did).

  2. Joyce Van Den Berg says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sometimes it’s just easier to shop online instead of hauling everyone out to all the thrift shops! 😉 Love finding a good deal.

  3. This is a great site, but I did think the prices seemed high based on what I pay for clothes. Recently, I have been very dissapointed in thrift stores, consignment sales, etc. The prices are higher for used clothing that what I pay for items brand new. The Children’s place has 2 large sales every year, and they have $.99 rack, $2.50 racks and so on. I can get my children’s wardrobe for never paying more than $5 for an item. However, like you said, this takes a lot more time to do.

    I’m not able to go shopping like I used to with 3 kids under 3 and 1 on the way, but I’m blessed with a momma that loves to shop and find a bargain! I serisiously think she has a gift for buying the cheapest name brand clothing ever. She just got my daugther 10 dresses and a beautiful black sweater. She got my boys 5 differnet matching shirts for next fall. All of these were Gap, Children’s Place or Gymboree. She also got alll of them PJ’s from carter’s. She never paid for than $3 for one item (from buying from the sales rack and stacking coupon’s). It’s a gift, really! and I’m thankful! :)

  4. Everyone loves a bargain. Thanks for letting us know about this site. Generally, my kids wore hand me downs from cousins~and now each other! I love finding clearance sales and really stock up~most of the time cheaper than thrift stores. My older daughters have found a great thrift shop in our area that is more of a “boutique thrift store”. The prices are slightly higher but the quality is even greater! They put together the nicest outfits!

  5. I love this site and have been a customer for a while.

    As a large(r) family we are on a budget. To buy expensive name brands new, is just out of our price range. At best, I am very selective at the prices I pay at stores like Old Navy and Target and generally stick to the clearance racks. Gymboree is not even a store I can walk into anymore. I love that I can go to Little Frugalista and find the brands I will not pay new prices for and get them for a fraction of the price… and she will ship it to my house. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Connie.

  6. This site looks great! But my children’s dressers are busting out right now. It seems that with my thrift store shopping and multiple grandparents giving clothing to them at christmas they have more then plenty. My kids are now at the age where it takes awhile for them to grow out of stuff (2 yr old boy:4T, 1 year old boy 2T (and new baby unknown on the way!), so things just seem to pile up. My husband is worse actually. He has all these clothes he wore 4 years ago before we got married..before he put on some extra weight. I have seen him cutting the sleeves off tshirts because the arms were cutting off his circulation. Anyway. Were all cutting down. But when we need something we do have this great thrift store that has bag sales on everything for five dollars a bag. The majority of our children’s clothing comes from there. We have currently banned ourselves from going there.