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30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge

Do you ever announce that you are going to do something really hard, like lose 20 pounds or run a marathon and people get all excited for you and start telling other people and then you think, "Dude. I just told everyone I'm going to do something really hard, and now I'm scared because I don't know if I can do it!"?

Okay, that totally happened last night.

I posted on my Smockity Frocks Facebook page about a preacher I heard issue a challenge to the congregation that they follow this scripture strictly for 30 days in a row:

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

After I posted that, I left the house to go to a Mom's Night Out with my homeschool group, and when I got back home... WOW!

A lot of people got excited about the idea, and now... I'm skeerd. Because I don't know if I can really do it.

I mean, I've got the "no unwholesome talk" covered, since I don't cuss or tell dirty jokes. It's the "only what is helpful... according to their needs, that it may benefit..." part that I'm not so sure about.

That would mean I can no longer start my conversations with the kids with, "HOW many times do I have to tell you (fill in the blank) ?" or "WHO in the world thought this was a good idea???"

Yes, I am sadly admitting that I don't always use my words wisely to build others up.

So, let's do this. Let's get together and encourage one another that we can do this thing! We are called to it in scripture, so it can't be beyond the realm of possible, right?

It may be (and I strongly suspect this will be the case with me) that there will be a lot more silence than we're used to, but I bet we will slowly start to find our pace and develop a habit of encouragement. At least, that's what I'm hoping for!

Okay, who's in???


<a href="http://wp.me/pMqqr-20o" target="_blank" ><img src="http://www.smockityfrocks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Wholesome-Talk-Challenge.jpg" alt="http://wp.me/pMqqr-20o" height="274" width="274" /></a>


If you would like to participate in this, grab the *button code for your blog and leave a comment below. I'll drop by your blog (or email you if you don't have a blog) a couple of times each week to see how you are holding up, and you do the same for me, okay? I need the accountability!

I think we can do this thing! Let's GO!

*Special coding note: If the quotation marks in the html code are multiplying or changing into funky, curly quotation marks when you copy and paste, delete those and type them in again so they will be straight and appear only where you see them in the box above.

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  1. Ok, I’m in, Connie! Only what is helpful, beneficial, and builds them up!
    –Gena at ichoosejoy.org

    • Hi Connie,
      I put the button in my sidebar, and it erased ALL of my text widgets! I tried again after fixing one of them, and it did it again. I’m not sure why. But others might want to be careful!

      • Smockity Frocks says:

        Oh no! Did you see my added note about the quotation marks? I hope you got it fixed!

        How did you do with the challenge today?

        • Thanks for the note about the quotation marks. I’ll try it again.

          Today went OK–it’s going to take some work. But at least I recognized it a couple of times and stopped myself. God will help us!

  2. This is so appropriate for me right now.

  3. I’m in. My stress level has been high since the new baby was born, he cries a lot during the day. And the toddler is jealous and testing limits. Not an excuse though and I really need to get on top of what comes out of my mouth. Will have the button on my blog soon.


  4. I’m in! I am having a bit of trouble with the button though. I tried copying and pasting the url and it only showed a link on my page. I “saved the image as” to my computer and now it shows, but I’m not sure that it’s actually linking to your site.
    I really need this challenge though.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the html code. I added a note to the end of the post about those pesky quotation marks. I don’t know why they keep changing!

  5. I am in. And it is everything opposite what I have been exposed to from childhood. So challenge is an understatement. But this will work :)

  6. I’m in (and I’m skeerd too!)…. What I really want to know is which one of my kids called you and asked you post this challenge??! : ) I was just getting ready for school this morning after a pretty intense time of prayer and repenting about a VERY snotty mouth yesterday and I thought, “I just have time to read from one blog….” Apparently, God a plan for this morning to be different in a big way!! Thank you for issuing the challenge (and for your sage advice and encouragement)…you touch more hearts than you know!


  7. We are in! And by “we” I mean me AND my kiddos!


  8. I’m in. Before I start I may need to head into my closet and have a little rant. I need to get it all out. Then I’ll be ready. ūüėČ Lisa~

  9. I’d love to be in…but…can I have a trial run first? lol I think I understand the scripture, but it’s been hard lately with the extended family! (they are acting worse than our children(4 and 6)!) I also want to add/ask, would the “unwholesome talk” be like anything negative, criticism, gossip, complaining, judgement?

    With Prayer(lots of it) and patience(haha I know) I’m going to try this…thanks for sharing!

  10. I and my wife are going to take the challenge! We’ve already got it on our blog: http://mikelaneonline.com

  11. I am in! I have been needing something like this for a couple years now…its been a little while now that I have not responded to things the way I should! Thank you for doing this what a blessing! We also have 8 kids and no real outside help and also my husband works long hours it can get hard sometimes, but I am still not proud of the way I respond sometimes!! Looking forward to this! Thanks again! 8)

  12. What a great idea! I would love to participate. It has become quite clear to me lately that I could use a lot of work in this area. Thank you! How has your first day gone??

  13. Brilliant idea! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this and how much I need it.

  14. I would say sarcasm fits the not necessarily “needful” category, and you know I have plenty of sarcasm around my general area. I’m with you lady!

  15. I think I need it,I’ve had an especially rough and mouthy day and am downright ashamed some times at my behavior. Count me in for hopefully the full 30 days..I’m scared I’ll let myself down before this is over.

  16. elena marshall says:

    I’m in! *do I have to tell my kiddos or can I just go for it and see if they notice a difference? Did I mention that I have the “gift” of sarcasm? :o\ Oh boy,……..here goes nothin’………….

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I announced it to my kids, but I thought I would see if it rubs off on them before I invite them to do it with me.

      We are similarly gifted! That’s the hardest part!!!

  17. Thanks, Connie. This is something I’ve been hounding my kids about. Yes, I get the irony. Thanks for the reminder. Too bad this stuff runs downhill so easily.
    I printed the verse and added an image of lots of cactus. Gonna hang them in strategic locations around the house, starting with my bathroom mirror. Later today I’ll blog about it,even though I don’t ”really” blog anymore.

  18. I am so IN! I feel like God dropped this right in my lap, just what I’ve been praying about for my family. We are newly on the field, church planting in Eastern Europe and since we’ve arrived, I feel like that has been the biggest area of struggle for all of us: we are ALL using words that are hurtful and harsh, myself perhaps most especially. I think it’s lots of things: culture shock, etc. but it is not honoring God as a family and is so detrimental to our testimony. And you’re absolutely right, if God mandates it then it must not be impossible for us even it feels like it. I’m going to start with myself, once and for all and try to accept that I’m going to fail along the way. Excited to be challenged though!

  19. I have 14 kids and I am sure that they will appreciate nicer words. We do not cuss, but there are times that we are blaming. With 14 kids we see a mess and we get the kids’ attention by saying, “Who’s mess is this, get in here and clean it up!” I never thought of this as blaming, but now that I look at it, it is. I think I would feel more confident about doing this if there were something specific to work on each day, like the Love Dare book. The idea of speaking helpful, needful, and beneficial words is vague for me. If I had something specific each day I think I could do this easier. I’m going to try it – is anyone considering writing a book on this…..? :)

    • I agree with you Dyan. Having concrete daily tasks and reminders is a big help. I started writing what I think this means in my journal. I have written like this for my kids~I kept looking thru the blog to find daily tasks.

  20. I guess I didn’t ever officially join the challenge but I’ve been following it lol. I don’t exactly have a website right now, either. So, this is me attempting to accept a challenge that just might overwhelm me. But, in a good way.

  21. Connie,
    We are in! I am so glad I got you in my inbox today! We just had a HUGE discussion in our house about Ephesians 4:29 last night! I tend to have a sarcastic-o-meter that is set in high gear, and my kids are gifted in the same fashion! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Sarah & the Davis Gang!

  22. Is it to late to join?

  23. I started today~whoa hard with my life right now~but that isn’t a reason to not keep trying to get back on track.

  24. I am certainly in! I have never been a grouchy mom until recently and I am even starting to get on my own nerves. This is EXACTLY what I need!!! Thank you :)

  25. Im in!!!! but I don’t have a blog

  26. I’m on board!

  27. YES! Why on earth didn’t I think… Yikes I nearly did it to myself!! LOL

  28. I had to open the image in a new tab and copy that URL to the src to get the image to load. Now we are good to go!!

    Thanks for writing this VERY important blog post!!

  29. I’m just getting caught up on my email from (cough) Jan 19 (cough cough). We’ve been packing and remodeling to move from Austin to somewhere northeast. We’re late but we’re going to join in! And we’re dragging our 6 kids with us too! haha

  30. I’m in! I have been praying about this issue, and see that God couldn’t be more clear about His command. Thanks!

  31. .ok. I read your post and um, I’m um , in the same situation, the ‘helpful part you mentioned. Cos I don’t cuss and tell dirty jokes either, but I am taking this year to focus on me, making ME a better me. So, I’m in !

  32. debbie clark says:

    could you please email me the 30 day wholesome talk challenge? Thank You

  33. You have to love the blackhole that is Pinterest. So glad I found this blog this morning. It is what I needed. So I am in, and I am trusting God to help me through it, sadly, this isn’t something that comes naturally to me! Thanks for this.


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