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What I Need is Happy Spray

When my daughter, Adrienne, pictured above with her brand new bunnies, received a gift of perfume from Justice, the popular girls' clothing store for her birthday in September, she used that spray every day.

She loved her "happy spray" and even sang songs about it. She sprayed the happy spray on her sisters so they could be happy too.

After she ran out, she repeatedly asked me to stop by Justice so she could buy some more happy spray with her birthday money.

When I was finally in town with enough time on my hands to stop by, I took her in. I was greeted at the door by an employee.

Employee: "Good afternoon! Can I help find anything?"

Me: "Yes. What I need is some happy spray."

Employee: (blank stare) "I'm sorry...???"

Me: "Happy Spray. Where do you keep it? I need some."

Employee: "..."

Daughter: (tugging at Mom's sleeve and whispering) "Mom! It's not really called happy spray! I made that up!"

Me: (dies of embarrassment)

Oh well. It's not the first time I've made a fool of myself at the mall.

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  1. ha ha! that is hilarious! :) I have only been in that store once, but the first thing I *almost* blurted out was “I can see why we have such a high teen pregnancy rate in this country”! Over-priced clothes to dress our daughters like street walkers. I think I am getting to be a fuddy-duddy in my old age. 😛

  2. If it were only that easy! ;o) Praise God we have children that bring joy to our lives! :o)

  3. We are two peas in a pod you and I. I can’t decide if we should never go anywhere together or if we should go EVERYWHERE together. LOL! Lisa~

  4. Oh that is just so darn funny! Destiny loves the place so I had a great visual in my head! Thanks for a chuckle to start my day!

  5. LOL! I am known to blurt out funny and mildly embarrassing things in front of my children, too!

  6. I was ordering food to go at shoney’s yesterday. I told the waitress I wanted a BBQ bacon cheeseburger without the fixings. She said, “ok, so you just want bread, cheese, BBQ sauce and meat?” I said, “yes and bacon.” She gave me a funny look and walked away. It took me about 5 minutes to realize…. Bacon is meat.

  7. Oh that is too funny! I love the picture of her adorable bunnies in her pockets.

  8. Read so many funny kid posts online today! Hilariously embarassing! :)