What's the big deal about Young Living

In Case You Think I Exaggerate the Crazy

Earlier this week, I posted the following status on my Smockity Facebook page:

You know you live in Wacky Land when you overhear the following:

16yo: "Why is Katherine carrying around a live hamster on a plate?"
Everyone else: Disregards and continues dancing to Christmas music.

It actually crossed my mind that someone might think I make this stuff up. I mean who carries around a hamster on a plate?

That's why I whipped out my cell phone to document what I saw when I pulled into my driveway yesterday.

I present to you Two Rodeo Queens With a Wagon on a Trampoline. (Email readers may need to click through to the post to view the video.)

Do not doubt the crazy, people.

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  1. It’s like my kids’ insistence that on the stairs is the best to play or that its cool to roll around under the same throw blanket in the kitchen right where I’m attempting to can red onions-attack of the killer floor monster as I got knocked over in the process-boys 2 and 4. Or the 2 year old walking around with matchbox cars in his feety pajamas (a common occurrence). The only time that bothers anyone is when it’s my phone instead of cars and he’s managed to turn on veggie tales and his pajamas sing.

  2. oh, that just made my heart smile! Love the laughter! It’s so fun to see what kids come up with given sufficient time and freedom to play

  3. Thanks for sharing this, the laughter is precious.

  4. What a contagious giggle! So cute!

  5. Am I the only one who’s concerned that these two little ones might pop right off the side of the trampoline? I think they sell netting that encircles the trampoline to keep that from happening. Sorry to be a downer to the joy and craziness but it looks dangerous, especially for little children who are having such a good time they may not watch for the edge.

  6. Oh, the giggling!! <3 Love!

  7. What precious little giggles!! :)

  8. oh my goodnes, listen to those giggles! They make me melt! You can’t not smile when you hear that!

  9. Ahh, I love those giggles. Such cute girls!

  10. That’s normal in our house, too. Last one I heard was, “Where’s Aiden going with that axe?” No response from anyone.

    Also: “Dad, too bad I don’t have a machete.” Dad (without looking up): “Yah, that’s too bad.” :)