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How to Soften Brown Sugar

I use brown sugar in my coffee every morning, and occasionally I forget to close up the plastic bag and it gets hard as a rock.

If this happens to you too, instead of chipping away at it to try to get a spoonful, simply place a piece of sliced bread in the bag and close it up.

The next day, the brown sugar will be nice and moist, and the bread will be hard as a rock.

I actually considered making one of my wacky videos to show you how it works in time lapse, but then I figured that would be about as interesting as... well, watching bread go stale.

Here are a few other ideas for softening brown sugar if you need it done in a hurry.

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  1. You need a cute little jar with an old fashioned clamp down lid!!! {But, the bread idea is genius and you could possibly still forget to close the jar and use this great tip!!}

  2. About how much brown sugar do you put in your coffee? I recently became a coffee addict :-O but I’m trying not to up my artificial sweetener intake, so looking for alternatives – never thought of using brown sugar.

  3. A half an apple works well too.

  4. I love to eat brown sugar so if it’s lumpy, it’s easier to pick it up & eat it. Mmmmm!! :)