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Displaying Christmas Cards

How do you display your Christmas cards?

Put them in a pretty basket? Hang them by a ribbon?

We are simple folk around here. Basic. Plain. The less complicated the better.

We tape them to the door.

How do you display your Christmas cards?

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  1. Thank you for the simple idea. I’m hitting myself on the head, wondering why I didn’t think of that! We have such a small house, that I quit trying to display them. I’ve just been keeping them on a stack. Now I know what I’ll be doing at some point today. :-)

  2. Last year my husband cut a big circle out of wood and painted it green to look like a wreath. We staple a big red bow to the top of it, and as we get cards we staple them around the wreath. The ‘card wreath’ is hung in the living room on the wall so we can admire and enjoy the cards throughout the Christmas season. Last year we left it up until February because we loved looking at our friends’ and families’ smiling and joyous faces!

  3. what a great idea! I just started putting ribbon on my kitchen cabinets and clothes pinning the cards to it this year! Like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/50806302017529874/

  4. We put magnet strips on the back of the cards and hang them on the freezer. We are reminded to pray for our friends through out the year when we see their sweet faces.

  5. I’ve varied from year to year, but finally hit on my favorite way this year…we hang ours around the doorway to the kitchen so that every time we come in and out (which is ALL THE TIME…) we get to see the Christmas joy of our friends and family. :-)

  6. I used to do this and leave them on the door until April when I replaced them with birthday cards. These stayed up until the following Christmas.

  7. I tape mine to the door too, our pantry door, and leave them til October or so. :-)

  8. We are taping ours to our door this year too. In our last house we had a long wide hallway for our entryway and I taped them to the wall in that hallway. I love to see each card all season long and they are so festive :)

  9. I used to do that, but when I took them down, the tape always took off chunks of paint with it. :( Now I hang a couple ribbons and clip them to the ribbon with clothes pins.

  10. I have a beautiful red and green Christmas basket lined with a red and green napkin. I fill it 2/3 full with pinecones. When the cards come, I put them in there. It is compact and the edges of the cards are at different angles so you can see the different designs.

  11. This is what we do, and our doors are almost identical!

  12. Lol! I tape them around the doorpost.

  13. Jennifer H says:

    We have a half wall separating our kitchen from our dining room and living room. We just tape them up along the top. I agree that simple is best!

  14. Hey, we use that same exact method for displaying Christmas cards! 😉 We have a cute little metal wreath thing for displaying them, but my husband has forgotten to get it out of the attic for the last two years, so tape on the door it is.

  15. I have a string that is the same color as my celing, it goes across the room between my kitchen and living room. It stays up year round for the many Birthdays, and holiday cards over the months. :)

  16. We do that, too! Ours are hung on the coat closet door in our front entry way.

  17. We put ours on the fridge with magnets. Every year it seems like a great idea until I curse the magnets 4,000 times a day because they can’t hold the weight of the cards and I’m left picking them all up off the floor every time someone opens the fridge. I definitely need to try some of these other ideas!

  18. We tape the majority of ours on our door. I found a really cute card holder at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago. It is a long string that goes across a wall with little knitted mittens and stockings on it. It has miniature clothpins in between them. That only holds 13 cards, though. I try to hang the really special ones on it.

  19. We tape them to the door too! That’s what my mom did, so that’s what I do.

  20. I put up a blue ropish/ribbon thing and put them on using clothespins

  21. Heather Wawa says:

    If you send us a Christmas card, you get hung on our “Wall-o cards” with poster putty. LOVE it!

  22. Heather Wawa says:

    So many of you use tape! Tape always wrecks my walls – use poster putty from the office/stationary aisle of WalMart or Target.

  23. Love the Christmas card idea! Mine were on a shelf while I waited for the perfect, beautiful way to display them….which never happened. So, when I saw this I grabbed my tape and put them on the french doors in my kitchen. Gorgeous. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I watched the Christmas Flash Mob on your blog a few weeks ago. I was so moved that I showed it to just about everyone I know. My husband showed it to all the nurses he works with in the surgical ICU. Everyone loved it! My husband then texted the link to our minister and he played it to our church yesterday to close out our services! Bristol Road Church of Christ in Flint, Michigan played that thanks to you :) It was AWESOME!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!