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Company Christmas Party

This time last year, my husband was trying his best to recover from the unexpected layoff that shocked us all earlier in the year.

He did yard work, roofing work, and cleaned out abandoned rental properties. Anything to get the bills paid. That's when, out of the blue, an old friend, who we hadn't seen in 20 years contacted me on Facebook to see if Mark might be interested in working in the oilfield.

I told our old friend that he would try anything, but that he had no experience with that kind of work. Well, he was hired on a temporary basis to do hourly work in far away places. He slept in his truck and was gone from home a lot.

He worked very hard and learned the ropes until he was given a permanent position, and then a promotion! He is now a field operations manager for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana!

He has come a long way and God has blessed every step!

That's why we were thrilled to attend his company Christmas party in Denver over the weekend.

I was able to buy a new dress, which y'all helped me pick out, and I got to thank our old friend in person for taking a chance on Mark and helping us get back on our feet.

We are so thankful for all of the blessings that allowed us to attend a party we never imagined last year would be in our future!

*A BIG thank you to Kelly, Ginger, Melissa, and Jennifer for taking care of our kids while we were gone!

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  1. You look beautiful. I would love to see people’s faces when you tell them you are a momma to 8!
    God is good. What a great testimony for Him.
    : )

  2. So happy for you and your family! God always works in mysterious ways. I didn’t realize your hubs was so much taller than you! BTW, you look absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. You looked beautiful! So glad you got to get away!

  4. What a great blessing. They say god gives no more than we can handle. What a great picture as well. We are all truly blessed even when we don’t know it or believe. Thank you for sharing. Glad you are ending the year being truly blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous, AND you picked the dress I liked 😛 Sooooo glad that God has blessed you guys so much after such a hard loss!

  6. Hey Connie!

    You look great! So glad that things have turned out so well for you and your family! See you at Gym Day.

  7. You are beautiful and you and your husband make a very nice looking couple!

    Congratulations on your dinner!

  8. Don’t you look pretty? And I don’t think those shoes make your feet look fat at all! (This is the point where I tremble a little, because what if you’re not the person whose children said her shoes made her feet look fat? I know somebody said that (maybe on Facebook (and how about all these nested parentheses?)) and I’m pretty sure that was you, but if it wasn’t…well, anyway, you’re very pretty, and I’m so glad you guys are doing so well!

  9. You look beautiful…love the dress! So happy for your family.

  10. This is such an encouraging post to me right now. My husband is currently jobless. He is in the 6th stage of an interview process for a job that would require us to move to Tennessee (from Iowa), but it would be a great opportunity for our family to get back on our feet again. I’m hopeful that God has a great job for my husband out there, even if it means moving states away from friends and family.