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Say Yes to Which Dress? {Survey}

And now comes the part in our program when we adjure to the completely superficial topic of what to wear to a party.

I am super excited that my husband's company is flying the two of us to Denver, Colorado for the annual fancy, schmancy Christmas party!

So, since I haven't bought a fancy, schmancy dress in exactly 17 years, I have been window shopping online for a suitable dress to wear to a Christmas party, and I need your help!

I am terrible at making decisions, but I have narrowed my choices down to these top three candidates. I would love to know what you all think, so will you take a few seconds and choose which dress you like best?

This is a satin dress that I think would be festive in red. Like it? (Buy it at Light in the Box.)

This can come in any color, and since I'm so short, I think it should be one color throughout. Maybe silver? And I would totally stand just like this all during the party. (See the color choices here.)

Calm down! I would wear this one with an elegant black sweater I have with 3/4 sleeves, and a silver jewel clasp at the neck. And since I am only 5'2", I think this would come to the knee on me. (See more about it here.)

So... which dress should I get???

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  1. I think the dress with the bow should be right OUT of the running. While it may look cute in the picture- aided by the model’s pose at least as much by the look of the dress itself- I believe that anyone who has ever worn a dress with a bow that LARGE has come to regret it. If nothing else, pictures must be perfectly posed to avoid looking like there’s an abnormal growth from the abdomen. Just please think about that before purchasing that dress. :)

  2. the first dress but leave it in black – black is so elegant and lends itself to re-use for other occasions.

  3. I like dress #2!

  4. Satin dress in black. Red purse if you want to make it festive. You’ll wear a black dress again anytime of year – like next year when hubs company flies you somewhere else. The black dress you could accessorize differently the next year. You might have a hard time rewearing the red dress for say, a summer wedding.

  5. Ivoted for the second dress but after reading the comment about the big bow……I think I lean towards the first dress after all! haha But I totally agree about getting it in black! Black is just so elegant. You could get a really pretty red wrap to go around your shoulders. (It is winter in Colorado you know!)

  6. I picked the silver sequined one because if you wore it with the black sweater I think it would look super elegant and appropriate for winter. Shoot, you could even wear black patent leather or silver sparkly ballet flats instead of wretched heels! : )

  7. I love the first dress ~ but, leave it in black … just get red shoes { very IN these days!!!} and maybe a bracelet that is red and black, no necklace, though! and PLEASE, no red earrings!!! AND, you could wear the black dress again sometime!

    have a wonderful time!!!

  8. I voted for the #1, the satin dress….but I agree with some of the above people about leaving it black. Add a red clutch and red high heels and I think it would look FABULOUS! And then you have a little black dress for many other occasions. Either way I think it will look great….I just tend to think practically. Whatever you decide to do, we want to see a picture! :)

  9. I like the idea of all black too … so classic … but would not wear it sleeveless myself. I really like the two piece dress … it would be pretty with a smaller bow or with a solid color rather than two-tone. I think the neckline and 3/4 length sleeves are very elegant. The spaghetti straps? Definitely not on my old, not so firm arms. You are tiny enough, you may be able to get away with it. =0)

    Enjoy your shopping. I’ve got to shop when I get to the States for a ‘mother’s dress’ for my daughter’s wedding in December.

  10. Keep in mind that it will likely be WICKED cold in Denver! They have tons of snow there at that time of year… Also start reading up on elevation sickness. My hubby’s company had us out there for a similar deal last year and I am so glad they told us ahead of time!

  11. I voted for the first one. I agree that if you leave it in black, it could be re-worn more easily. That said, I think it would be beautiful in red, too. I picked it because I think that style is flattering on many body types. My second choice would be the third…just not feelin’ the bow on the second. :) I’m sure you’ll look beautiful in whatever you pick!

  12. The first one, but in black, not red 😀

  13. Lee Green says:

    Full skirted dresses look best on a taller person. If you’re only 5’2″, then a full skirt is likely to “swallow” you visually. Generally, petite women look better in a fitted dress.

    Festive colors:
    gold – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-Knee-lengthElastic-Woven-Satin-Mother-of-the-Bride-Dress_p52017.html

    red – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-Off-the-shoulder-Knee-length-Taffeta-Mother-of-the-Bride-Dress_p52003.html

    a little more spendy red – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-V-neck-Knee-length-Chiffon-Mother-of-the-Bride-Dress_p188896.html

    available in gold or silver (and you could add a taffeta ruffle a la the 80’s which would give it a retro/modern/hip feel) – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-Bateau-Short–Mini-Sequined-Cocktail-Dress_p180141.html

    available in many colors (would look great with or without a sweater) – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-Square-Knee-length-Capped-Elastic-Woven-Satin-Mother-of-the-Bride-Dress_p52008.html

    Non festive colors:
    striking and interesting (and could last a while with the right colors) – http://www.lightinthebox.com/Sheath–Column-V-neck-Short–Mini-Taffeta-Cocktail–Little-Black–Homecoming-Dress-FSH0405-_p106018.html

    A little higher price point:

    • I think at Connie’s age she knows what styles flatter her figure and height. Personally as a short plump women a fitted style makes me looked shorter and rounder. A full skirt with the right waist line looks great on a women of any stature. I especially like the waist line on the first dress.
      And I hate to say this, as I personally love the look of the silver dress I think it is more something my 15 yr old niece would go crazy over, so if your going for classy and elegant then I’d pass on that one. Young, fun, and sassy then go for it.

  14. I also agree with other voters that you should go with #1 but in black. Black is very slimming and flattering. Have a great time in Denver and thanks for all your posts.

  15. Lee Green says:
  16. I say the satin, in red, and when you’re finished with it, send it to your bestie, Amy, in Kansas, so she can wear it to prom this year! :)

  17. The first dress… in BLACK, not red. (You asked! ;o)) It is truly so elegant, and it would be useful for many occasions, so flattering to YOU, and NEVER go out of style! Have fun!!! :o)

  18. Satin dress in black! Have fun with the shoes and bag!

  19. P.S. The black would also look fantastic on Amy!! ;o))

  20. Hey Connie,

    I think the first dress would be perfect, BUT in black. You could get some very cute and very in red shoes. The dress in red would look to matchy matchy for a schmancy party. I know you didnt ask, but wearing your hair up in a messy bun, maybe to the side would look great!!!!!! The bow dress would probably overwhelm your small cute frame:)
    You wouldn’t have to worry about a necklace with that detailed neckline. This is so much fun, thanks for involving us!!!!!!!

  21. The 1st in black instead of red is the best of the choices you selected. I personally think going with something with a simplier neckline and less fullness to the skirt would be a better option that would also give you plenty of use down the road.

  22. The first dress in black.

  23. I’m torn between the black and the silver. Great points, though, about the fact that you’d be more likely to be able to wear the black one again.

  24. The first one in black is my vote. I almost want to buy it myself, as I have half been wanting a black dress to wow my husband with that won’t make me a fairly conservative dresser too uncomfortable. That dress may be it.

  25. I say go for the satin dress and leave it black! You can then accessorize with red accessories! It is such a beautiful dress!!!

  26. Jessica Reck says:

    The satin dress is black- Although my six year old votes for the silver sequin dress!! I agree that that satin dress will be fancy enough and christmas-y if you wear red accessories, and it will serve you well later on when you need a black dress for another occasion!

  27. RED SATIN–I’m sorry to disagree with all commentators, but for me, Christmas is a great celebration–I wouldn’t mind sticking out in the crowd in shiny red!! (I actually wore a red sequin dress to the last company Christmas dinner. ) Black formal is typical and it probably would blend in at a fancy party—but this is Christmas :)

    I’m sure you could wear the red again–even if it’s just for a fancy night out with hubby. There’s something about a red dress LOL. However, I’m dark haired, and black makes me look like a pale vampire, so red fits my complexion much better. You may want to try on the different colors and see which one fits your complexion better.

  28. Number 1 in black. Accessorize with red or silver for Christmas but you would still have the black dress for other occasions.

  29. Jeri @ Texas Piglets says:

    The bow dress is not for us moms…reminds me of my prom dress in 1988 but my bow was on the back. And I agree with so many of these POVs about the satin dress needing to be in black. I am not a black fan and personally think black looks horrid against my skin. But you are cute! Red lipstick, shoes, purse, BRING IT! Solid red can wash people out.
    And the silver dress, while cute, makes me think of Madonna in the bust area. :o) Very cute though. Maybe the black dress in silver even.
    Just say NO to the BOW!
    Ok, wait, can the bow dress be tied anyway? If so, instead of making a bow, you could double wrap it around your waist and just knot it. The top is cute. But definitely don’t do the Madonna silver one.

  30. The first dress, but leave it in black. Accessorize in RED. Red purse, Red pumps, Red earrings, Red bracelet, maybe a Red flower in your hair – Just make sure all the REDS match!!!

  31. You really need to try dresses on! Is there nowhere near you that has a good selection of formal dresses? Maybe you have the shape that most companies design their clothes to but I know I don’t. My purportions have changed much since becoming a child bearing mother. I’m naturally very skinny but there is still a difference in the hip and bust area. Everytime I go shopping I go into the dressing room with a lot if things and very few will work. Then again, my husband and I are very particular about things fitting properly. Since the likelyhood that any one dress I admire on the rack will actually fit me being very low I have no confidence in online shopping.

    I will say this. No matter how you accessorize that last silver dress it will still look like you’re borrowing a teenaged daughters dress. It’s a very young style.

  32. Michele H. says:

    ” ” Debbie! You NEED that dress! :-)

  33. I voted for #1, but I disagree with all the comments saying leave it in black. That *might* just be because I look better in navy or red than in black. But I think you should go with your instincts and get red! As long as you know it looks good on you.

  34. You might also try looking at shabbyapple.com or modcloth.com for dresses, too.

  35. I agree with lissa- never wear that big of a bow. You will regret it.

  36. I voted for the satin dress. I agree with so many others…leave it black and accessorize in RED! How fun and festive!!

  37. Yea, satin in black is practical and classic, really pretty! Accessorize with small amounts of green or red. But satin in red would be pretty and festive and with black or diamond accessories would still look classy. Stay AWAY from the bow! Also, Shabby Apple has great dresses and you might find one with sleeves if you’re afraid of being cold.

  38. The satin dress in black. Make it festive with accessories, like the others are saying.

    I saw another person saying it will be frigid here in Denver in December. I live in Denver and can tell you it won’t be THAT cold. Yes, bring pants or long skirts, some long sleeve shirts (you are from Texas, after all ;)) and a jacket, but there’s no need to go packing like you’re going to Alaska for the winter. We moved here from Southern California a couple of years ago so its not like my blood was born & raised in cold weather climates either LOL Check the weather as the party approaches but don’t be scared that you’re going to be miserably cold :) Also, in regards to the elevation: drink lots of water & don’t run any marathons & you should be fine. No need to stress over that either. Have a good time & enjoy beautiful Colorado!

  39. the first one in black I say :) Have fun!!

  40. I prefer the first one, but in black. I love red, but I think this dress in all red might come across looking “bridesmaid-sy”. I agree with some of the above comments that suggested the dress in black, but with awesome red heels and a red clutch or bracelet.

  41. I LOVE the 1st dress in black OR red – although black would be my first choice. You’d need to be at least 5’10” to pull off the second dress. Third dress you’d probably never wear again.

    Also, if you order from Light in the Box, order quickly. They are known for their really, really long shipping times.

    Have fun!

  42. Only the red satin dress would be appropriate! The silver dress would be great for a 20 yr. old, and the bow dress is just ugly and odd for anyone!

  43. The style of the first dress is so fabulous, get it in black AND red! 😀 Seriously, the design looks to be so very flattering, go with the color that makes your heart sing for this fancy event & the color that’s going to keep your husband’s eyes on you & you alone (not that they wouldn’t be there anyway, but you know what I mean – yes?) all night long. I do like the idea of the black with a red wrap &/or red shoes &/or red clutch &/or red “sparkling” jewelry very much, but then I adore black dresses for formal occasions. Red is an amazing color & with your spicy personality, I think you’d pull it off beautifully. The other dresses are very pretty & I like their uniqueness, but to me they lack the same classy style that the black (or red) one has. What an exciting trip to look forward to. I pray it will exceed all your expectations. Denver will never be the same! 😉

  44. Mischelle says:

    I agree with the others that said the first dress in black. I like the silver sequined dress, but probably not a wise choice for December in Denver

  45. The satin dress in Black. Very classy and you could add colors with your accessories.

  46. Lisa Beth W. says:

    No question–it HAS to be the top dress, either in red or black. That one just has classy (and classic) written all over it. I doubt you would be looking back at the pictures twenty years down the road and going, “WHAT was I THINKING?!” :) The other ones, not so much.

  47. Satin, and YES to the red! Don’t go with what’s “practical and reuseable”, go with what you instinctively love–because you’ll find that so much more “re-wearable” than something you buy because “everyone needs a little black dress.” I hate that advice. Everyone needs a good basic dress in a color that makes them feel fantastic.

    • Also (because apparently I forgot to mention this): based on your “about me” picture and that video up there, you would look really pretty in red, and you would look regular pretty in black. Really pretty is better than regular pretty any day. :)

  48. I say stick witb red. If you dont go to formal things very often then you dont need to worry about versatility so just have fun.

  49. I voted for the first dress but I would keep it black. Have fun at the party.

  50. I think you should get the silver sequin dress – think of how much fun your little girls would have playing with that one after the party! But if you won’t let them do that, then get the first one in black w/ red accessories or in red if you really love it. The black one is the most practical, and you know us homeschool moms are all about practical! (Right?)