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Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him

You may have seen this before, but it is definitely worth watching at least once a year.

If this doesn't bring you to your knees, or at least bring you to tears, you might want to check your pulse.

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  1. Thank you Lord!

  2. That was beautiful!! I said I wasn’t going to cry…pass the tissues! Loved it!

  3. Janet Kiessling says:

    (tears)……..Beautiful!.& Inspiring! A frind of mine up in Washington, her kids took part in one of those ( I will call it a flashmob of Christmas carols?) …..they said it was so amazing & fun! To stop people like that & have everybody sing together! But the ending of this one……..ok, that is so POWERFUL! Thank you, Connie for this post – gonna show the kids!
    Have a blessed day! Janet

  4. I was a rock until she broke into “O Holy Night.” Then, all the kids gathered around to watch Mama lose it again. Powerful. Do you know where that was, and what group that was?

    • You were not alone, Inga, right down to the kids gathered around to watch Mama lose it again. :) “O Holy Night” did me in.

      Thanks, Connie. Always enjoy the flashmob videos & this one is exceptional.

  5. I saw this video last year and thought it was so awesome. Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Thank you for posting this and all your parenting advise. I really love your blog.

  7. How can anyone watch that and not cry? I’m a wreck! :)
    So amazing to see people worship in a public place like a mall, and right next to Santa, no less! Boy, they sure upstaged him! Beautiful.