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Large Families Keep Up With Technology

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are discussing how large families keep up with technology.

The actual title on the 4 Moms spreadsheet was "helping kids keep up with technology", and I'm all... kids need help keeping up with technology?

Because I read an article just this week about some kids in an illiterate village in Ethiopia hacking a computer in only 5 months with no instruction whatsoever.

Doesn't it seem like there is something about kids and computers? They seem to be able to make gadgets do things without anyone telling them how to do it! My 4 year old can navigate to several different preschool computer sites and play the matching and counting games on them, even though I have never shown her how to do those things. She figured it out by watching her sister do it.

When I first got my iPhone, I would hand it to my teenage daughter and say, "Make it do the thing that does the thing," and she would hand it back to me a few seconds later with some new function ... functioning.

I have had it now for a little over a year, and just now figured out how to forward a contact's information to another contact. Guess who showed me how? That's right. My teenager!

So, the way I keep up with technology is mainly by looking over my kids' shoulders and saying, "Ohhhh... THAT'S how you do that!"

The way my kids keep up with technology is by osmosis, I'm guessing. Either that or they can communicate with computers through their fingertips.

Be sure to see how 3 other large family moms help their kids keep up with technology, too.

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  1. You are so right! Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and I wanted to post a picture on facebook. I had no clue how to scan it and get it to FB, but our 11 year old did it in a matter of minutes. He also does power points, and no one has ever shown him how!

  2. Kids have an innate ability to pick up on technology so much faster than we adults seem to. It’s the same with languages! My 5 yo can pick up on her Spanish lessons MUCH faster than I can. That being said, (and this is my opinion only, I’m NOT being snarky) we as parents MUST be responsible and learn technologies with our kids. We got an iPad early this year. My kids, 2-14, figured the thing out SUPER fast and kept trying to do things on it. Hubs and I had to learn fast so we could stay ahead of them. B/c with any new technology comes another open door for things to sneak in our houses. I will also admit to being stumped a time or two and having my 14 yo fix something on my phone, but then I make him show ME how to do it immediately. As parents we MUST learn to help safeguard our children’s minds and hearts.

    Okay, that was my 2 cents worth. :o) I promise I’m not being ugly, it’s just an area that is close to my heart b/c I’ve seen the damage that can be done where parents don’t keep up with technology and let their kids play with it. One of my nephews got into some pretty scary things.


  3. Would you list some of the websites your little kids (4 year old) like to play games on?

    And does anybody know some good games a 2 year old can manage (on the computer 😉 )


  4. In May, my parents blessed me with an iPad. I’ve used it some since then, but never really understood it. Yesterday, I attended an iPad for Business class. We were there three hours (one hour overtime), yet it went by so fast! I learned more in that three hours than in the whole 6 months prior. I can actually USE it now for anything. Last night, the only thing I used my laptop for was to print something from my non-WiFi printer. But, with the correct adapter, I won’t even need the laptop for that. AWESOME!!!!!!!