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How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you responsible for cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year?

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or you are a seasoned holiday entertainer, be sure to check my "Thanksgiving Dinner for Beginners" list where I tell you everything I have learned about managing the Thanksgiving holiday.

And you'll definitely want to see my recipe for the "Most Delicious Turkey Ever". Really. People call it that. I'm not kidding. Go. Cook it. You'll thank me.

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  1. C & I were discussing our turkey last night. He wants to brine it again like we did a few years ago. I used your recipe to do this. It is super yummy! The only change we are making this year is that we are smoking our turkey. If I don’t see you Sunday, I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. I went back and read your turkey post. Two things: Does the extra water in the bottom mess up the drippings for gravy? Gravy is very important to me. Also, I thought it was hilarious that you gave your wonderful recipe and then somebody in the comments decided that that was the perfect time to tell you how to make a turkey. Get your own blog, lady! 😉

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Thing 1: I think it would mess up the gravy, but I never make the gravy from the turkey drippings, so I don’t know. On the other hand, most of the water does evaporate by the time it is done, so… it *might* work. ???

      Thing 2: Hahahahaha!

  3. I just wanted to share our secret technique for thawing the turkey when it’s still rock hard the night before Thanksgiving 😉 Put it on a rack in the garage, and turn a fan on it. No heat required, it will stay cool and be 98% thawed by morning.
    Think I’m going to try your recipe this year, it sounds so good!

  4. Okay Smockity… I’m trusting you for my first turkey ever! I’m a bit scared, but excited all at the same time.