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Birthday Countdown Chain

Our Emelyn has been asking every day recently if today is her birthday. You see, she is turning 5 years old soon, in a little over a month, and that means it is her year to have a big "friends" birthday party.

She is very concerned that she will not know when the big day gets here, so we made this birthday countdown chain together.

Here are the materials you will need to make your own birthday countdown chain:

  • Craft paper or wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

I just used the width of a ruler and traced lines so I could cut long strips.

Then, I folded each strip into fourths and marked the folds so Emelyn could cut those herself.

After she got them all cut, I handed her strips of tape and showed her how to tape the pieces in links to form a chain.

We made sure there were the same number of links as days left until her birthday. This gave us lots of opportunities for counting forward and backward.

We hung the chain in a doorway, and each morning when Emelyn wakes up, she removes one link from the end of the chain. Boy, is she excited to see each day that the time is shorter until her birthday!

This half hour activity allowed her to practice cutting, taping, and counting without a worksheet or preschool curriculum in sight.

If you have a preschool child with a birthday coming up, this birthday countdown chain is an excellent way to practice skills and let them participate in the excitement leading up to the big day!

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  1. great idea..my son’s 5th birthday is coming up next month and i might just have to do this with him.

  2. I just read Emelyn’s birth story. It really is amazing how different each labor and delivery can be. She certainly was worth all the work and hard laboring. I love her birthday count-down necklace. In fact, I have a birthday coming up just after Thanksgiving….I’m thinking of making myself one so my family remembers. I don’t think a almost 63 year old would look funny wearing one, do you? It will be fun to see pictures of her party

  3. Cute idea! I should make a countdown chain for my 6 year old EVERY day that counts the number of hours until Daddy comes home – his most common question next to, “what are we doing tomorrow?” :)


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