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4 Moms Answer Questions About Christmas

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The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are answering questions, and this week my questions focus on Christmas.

Most of us are in the midst of preparing for the biggest gift giving/party throwing season of the year. It can get downright crazy stressful if we let it.

Here are some practical answers as to how large family moms pull off Christmas each year.

How do you handle Santa at your house?

Our kids know that Santa is a fun story to pretend, but that the gifts really come from Mommy and Daddy. We have also told them that they should make sure to pretend right along with their friends and not to spoil the fun for the ones who don't know Santa isn't real.

What Christmas traditions does your family have?

Every year, the kids and I make this cheese ball igloo with olive penguins. (See step by step instructions when you click the link.)

We also invite friends over for a gingerbread house decorating party each December.

I make everyone Christmas pajamas.

Our "elf on the shelf" hides in various places each night while the kids sleep.

And we make chocolate cherry mice.

We love our Christmas traditions!

How do you measure out the ingredients for the homemade lotion bars you make for Christmas gifts?

Make sure you buy the beeswax in pellet form, not the bar like pictured in the link above. I had to hack and saw at that beeswax bar to cut off what I imagined would be one cup. After I ordered the pellets the next time around, it was SO much easier to measure out one cup!

By the way, these make fabulous Christmas gifts!

How many gifts do each of your children get?

We usually stick to one gift from "Santa" that is unwrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning, and one gift from Mom and Dad that is unwrapped after all the squealing subsides from what "Santa" left. Brother and sisters also give each other gifts they make or buy with their own money. There is a lot of knitting, sewing, hot gluing, and beading going on right now!

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