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FREE Holiday Labels

Are you thinking about Christmas cards yet? One year I had the bright idea to try this "kids in a circle around a flower baby" photo for our Christmas card, but I didn't use it because it never turned out as cute in real life as it did in my head.

At least it turned out better than the Christmas card the one year when everyone was in church clothes except that kid in the back wearing pajamas.

This year, I was determined to get a head start on Christmas cards, so I have been gathering some cute ideas for photo poses,and I just saw that Vistaprint is offering 140 FREE labels!

Perfect for Christmas card mailings or even gift tags! There are lots of styles to choose from, so don't miss out on this free offer!

This offer expires on Wednesday, so hurry and order your free labels now! You'll be charged for shipping, which will be $3.50 if you choose the "standard shipping" option.

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  1. One year that I made my own Christmas photo cards one year, I couldn’t get all the kids to smile at the same time. So, I had each one wear a snow hat and smile….cut each head out, and made a collage on a Christmas green background and sent it to all our families and friends…..

    Well, my mom said it was a very strange Christmas card with all the floating heads! She thought it looked scary!

    Last year, we had a baby just before Dec., so my mom took a picture of us all sitting in front of the Christmas tree…it came out quite dark, and we could not leave the lights on because the camera was making us blurry and focusing on the tree lights!

    This year, our eldest has left home, and I don’t know if I’m going to do a family card….I don’t know how to get everyone in the same place at the same time! We do like using Sears Portrait studio during the years that we have extra money. (We’ve done that twice, and it’s amazing how well the photographer gets all the children to smile at the same time!)

    I guess we’ll wait and see what happens :)

    • Jenni Dill says:

      My Aunt and Uncle always manage to get all of their three (grown and spread out across the country) kids (and their families) into one Christmas card, by doing a collage type card from Walmart or Walgreens, or a place like that, where you can use multiple pictures in one card! It always turns out great! They usually have one picture of the two of them, and then one for each of the three kids and their families, and still have plenty of room for a personal message or Bible verse of some kind!

  2. At least you get pictures done every year!! :)

    We always want to but never get around to it. I always get overwhelmed by trying to coordinate clothing.