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Fall Fun

Don't you just love this time of year, when the cooler weather brings a changing of the leaves and a lot less sweat?

Here is a DIY kid-made fall centerpiece we did one year that was a lot of fun.

This year, I think I will try it with pumpkins and tissue paper. I loved the gold spray painted acorns, and even put them in a big vase and kept them on my dining room table for weeks!

Be sure to see my list of 7 kid friendly fall crafts. I can't be the only one who lets my kids make the decorations, can I???

For more fall fun, our family is looking forward to attending a "Harvest Festival" with our homeschool group! There will even be prizes awarded to the best "Biblical costume".

I'm guessing all manner of animals, angels, and even cracked rocks are eligible for a Biblical costume, right?

So... if you had a 15 year old son who was planning to go as King Eglon, how would you go about making a costume with a sword sticking out of a fat belly? WHAT?! It's in there, people!

Also, I would love any awesome ideas you have for Biblical costumes. We may or may not know a certain family who is very competitive and is planning on sweeping every age category.

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  1. That is one of my favorite stories, lol. I love the part where basically, in order to get away, he tells the guards that the king is in the bathroom and that allows him enough time to get away. Sometimes, things in the bible do make me laugh. :) I love that your son picked such an interesting character/story in the bible. It will be a good chance to explain some bible stories to others. :)

    Since the kings fat basically swallowed the sword, you could do just a stuffed pillow under the tunic. Then have just a foil covered cardboard sword handle sticking out.

  2. You could make a fat suit ehow offers a decent tutorial (http://www.ehow.com/how_7762127_make-fat-tummy-costume.html) you could add the sword by affixing it to the middle of the fat suit and have it sticking out of the top layer. My idea would be to create your own sword out of cardboard layers glued together, laving the blade and tip of the sword that are supposed to be in the belly unglued so you can spread them out inside the fat suit (the same idea as a brad). Good luck! What a fantastic idea!!

  3. King Eglon. Hilarious. Only a teenaged boy. :)

  4. How about a Lazarus mummy?

  5. If you wanted to win Smockity-lady, you should not have posted your best ideas online! (Deviously ominous tone) Wa wa wa…..