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Christmas Boxes to Mexico {Giving Project for Kids}

Photo credit: The Lockwoods

Would your children enjoy seeing the look on the face of a child in Mexico whose only Christmas gift was a box of treasures from THEM?

Do you remember my friends, Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood, the missionaries in Mexico who have 12 children and came to stay with us? They deliver Christmas boxes every year to the neighborhood children in their town.

The number of children who get to receive a box depends on how many boxes Daniel and Jaynee can put together or get donated from generous friends.

One year my family participated in the Christmas Box Project and they were so thrilled when they saw the pictures posted of the children receiving their boxes with such joy!

We are exciting about participating again this year, too!

If you would like to help the Lockwoods put Christmas gifts into the hands of boys and girls who may not get a single gift besides yours, follow the instructions below:

  1. Use a box that is approximately the size of a shoe box.
  2. Pack the box with toys, school supplies, toiletries, candy, crayons, coloring books, puzzles, stickers, etc.
  3. Do NOT include chocolate, medicine, or breakables.
  4. If you like you can include a hand drawn picture and note.
  5. Mark the package with "Christmas Box for a Boy" or "Christmas Box for a Girl".

Here are some Spanish phrases to include:

Dios le bendiga– God Bless you.
Jesus te ama– Jesus loves you.
Feliz Navidad– Merry Christmas.
Dios te ama– God loves you.
Estoy orando por ti– I am praying for you.
Con amor de - With love from...


In order for the box to get to the Lockwoods in Mexico in time for a Christmas delivery, the box MUST BY MAILED BY DECEMBER 1. That means you have a whole month to choose tiny treasures and pack some boxes that little boys and girls will delight in!

Mail your boxes to:

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood
Col. Centro
Cd. Insurgentes, BCS
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  1. I find my kids get more involved if they help choose gifts for a child of the same age and gender. My son chooses what he thinks a 7 yr old boy would like, and my daughter chooses items for an 11 year old girl. I try to pack one box to represent each of my children and grandchildren (7 boxes this year!). If you make the commitment to do this annually, it becomes habit to pick up one or two items each time you are at a discount store. By November, you have enough for several boxes!

  2. I am thinking we might try to do one or two (along with our Operation Christmas Child), do you happen to know an appropriate amount for shipping?

    • Hello – We ship internationally some, so I can at least give you a ball park answer:) The post office has flat rate boxes – you will most likely need the medium or large size to ship and those range from about $30-$40 each box. Maybe if you are sending only really light weight things you could do better than the flat rate, but it would most likely be around that range. If you are sending two, if you looked online at the dimensions of the large box (its not super big:) I would call it more a medium myself:)) if you packed really creatively and used cloth bags you might be able to squeeze two in there. Otherwise, the shipping costs would be double,etc. depending on how many you would like to ship. So, its definitely not inexpensive, but we feel its well worth it! Hopefully this will help your family to budget. (Also, a helpful tip if you have not mailed internationally before is that if you pack the box before the post office, make sure that you have a detailed list of all items and their weights as you will need to fill it out for customs – we have had to unpack everything before so better that others learn from our mistakes:))

      • Thank you :) I was thinking it would be spendy, I was just hoping to get a ballpark to know what to save/budget for :) Thank you for the heads up on the customs issue as well.