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A Sad Loss

I'm shocked and so, so sad that the world has lost an amazing woman, a selfless mother, a tireless encourager.

Barbara Curtis, mother of 12, published author, and writer at Mommy Life, died suddenly today after a hemorrhagic stroke.

Barbara was the person who got me started blogging. With encouraging emails from her, on the first day of January 2007, I made my feeble beginning.

I won the "Apron Power" contest on her blog, and she urged me to sell my oilcloth aprons.

She encouraged me all along the way, not only with blogging, getting published, and selling aprons, but with motherhood. She sent me her books and told me I really could do this thing called "large family mothering".

After Barbara had her 8th child, Jonny, who was born with Down Syndrome, she and her husband went on to adopt 3 more boys with Down Syndrome. Barbara knew a thing or two about persevering and doing hard things in order to make the world a better place.

I really will miss Barbara's wisdom and encouragement. She and I didn't see eye to eye on some things, but I so admire the way she was willing to stand up, even if it meant standing alone, for what she believed was right and true and good.

The world has lost an amazing woman.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss – what a precious lady. Thank you for sharing this w/ us.

  2. I am so sad to hear of her passing. She was an inspiration to so many. Her sudden passing is a painful reminder that we are not guaranteed a certain amount of time here on earth. She did so much for so many communities, most importantly for God’s community though. I pray that I am a fraction of the Believer, wife, mother and friend that she was in this world. I’ll be holding her sweet family in constant prayer. Thank you for sharing how she touched your life.

  3. I remember that apron contest! I was a runner-up! And I still have the apron you sent me! I hadn’t heard about Barbara, so glad you shared this. I am so sad! She was inspiring in her passion and devotion, wasn’t she? Hugs this morning, Friend. Missing her with you…

  4. I saw this post and recognized the name from the book I’m using with my second child to teach phonics, “Mommy, Teach Me To Read”. I already used it with great success with my first. Sad news …

  5. Beautiful words! I, too, was so shocked to hear the news of the stroke. Then shocked again to hear of her passing! We are so sad for the family…and feel the same as you do about her life and her ministry!

    Our homeschool group recently read “Lord, Please Meet me in the Laundry Room”.

    Thank you for sharng!

  6. Amy Hunter says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your friend. I’m lifting you as well as her family up in prayer.

  7. Kim Miller says:

    I found your blog from her blog! She was one of my heros and such a support to me as my husband and I have been going through the adoption process. She will be missed.

  8. Mama Mirage says:

    I’m sorry Connie. *HUGS* I didn’t know who she is. She looks familiar to me but I can’t place her. Unless she was ever a speaker at a women of faith conference? I’ve never been to one but it strikes me that that sweet face was on a brochure for a WOF conference at my church about 12 years ago.

  9. Very sad. I have read 2 of her books. This woman was/is an amazing encouragement to me. I feel terrible for her family, yet joyful that she is with our Lord today.

  10. Michele H. says:

    Connie, I am so sorry to hear about your friend and mentor. I do remember those first days and how you were so blessed by her friendship and Godly wisdom. I am praying for you and her family as they seek comfort and peace.
    What a well lived life!