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4 Moms Discuss Food Preservation

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This week The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are discussing food preservation.

For a large family, finding a big sale on a favorite food is both exciting and challenging.

I usually try to buy enough of the item to feed our family immediately and enough to freeze, can, or store in the pantry without clearing the shelves. I want to leave enough for others to enjoy while thinking of my family's immediate needs and in the days to come.

One option for preserving foods is canning.

In this How to Can Strawberry Jam tutorial, I show step by step photos of the canning process.

You can find canning basics for preserving all kinds of food, which can come in very handy if you have an abundance of garden produce or find a sale on perishable foods.

If you have extra freezer space, another way to preserve food is freezing.


If you know how to flash freeze, you can preserve bananas and other foods, like I did when I made these frozen chocolate banana pops with bananas I found on sale for only $1 a bag. I bought several bags and set to work preserving them before they went bad.

One way NOT to preserve food is to leave a 25 pound bag of flour in the sack it came in so it can get wet and moldy when there is a water leak in the room it is stored in. I definitely need to invest in some large food grade storage containers to put my bulk staple items in.

Do you buy sale items in bulk? Do you have food preservation tips to add? Help us out and leave them in the comments!

And then check out what the rest of my 4 Moms team shares about food preservation:

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  1. If you’re looking for an inexpensive food-grade container for those 25 lb bags of flour/sugar/etc – my local Sam’s Club bakery gets their frostings in large plastic pails. I asked at the bakery and they gave me two of them for free. My huge bags of flour/sugar can go right in there, they seal tight, and are food grade.

  2. Several years ago we bought some 5 gallon buckets from Pleasant Hill Grain – easy to find – but here’s the best thing — they come with screw on lids!!! Yes, incredibly convenient plus they stay sealed tight. So we store flour in there that we buy in bulk, in addition to rice, cornmeal, etc. What a blessing – I can’t believe more places don’t carry this.

    A deep freeze is definitely one of the best purchases you can make for a large family – ours is chock full of a zillion different things that we’ve bought in bulk when we find a good sale. Now if I could just stay organized enough to remember what’s at the bottom of that freezer…. :)

  3. I was actually thinking of approaching a local donut shop and asking for some of their five gallon buckets for my food storage needs. They get fondant and icing in them.