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{GIVEAWAY} The Brinkman Adventures – Exciting Missionary Audio Drama for the Entire Family

I have just discovered an amazing audio drama that my children are IN LOVE with and you have a chance to WIN THIS FOR YOURSELF!

We got these cd's in the mail last week and I have actually had to limit how often my kids listen to them!

The Brinkman Adventures are audio dramas available on cd or for download. Each episode features an exciting adventure of The Brinkman's, a homeschooling, missionary family with seven children.

My kids have LOVED listening to these so much that I have had to schedule a time in the day that I will turn them on so no one will miss out on listening!

Each cd is an hour and 15 minutes packed with adventures like

  • receiving a large sum of money
  • a plane crash
  • dad losing a job
  • a carjacking
  • traveling to New Guinea, Alaska, and the Sudan.

There is even a disclaimer at the beginning of each cd about the drama being "intense" and parental discretion should be used for very young listeners. Of course, this made everyone in my family want to hurry up and listen to find out what the intense situation would be!

Have a listen to one of the episodes for yourself to see how well done these audio adventures are. Your kids are bound to love them as much as mine do! You can even download printable coloring pages to go with the episodes so your kids can color while listening.

The Brinkman Adventures have been broadcast on over 100 radio stations and the creators are currently working on another season of radio broadcasts right now. If you would like to hear them in your area, call your local Christian station today to request they air The Brinkman Adventures.

This inspiring 4 cd set would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift AND I AM GIVING IT AWAY!

Entering to win is easier than ever with the handy dandy Rafflecopter below. There are 4 chances to enter, so what are you waiting for?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This is a compensated review/giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks awesome.

  2. I would love to win these. I have 5 sons, and can imagine the oldest 3 would really enjoy these!

  3. We love listening to CDs in the car. We just finished up the Chronicles of naria for the third time;) Sounds like these would be another great set and expose my kids to the lives of missionaries. Into the Wild sounds like a great one!

  4. So fun!!

  5. My kids love listening to Audio stories. I have been looking for some new ones. These looks great!

  6. My missionkids group at church would LOVE this! So cool!

  7. My son would love these!

  8. I think they would love them all… I’d really like themto hear ‘Into the Wild’… with the theme of love for siblings 😉

  9. My kids would LOVE these!!!!

  10. We are always looking for good audio dramas. I think my children will enjoy “Into the Wild” most. We have some close friends from Papua New Guinea and my children can’t get enough of their jungle stories.

  11. My oldest son loves a good adventure. I think he would really enjoy these!

  12. These cds look awesome! My kids would love all of them, but more specifically anything to do with adventures outside. I love for them to use their imaginations, so these would be great!

  13. Colleen Ladd says:

    They all sound wonderful, but I think my kids would like the Dangerous Waters audio drama the best! Thanks for the chance at these exciting cds!

  14. We love things like this!

  15. Oh ha ha didn’t see we should choose which one our kids would like best…let’s see…Into the Wild I think

  16. These look great! My kids enjoy adventures in odysey and Jonathan Park also.

  17. These look really cool! I am totally gonna call the local radio station like you suggested and request they play this series! (can you tell I am excited!!!)

  18. These would be great for road trips!!

  19. My kiddos love audio adventures. The last set I bought kept them up waaaay past their bedtime.

  20. I think my kids would like any of them.

  21. I would love to win this!

  22. Into the wild would be the one the kids would love.

  23. would love these for my three kiddos… sound like great stories, they find Adventures in Odessey too scary sometimes

  24. I think the children will enjoy Unity Bridge. Sounds like a wonderful series.

  25. I think we would enjoy Unity Bridge, Sudan missions are very special to our family.

  26. Looks fun!

  27. I think my children would love to watch all of them , sounds like a great series, but if I have to pick one it would be Unity Bridge.

  28. I think my kids would really love all of these CD’s!

  29. We’d love the Into the Wild one for sure! This sounds like a real winner for our extra long car ride to church each week!

  30. Virginia Lee says:

    I have heard about these before. They sound wonderful. Thank you for the giveaway.

  31. My kids would love the one about large sums of money! We were just talking about that recently.

  32. Virginia Lee says:

    Oh, forgot to tell you which one: Into the Wild.

  33. “Out of control” looks like a great CD for our family. My husband has been out of work for over three months, Praise the Lord he starts his new job on October 1st :). It’s going to mean an out-of-state move for our family after hubby’s training and these CDs would be a great surprise for the road trip :)! This move should be interesting, last move we made we had two small children…nine years later we have seven :)!

  34. Looks great!

  35. I think we’d enjoy the plane crash story best.

  36. Shelly Foster says:

    LOL as today is my borthday would be great gift :)

  37. What fun ! I don’t know which ones my kids or sibling would like best but I LOVE missionary stories and audio dramas !!

  38. The plane crash sounds really good! What is the youngest age you would recommend this for?

  39. I do not think I have heard of these. We are an audio junkie family so I am sure my crew would enjoy these.

  40. Into the water

  41. Dangerous Waters sounds exciting, they all do though :)

  42. What a great giveaway!

  43. Might as well start with Dangerous Waters

  44. We’re listened to a few of them. Aren’t they awesome? I would love to own a set.

  45. My son would like them all but “In to the Wild” looks like one he would enjoy the most. We love radio drama, it makes for great family time and discussion afterward!

  46. I have heard a lot about these, but do not own any yet. I know that my children would love any of them!

  47. I think we would like all of them!

  48. Betsi Smith says:

    I think that my sister’s 7 children would love these! I think they would find Into The Wild especially fascinating!!

  49. Wow I think we would love these!

  50. “Dangerous Waters” sounds so exciting and fun. I hope I win!!!

  51. we’re always on the lookout for good audio stories to listen to – these sound perfect for our four kiddos, and I think they’d be especially riveted by the plane crash one. fun giveaway! thanks :)

  52. We are huge audio fans. I can’t wait to try these out! Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. I know my boys would love the one about the plane crash!

  54. I think my kids would like Into the Wild the best.

  55. My kids would like any of them, but I think they’d like to start with the first cd – Dangerous Waters.

  56. Always excited to find new resources! What is the youngest age group you would recommend this to?

  57. My daughter was just asking about getting these! How fun!

  58. We would like to hear “Unity Bridge” – how exciting to learn about spiritual gifts for the kingdom! I love, too, reiterating the need to choose God over the world.

  59. My 2 oldest kids listen to audio book/drams every night before they go to bed. It’s a privilege to be able to stay up later than the “little kids.” I’m sure they’d love any of the stories, but “Into the Wild” would especially appeal to them.

  60. Kelly Capener says:

    WOW.. My kids love audio drama and my husband just lost his JOB… would be awesome to win this set!

  61. Kelly Capener says:

    I think OUT of CONTROL would be the one that fits us right now… with my husband losing his job we are all working on trusting GOD… mom with 4 kids 11, 10, 9, and 8

  62. My kids love all adventures and we love audio because we drive a lot.

  63. I’m guessing Dangerous Waters” but they all look great!

  64. These look great! My kids love listening to audio dramas……..esp during the long cold winter months here! All the cds sound great…..dangerous waters….I don’t know they all look exciting!

  65. I think my girls would most enjoy into the wild

  66. My children love these adventures! We’ve listened to them all and would love to win them to share with their missionary cousins.

  67. I think my children would enjoy them all, but especially “Unity Bridge”. Our prayer focus for our missionary class in our homeschool co-op right now is Sudan!

  68. Dangerous waters!

  69. My kids love listening to audio CDs at night.

  70. M Leventhal says:

    These look exciting. Picking just one is hard…I think my kids could relate to the job loss cd as we’ve experienced that a few times over the past coupe of years. Also the one about Sudan since we support an organization there and my husband has made several trips.

  71. Blessed Mama Gill says:

    This is such a great giveaway! We always borrow audio book series from the library and listen before nap time. We are running out of “quality” books on cd though. I think that we would like Dangerous Water, because we like to go through whole series in order. Thanks!

  72. Into the wild would be the one they would like.

  73. I don’t think my kids would be able to choose just one CD as their fav. Probably ‘Dangerous Waters’ would be the first favorite… but the next 3 would the next favorite. We are pretty much love audio drama… and listen to one everyday at least.

  74. These look great! My daughter would enjoy listening these. Thank you.

  75. Rebecca Luke says:

    My children will like out of control.

  76. How can you pick a favorite. I have a church full of children who would be thrilled to have a new audio adventure series to listen to. They love borrowing Jonathan Park from us. :)

    I’d say Dangerous Waters though since it’s the first one. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. My kids love to listen to adventures!

  78. Jennifer Huff says:

    I think my boys would love hearing about people being rescued! We love adventure and how God works in difficult situations.

  79. Jill Van Soelen says:

    I think my daughter will enjoy “Into the Wild” the most. She is an animal lover!

  80. I had heard about these and it has been on my to do list, but I haven’t yet gotten any. They all sound so good! :)

  81. Jennifer H. says:

    These look awesome! I think my son would love to hear all of them, but especially the first one which introduces the family :)

  82. Into the wild sounds interesting, but then they all do! I love missionary stories… :)

  83. All of them sound great!

  84. I think my kids would like the cd about traveling to distant countries most… but they’d love them all!

  85. I think my children would enjoy any of the cds but maybe “Into the Wild” the most. They love learning about other places :)

  86. Would love to win these. They look awesome. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  87. My kids would like the Dangerous Waters one as we just moved to the Oregon Coast!!

  88. This looks great. Please enter us in the giveaway.

  89. These would be great for us to listen too!

  90. My kids would love the plane crash episode!

  91. We would really enjoy listening to these in the car. I think we would really enjoy the “Into the Wild” cd.

  92. These sound like a great adventure series for kids! What a great way to enable them to use their imagination!

  93. Becky Milstead says:

    I think my boys would love all of them but I think they would really enjoy the ones about Papua New Guinea. :-)

  94. This looks awesome!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  95. Into the Wild sounds like something my kids would love to listen to.

  96. Mandy Gehman says:

    I think my kids would like Into the Wild the best. Excited to find out about these – we love audio dramas!

  97. Rebecca Thompson says:

    I think my kids would enjoy “Into the Wild” the most :)

  98. My kids would like the 3rd one, since it includes the dangerous fishing waters of AK, which is where four of their cousins just moved in August!

  99. My kids love “real” stories, and surviving a plane crash (Dangerous Waters) sounds pretty exciting!

  100. So hard to choose just one! I think, though, it would probably be Dangerous Waters

  101. Into The Wild would be the one for us! Thanks!

  102. Jen Shirley says:

    We would love Into The Wild. Thanks!!

  103. Unity Bridge looks interesting!

  104. My daughter is very particular about starting at the beginning of a series of books or movies, so I’m sure she will love Dangerous Waters and then will be hooked enough to devour the rest!

  105. Karibeth Soto says:

    I think my kids would like Into the Wild would be my kids favorite :)

  106. This is for an entry in your CD giveaway: I think my children will enjoy all of the CD’s however all of the adventure in the Into The Wild CD will be Especially enjoyable to them.

  107. I think would be most intrigued by the description of Into the Wild cd! We are always in search of good stories we can listen to as a family on long car trips!

  108. My kids would love listening to Into the Wild (and the others!) on our car trip to see Mimi and Grandpa next month!

  109. Definitely unity bridge-intrigued over the chocolate chicken!

  110. Katherine Nguyen says:

    My kids would love Dangerous Waters!

  111. my children would love any of them. I love radio drama b/c it helps them to use their imagination to picture what is going on.

  112. My children would love these. We have recently got rid of our TV due to the fact that it seems to be such a time waster around our house and there really is not much on that I let my kids watch anyway so we kicked it out and now they love anything they can listen to. They love to listen to stories or books on CD so I know they would love these.

  113. My children LOVE books on tape and I think their favorite would be “Into the wild”. Thanks for the chance. :)

  114. Plane Crash. My kids love planes, and my husband flies RC ones.

  115. My kiddos would probably love the into the wild cd!!!

  116. Unity Bridge would be the one I would pick

  117. Dangerous Waters or Into the Wild! This sounds like a great collection!

  118. How exciting! these sound great for the entire family (not just the kids). :)

  119. I think my children would love listening to Into The Wild.

  120. Connie ~

    What a great giveaway! My children love listening to stories/books on tape…Henty, Johnathan Park, Adventures in Odyssey, etc. Any of the CD’s would be a blessing to receive as they are thrilled to have access to new adventures. Thanks for posting this opportunity!

    BTW…I am doing a giveaway on my blog also ~ the most amazing brush for detangling you can find. Entry is simple with up to 6 chances to win. Just stop by http://smithseasonsoflife.blogspot.com/2012/09/best-detangling-brush-ive-ever-used-and.html and leave a comment to enter/read about how to get more chances to win BEFORE 9/30/12.

    Blessings ~


  121. We listen to audio dramas or books everyday at lunch. My children are even working on recording their own. We are always looking for more examples to give diversity to the influences. Thanks for posting about this!

  122. I think my daughter would want the Dangerous Waters CD the best, just because we downloaded the one free episode of it and I’m sure she’d love to listen to all of it now! Thanks.

  123. Yep, sounds like something my children would adore.

  124. All of these sound great. I think Unity Bridge sounds the best, but my children would pick Dangerous Waters. Thank you for sharing this with us, excellent Christmas idea!

  125. Lisa Beth W. says:

    My kids would pick Dangerous Waters. These sounds interesting!

  126. Sarah Kolacki says:

    These look great! My children love audio books and would really like to hear about traveling to New Guinea, Alaska, and the Sudan!

  127. I think my kiddos would like any of them. But I think the one that would win them over the most would probably the one about traveling all over the world. They love looking places up on the maps and finding out new things about different places.

  128. this looks awesome!!! hubs and i were just looking for something fun to listen to when we drive down to FL!! its a 20 hour trip each way! definitely need something fun and entertaining :-)

  129. oh and they all sound so interesting i dont think i could pick!!

  130. Oh the first one–definately!! We haven’t had tv for over 2 years and I think these would be really enjoyable!

  131. I think my son would really love the dangerous waters one!

  132. Christine Bailey says:

    My kids would love this, and we often take long road trips to visit family, so would love to win!!

  133. Christine Bailey says:

    I think my kids would love Into The Wild the best!

  134. The one about Papua New Guinea – a country they learned about this year during a missions conference

  135. I would LOVE to listen to these! I think my kids would like any of them…they love listening to other stories on CD this would be new and fun!

  136. My children love audio stories, too–they work best and happiest when they are listening to something. Might help save my voice some days! They would probably enjoy the plane crash story most.

  137. Dangerous Waters – to start from the beginning. These sound like great fun!

  138. I think we’d like to hear Unity Bridge about Sudan.

  139. My girls are quite into adventures lately. I think they would love listening to Dangerous Waters.

  140. Shannon p says:

    My kiddos love Odyssey so this would be another fun one to listen to.

  141. My boys would love listening to these! Thank you for a chance to win.

  142. These stories sound like something my children would love! Thanks so much for sharing these! I think mine would enjoy the episode about the plane crash. Scary, but exciting! :)

  143. I think my family would really enjoy these; especially Into the Wild!

  144. Heather T. says:

    Dangerous Waters will thrill my munchkins, I’m sure!


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