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Pinterest Fails

Do y'all love Pinterest as much as I do?

I have gotten so many great ideas, from home organization to crafts for kids to homeschooling, from Pinterest!

If you're like me, though, you have had some Pinterest fails, too. Here are 2 ideas that I tried that weren't so great:

  • Mop your wood floor with tea.

    Supposedly, steeping tea bags and then mopping your wood floor with that makes it Shiny! And Awesome! And Clean! Only... not.

    I tried it and it left my wood floor dingy and dull. Almost as if I had mopped it with ... tea...

  • Whiten your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide.

    I saw on Pinterest that rubbing a Q-tip dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide on your teeth before brushing each day would whiten your teeth as well as those expensive whitening strips.

    Well, I have been diligently rubbing my left front tooth with a soaked Q-tip each day for over a week to see if it makes a difference. Yes, I realize if it worked I would have a left front tooth that was markedly whiter than the rest of my teeth, but I was doing it all for YOU! Taking one for the team!

    Fortunately... or unfortunately... it has made no difference whatsoever. My left front tooth looks just the same as the rest of my teeth.

What about you? Have you had any Pinterest fails? Do share and save the rest of us time and embarrassment!

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  1. Cindy in GA says:

    Well, there was the great picture of a yummy-looking dish that, when you click on it, does not lead to a recipe. Then there was the recipe for slow-cooker sesame chicken that looked a whole lot better on Pinterest than it did in real life. Taste was pretty lifeless to me.

    The cute hair bun where you cut off the bottom of a sock, roll it into a doughnut, and use it to roll you hair up… total fail here too.

  2. I tried a dish that included pasta “tubes”, officially called rigattoni, stacked vertically in a cake tin, where you had to stuff the meat and tomato sauce into the tubes. Well, it just didn’t go in at all. Tried it twice with different types of pasta, but no success. Plus the liquid in the sauce seeped right through, dripping into the oven.
    To be fair, I have to add one great success – a bathroom cleaner made from vinegar, corn starch and wash-up liquid worked like a charm and got even years-old layers of limestone off my shower doors.

  3. A Hawaiian chicken crock pot recipe that just tasted like high fructose corn syrup. Pretty much any of the crock pot recipes that call for more than one can of “cream of blank” soup- I always end up hating them. Don’t know why I keep trying.

    • Made a wonderful Hawaiian Chicken using 1 bottle of Archer Farms Hawaiian BBQ sauce (has mango, orange and pineapple in it) and 1 can pineapple tidbits. You can shred the chicken (like pulled pork) or serve whole with sauce on top. I will warn that the Archer Farms Hawaiian BBQ sauce is spicy. My latest batch was made using 1 bottle Jack Daniels No 7 BBQ sauce and 1 can crushed pineapple undrained. It had a smokey sweet taste to it. Both were big hits with everyone who tried it.

  4. Some of my Twitter pals have been doing a Pinterest Challenge once a month and blogging about the results. I did the Magic Eraser in the Toilet experiment that is all over the place. Result? http://notinadequate.com/2012/07/27/the-great-pinterest-challenge/

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I forgot about that Magic Eraser one! I fell for that one, too! It resulted in my husband hollering, “WHY is there a piece of foam in the toilet tank?!” (It was making the toilet run because it got in the way of the thingy that … keeps the toilet from running.)

  5. I think the mopping with tea must depend on how your floors are finished because we were renting a house for a while and the landlady insisted that the wood floors be mopped with tea (and then dried by hand with a towel…that part was fun). Anyway, our floors did look great after I mopped with tea. Much shinier and richer looking. Sorry it didn’t work out for you!

    As for a Pinterest fail, I tried a Hawaiian chicken crock pot recipe that was barely edible. WAY too much soy sauce!

  6. I have had great success with almost all my Pinterest trys. However, I mostly do baked goods. :-) It’s hard to mess those up. I did try the dehydrated strawberries in the over thing and that one did NOT turn out. Oh, and the zucchini chips were a fail. We are trying Pizza bites for supper. Hoping it turns out.

  7. There is a dedicated website to pinterest fails. http://www.pintrocity.com Some stories are hilarious!

  8. The tooth whitening that works for me is HP and Baking Soda.

    My husband laughs every time he hears “i know what I’m doing i saw it on pinterest”. I have had many successes, and many disasters

  9. I too have had a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and some fails.

    My fails:
    The glowing mountain dew bottle
    The egg in vinegar was not nearly as cool as the pinterest post.
    The sock roll for curls.
    The sparkling/shimmer jar with a glow stick.

    Guess if it is too good to be true…

    • The sock bun curls work Great for me, just as good if not better than hot curlers and WAY easier than any curling device. However, I have naturally wavy/curly hair with volume. pregnancy hormones mean I can’t scrunch and run and get beautiful ringlets anymore, so I have loved the sock bun. It really really seems to depend on the hair type and how wet your hair is when you roll/how long you let it dry. Friend with pin straight hair just gets some volume, but she likes that. I have shorter hair now, and find using a headband and rolling the hair around it works best at this length.
      As for fails, so far, a avocado pasta recipe. Blech!! (too much lime and cilantro) The only meal I think I”ve ever made that none of us could stand to finish.

  10. I recently tried the baking soda paste to get a splinter out. No luck here!

    • If you have a splinter and its not too deeply embedded you can try duct tape.It has worked for me for years.My Dad taught me this when I was younger.Just pull off a slightly larger than you would need.Firmly adhere the tape.Wait a couple minutes.Then just grit your teeth and yank the tape off in one motion if possible.Hope this helps.

  11. I’ve had a couple of fails so far…for fly traps.


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