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Large Family Gift Guide

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are getting a head start on thinking about Christmas gifts this year. This week, we are sharing our "Large Family Gift Guide".

We like to give group gifts that our children can play with together and that will last. Gifts like that can be played with for years, and at the same time the older children outgrow them, the younger ones come to appreciate them.

That's how it has happened with this Fisher-Price dollhouse. We gave it as a Christmas gift to "the little girls". They have all played with it, and the baby, who wasn't even born at that time, now enjoys it too!

This wooden train set is another gift that has lasted for years. Ours is 13 years old, and has been played with for hundreds of hours by all 8 of our children.

A play kitchen is another group gift idea. We had one at one time, but it didn't make the move from one town to another. Our girls really enjoyed the one we had.

Last year, we gave this Moody Science video collection as a group gift, and the whole family has enjoyed those.

Find our what the rest of my 4 Moms team recommends for a "Large Family Gift Guide".

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  1. We’re a family of soon to be 4 kids (not necessarily considered a large family). We do a few shared gifts- a bath basket, a movie basket. We do a lot of crafts, puzzles and building kits. We’re adding the the kitchen set with more food. I always make a few gifts. My 10 year old actually asked that her large gift be a new bedding set- it seems old lady flowers dont suit her sensibilities but she realizes its a big purchase so she chose Christmas to get it-I am compiling supplies to make her a room accessories kit (throw pillows, wall accents and such that she can make herself) as a she loves crafting. I think the creative approach to gift giving works best. The kids like when things are truly tailored to their interests

    • “kids like when things are truly tailored to their interests” Not just kids! :) I love giving and getting thoughtful gifts. When you can tell the giver actually knows and cares what you like, it makes it so special.

  2. Virginia Roesell says:

    We don’t have a large family, only 2 special needs girls, but we also met late in life. I like your site, anyway!

    God bless!

  3. Looks like a play kitchen should make a new appearance THIS Christmas!