What's the big deal about Young Living

If You Give a Boy a Drill…

and a pile of scrap lumber...

he will spend all day outdoors with his friends building stuff.

These boys used a skill saw, a measuring tape, the drill and scrap lumber, and a few screws, and came up with a nifty new nest box for our hen house!

Then, they took this book, The Art of the Catapult, out with them and worked on making a "ballista", which is "an ancient military siege engine in the form of a crossbow". (I'm a little nervous to know what kind of siege they are preparing for...)

They worked until it was too dark to see.

My son has thoroughly enjoyed The Art of the Catapult and has often referred to it to build many contraptions. Backyard Ballistics is another book that he has spent many hours reading and using to build awesome weapons. Check out the potato cannon he built!

If you have a boy, both of these books would make excellent gifts! These were Christmas gifts 5 YEARS ago, and they are still well loved and used!

And since I mentioned power tools, I would like to hear from you.  At what age do you allow your children to use power tools?

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  1. My kids have been using power tools since about 3-4th grade. (with supervision when it comes to the saws!)

  2. My son has used an electric drill and a hand saw to build himself a tree house with the neighbor boy’s help… no power saw yet. He helped me build a bee hive with the skill saw, and has watched his dad a lot, but hasn’t used it yet. He’s almost 11. I guess he’s also used a nail gun with dad.
    Thanks for the book suggestions! I think he’d love them, and would be motivational to reading more!

  3. This summer my husband and I built a chicken coop. We allowed our 7 year old son to help with the drills and he was also up on the roof with me, pounding in the shingle nails. I don’t feel he’s quite old enough yet to use the saws, but I’m definitely going to look into those books. Looks like fun, and we have plenty of scrap wood left over for him to use his imagination!

  4. Our 15 year old uses all sorts of hubby’s power tools. He uses hubby’s power sander a lot! He sands wood for me for my signs for my etsy shop. He is also very capable of using the power saws, but I make hubby go out and supervise. Those saws make me nervous! As for drills and screw guns…he’s a pro! Our 10 year old is still learning with hubby’s help. We have Backyard Balistics! I’ll have to have them pick out a project and make sure we have all the goodies for them to build it with! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  5. As for giving a kid a power tool, I think I wouldn’t go by age but by the kid. I know that Princess Belle is careless and wouldn’t be safe with a power tool, but other kids her age might be ready.

    I know Prince Charming would love it if Little Prince grows up and brings home The Art of Catapult to build things from. LOL

  6. oooh, a skill saw? Thirty-seven? Does that seem to young?

    A sander or a drill gun, probably anytime after 5.

  7. I started using power tools when I was 14. Drills even earlier. I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting kids use them, so long as they are strong enough to hold them and responsible enough to follow directions and safety protocols.

  8. My brother’s birthday present for his 7th birthday was an axe. My great-aunts freaked out, but my parents had taught him well and he was very comfortable with it by that age.

    I think we were using power saws around 10-12ish or so. After we got a jigsaw, my dad made us each play a song on the piano, then taped back several of our fingers, and made us try to play the song again. Then he told us to be very careful with the tools. It was a good lesson!