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If It’s Not Chickens, It’s Feathers!

Does anyone else remember Ma Ingalls using this expression in one of the Little House books? It means there is always something else going haywire that needs dealing with.

That is how I feel this week!

Our hateful hot water heater decided to try to burn our house down over the weekend. We noticed an electrical burning smell early in the morning and couldn't figure out what it was. Later in the day we smelled it again, and after thorough searching, discovered that the wires on the hot water heater were sparking, the plastic coating had melted away, and the insulation around the wires was smoking!

We promptly disconnected it and arranged to get a new one installed.  Everyone is hoping that will finally happen tomorrow.

I miss hot water.

Our washer, who has always been the jealous type, thought she could top that and sprang a leak. Of course the repairman didn't have the part needed (do they ever???) and it had to be ordered. We are still waiting for that part to arrive and be replaced.

Then my husband went and got a respiratory infection accompanied by a high fever and low O2 saturation over the weekend. Isn't it always over the weekend? So, off to the minor emergency he went, where he was given i.v. medication, lots of prescriptions, and told to get plenty of fluids and rest for the next several days.

Not to be outdone, 17yo Madison, copycat that she is, duplicated the above scenario exactly. Except she was at the minor emergency clinic until 9:00 p.m.

Have you ever had to milk goats after dark, aided only by the light of your cellphone? While thinking about 6 ft. long snakes in the very nearby hen house?

All of that was right before we were told that we have to pack up and move 3 girls out of their bedroom in the space of 2 days because their walls are going to be demolished bright and early on Thursday morning.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get packing without the help of my 2 biggest helpers.

Now we just have figure out where to store 3 girls for a couple of months.

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  1. Oh! I’m so sorry to hear all of that! But, honestly glad to know other people live lives like that! I hope by Friday you are relaxing with a good book and all of this is a distant memory!

  2. Ugh – no, I can honestly say I have never done that… come to think of it I have never milked a goat, much less in the middle of the night by cellphone light….

    I know that must be a pain to have to replace all that wiring, but I had a friend go through the SAME thing (wires burning inside walls), except one afternoon they didn’t make it home in time to catch what was happening and over half the house was burned down. They were displaced from their whole home from 7 months. Crazy….

  3. I can relate, we all have a time like that at some point. When it rains, it pours. Curious to know why your girls are losing their walls though!

    In a few weeks it’ll all be behind you :) One step at a time, and have fun! This is exactly the situation that calls for the term ‘laugh to stop from crying’. Make some memories :)

  4. I’ve often milked a cow by the light of a headlamp! Does that count? One of those nights, a certain 2-year-old spooked the semi-tame cow I was milking and she went berserk, leaping over me and the milk pail, dumping the 2 gallons of milk I had just finished getting and knocking the headlamp off my forehead. I was very thankful to still be alive and able to care for my family after that experience! I’ve never had my washer down at the same time as the hot water heater, but since living here we’ve had several occasions that we had no water in the house at all, let alone hot water. Did you know that you can wash in a front loader by putting water in where the soap is put in?

  5. Having spent an entire summer once without hot water because of one of those chicken feather days, I’m so sorry. It’s just about miserable. A headlamp might help with the milking – we found a $10 Coleman headlamp/lantern set at Big Lots that’s still ticking. It beats a cell phone any day. Plus, it’ll give you a BEAUTIFUL hairdo! Praying your day is profitable and calm!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear all of this. I have to say, after this summer that my family and I have endured, I can definitely relate. Our house burned down June 15th, so we (my husband, myself and our three boys, ages 7, 4 and almost 2) had to move in with my parents across the field. The house we live in sits on a farm (used to be a dairy farm, now a beef cattle farm) and my grandpa built it 50 years ago. We’ve been in my parent’s home now for 13 weeks. 13 looooooong weeks. Add to that the fact that both my husband’s car and my mini van broke down this summer, (we had to replace my precious van that only had 247,000 miles on it!) and you’re right: when it rains, it pours! Look at all those feathers!

  7. Oh.my.goodness. You’ve made my not so good day seem better – by comparison. I’m so sorry that all of that happened/is happening at once. Thanking God that you found the source of the burning smell before your house caught fire. Lifting you in prayer today. :)

  8. omg, when it rains, it pours! the best part of that story is that you discovered the wires BEFORE your house possibly caught on fire..that story could have ended up waay worse, i’m glad no one got hurt!

  9. Praying for you!

  10. Oh boy…what a week! Prayed for you!
    Why are you tearing down walls? Adding on to your house?

  11. We spent three winter months without electricity in an all electric home… we were on a well so No running water we had four kids and the oldest was six she would call her bath an Ice bath LOL we cooked outside camp style. We had a heard of goats and two horeses that we had to haul water for!! It was hard at the time but now it is some of my fondest memories!! We were building our home and the electric company was behind always changing our connect date!!