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How to Be Just Like Me in 17 Easy Steps

  1. Make mistakes.
  2. Say you're sorry.
  3. Have a messy bedroom.
  4. Be ready to tackle any guest who tries to go in there.
  5. Schedule more in one day than you can possibly get done.
  6. Say you won't do it again.
  7. Do it again.
  8. Say, "God sure knows how to color!" every time you point out rainbows to your children.
  9. Roll your eyes at inappropriate times.
  10. Tell yourself it's never appropriate for a 46 year old to roll her eyes.
  11. Make a fool of yourself on video.
  12. Publish it on the world wide internet.
  13. Be sarcastic when your people need you to be genuine.
  14. Apologize.
  15. Talk too much.
  16. Sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" year round.
  17. Repeat steps 1-16 regularly.
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  1. Michaeleen from JoshEWEa's Garden says:

    We’re practically twins! :)
    Except everytime I see a beautiful moon I tell my kids, “the same moom shined on Jesus!”

  2. I LOVE that video… I remember watching it when you first published it. You most certainly did NOT make a fool of yourself!

    I love your whit and charm. I grew up CofC and my brother married a Texan so that may have a lot to do with it. ;D <3

  3. I LOVE this list. (and it is SO refreshing to know that I’m NOT the only one with a messy bedroom….that would absolutely tackle anyone that does not live in our house that tried to enter said messy room!)

    I find myself repeating many of your steps….I guess I could *almost* be like you. =D

  4. You just make me happy. :)

  5. I’m with you on the messy bedroom and the tackling!

  6. I am already my own version of you. :) But it’s that whole repeat of the right stuff (saying sorry, trying again) that matters.

  7. I’m almost you already! Whew! Now I don’t have to tackle the 17 steps and just change my constant singing of “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music” to “Go Tell it on the Mountain” and we are twins! Lisa~

  8. I love how open and real you are. Thank you!:-)God has blessed you with a great gift!

  9. I grew up singing “Go Tell It On The Mountains” all year round! I didn’t know other people still sing it, too!! I guess I’m a brunette version of you–except I don’t have the “eye-rolling” but I do have the “foot-in-mouth” disease 😉

  10. Connie, you always make me laugh! And, I’ve been changing diapers for over 11years straight and have never heard of the baby oil trick!
    –Gena at ichoosejoy.org

  11. 12 out of 17! I’m almost there!

  12. Wow, I never knew we where so alike, LOL, just change up the song and we are there!