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Rival CrockPot Lid Problems

I love my Rival CrockPot.

We spend lots of time together. She really is a good friend. She's tried and true. She stays up through the night cooking dinners for me. She's always ready to serve.

But, my Rival CrockPot has one flaw that may very well be the undoing of our friendship. No, it's not that she doesn't appreciate my sarcastic wit.

It's that she can't keep her head in a crisis situation.

This is the second lid I have had for this very same CrockPot. Both handles began to get wobbly and finally came completely detached after I had been using the CrockPot for several hours on the low setting.

Do you know how hard it is to lift a hot CrockPot lid without a handle?

CrockPot, we simply can't go on this way. You've got to change or our friendship is over.

Has anyone else had problems with the Rival CrockPot lid handle coming detached?

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  1. Mine gets gross looking between the handle and the glass, but the handle has never come off. That’s got to be frustrating..and I can just imagine how difficult it was to take the lid off!

  2. Ugh! Mine did that shortly after I purchased it, yet long enough that I couldn’t return it. The same thing happened to my MIL and SIL {within days of mine}. They took a small cabinet knob and screwed it in place of the handle–and it’s been that way for years! Me? Yeah, it’s on my to-do list. :)

  3. Mine did the same thing, and my husband used Gorilla Glue to repair it. It has held for over a year this way.

    You’d think they would get the hint and design a better lid.

  4. Yes! In fact ours fell off and then we lost the piece, so I don’t even have the handle anymore.

  5. Mine did that too. I contacted the company and got a new lid (though I asked for white and got black). But, I totally agree – they need to change something about the lid/handle so that the handles stays on!

  6. Yes, unfortunately I have. I was upset, too, because I could not live without my crockpot! Mine is black and the handle also melted and broke off. When I called them, I was told they didn’t have a replacement part that I could buy. They didn’t offer me any other solution other than buy a new one and they would offer me 25% off. I told them that I wasn’t buying another one with the same design flaw of thin plastic mounted to glass that melts it. They really didn’t seem to care:( My brilliant dad took another knob off of an older appliance and mounted it on there with the existing screw and it is much better! What would we do without dads and crockpots?

  7. You’ve been able to make a library change it’s policies, get Rival to improve their lid! :) I have the “same” Rival crockpot and never had trouble with it. I was wondering if you could JB-Weld the handle in place? (Anyone other than me grow up with JB-Weld? I never hear of or see it, but it is great stuff!)

  8. Every crock pot I’ve ever owned (excluding a 6 qt round one which has an entirely plastic lid) had done the same thing. And I use my crock pot 2-3 times a week as well. They definitely need to improve the design. The most frustrating part for me is a replacement lid is about $20.00 plus shipping! So I’m paying 1/2 the price of a brand new crock pot for just a lid. It’s VERY frustrating…

  9. Mine did the same thing. I bought a new lid off of eBay and, several years later, it’s still great. The new one wasn’t made by Rival. It did, unfortunately, cost me $10 or so. Not buying Rival again!

  10. Brenda S. says:

    The same thing happened to my lid. My husband took a wooden knob, screw and some epoxy and it is as good as new.
    Have you ever heard of the “crock” cracking? My oval crockpot crock has a horizontal crack in the bottom and the juices all leak out and burn in the pot. I haven’t known what to do…

    • Mischelle says:

      I have the same problem with mine! I love my crockpot, but when that little itty bitty hairline crack shows up I know it won’t be long before I have to start looking for a replacement :-(

      • I use those slowcooker bags in my crockpot because it is cracked. It keeps the juices where they belong and I don’t have to buy a new one. I know it’s costly but with a coupon I get boxes all the time for free or pennies. I also only use my crockpot a few times a month. I’ve never found another that I like enough to purchase to replace this one so I plan to keep using it this way until I do.

    • My handle and lid have been fine but when my crock cracked I just bought a new one. It was sad because I had a deluxe model with a timer, now I have the basic. My crock pot and I go thru seasons, I use it like crazy in the cool months and not as much as I should when it is hot.

    • This usually occurs from the crockpot being to hot and then cooling rapidly. Example: you put something really cold in it after it had heated, or it was done cooking, hadn’t cooled yet and was stuck in the sink (I’ve done it). You can buy a replacement crock. But it’s not always worth it. I’m in the market for a lid handle, as mine has melted off and I’m tired of prying the lid off with the edge of a utensil. But I think I’m going to try someone else’s idea of using a cupboard knob or drawer knob instead. ;0)

  11. Natalie M says:

    I haven’t had any trouble with the lid, but my crock has a whole bunch of cracks in the bottom. I got it for Christmas and have only used it a handful of times. Needless to say, I’m out of a crock pot right now. Very disappointed as my previous one lasted what seemed like forever.

  12. I haven’t had knob failure, but I got a GE crockpot for christmas last year that has a metal “crock” with “nonstick” coating. sigh. Of course the nonstick coating scratched on the first use even with plastic utenzils. It has gotten more scratched since then, as well. I hope to get another crock pot with a “normal crock” and then just the metal one for making yogurt! :)

  13. YES! That totally happened! After it happened the second time, I gave up. My loving hubby gave me a new one for Valentines Day, a different brand, and in BRIGHT RED! :) You know you’re getting older when a new crockpot is deemed an exciting Valentines Day gift! I turned it into a poem “Ode To My New Crock Pot”.
    Hey, its the little things! :)

  14. My crock pot with an all plastic lid had the handle fall completely off. Crock pot said there were no replacements and did the same thing to me as a previous commenter- I could buy a new one for 25% off. No thanks. I found a glass lid from a frying pan at a yard sale (just the lid) and it fits perfect and works great! My crock pot is round so I realize that won’t work for everyone.

  15. Yep, it’s happened to a couple of mine! My husband attached a wooden knob too. And @Brenda – yes, I’ve had several crocks crack. I always have at least 2 crockpots on hand, so I use the cracked one for dry things like baked potatoes. I wouldn’t recommend cooking liquids or messy stuff in yours, because eventually that crack WILL become a break, and then you’ll have a mess!

  16. Yep! I had the exact same thing happen two years ago. A friend of ours jimmy-rigged a handle with some sort of pliable metal piece (sorry, I’m no handywoman!) and that has worked so far. The handle gets kind-of warm, but not bad. Glad to know it’s not just mine!

  17. Yes! Mine came off quite a while ago. I now use a knife/tong combo to flip the lid off.

  18. Tried and true method:
    Attach a wooden knob. Ours fell of on another brand and they had discontinued the lid, so we used a wooden knob and its still going strong!

  19. I am sorry to hear you are having that problem. I don’t have a Rival Crock Pot so do not have that specific issue. My 2 Hamilton Beach ones get loose lid handles so I simply take the time to tighten the screw before I p ut the lid on the pot. Looks like the plastic is to thin and melts on the Rival ones so tightening at each use wouldn’t help.

  20. Melanie L says:

    mine did the same and I found these replacement knobs
    Rival Crock Pot Lid Handle Knob Handle Black
    SKU is Tops 580~b

  21. Yes! Mine did that (it’s a Rival too), but it was after a year or two of using it most Sundays and occasionally during the week. I take the lid off with tongs. Not the easiest, and I’ve made some messes, but it works. Mine also has a hairline crack in the bottom…never thought about it breaking more and making a big mess.

    Thanks for all the suggestions about using a wooden knob. Can anyone explain how they screwed the new knob on? Did you use the existing screw in the lid or get a new one that fits the same hole? Brilliant idea, you people! :)

  22. I also have a 6 qt oval crockpot by Rival and the handle came off the lid about two years ago. And that little screw is hot to the touch when you go to take the lid off….

    I thought I was just hard to my crockpot. Good to know it is not me.

  23. So sorry!! Mine is a Rival and almost 15 yrs. old. The top is all glass, including the handle.

  24. Julia Anderson says:

    My plastic knob to my Rival crockpot lid did the same thing.

    I used a screwdriver to take off the whole thing from the bottom, then found an old wooden drawer knob with a bold and nut and just screwed that to replace it. All by myself! Quite proud, as I was about to look for a new one at a yard sale. It works fine now, and the wood doesn’t get hot like a metal or ceramic knob would…

  25. Same here. Had for a few years. My dear hubby replaced with a knob from the hardware store. Doesn’t fit tight, but works! :) (better than tongs!) I love the J B Weld comment. I’m surprised he didn’t think of that. he loves J B Weld. ( I, on the other hand, when left to my own devices, Gorilla Glue EVERYTHING! :)

  26. Andrea F. says:

    I also use my Rival pot on a regular basis. My lid has done the same thing. Looks to be the same lid and it broke in the same way. Very frustrating. My hubby first “fixed” it with Gorilla Glue. That worked for quite a while, then the glue finally gave out. Next, he build me a little wooden handle to screw onto the existing screw. It was awesome and easier to use than the original handle. That broke. The screw is stripped out and wouldn’t hold. He is going to fix it again with a new screw, but I couldn’t wait…using the pot today…so I am currently holding the screw in place with a small vise grip wrench. Ugly, but it works for today!

  27. YES! I tried all sorts of glue. My last ditch was going to be epoxy, but the handle also broke, so I caved and bought a whole new one.

  28. Mine fell off years ago, and I ended up gorilla gluing it back on. Now the dial on the front has fallen off, and this Mama is asking for a new slow cooker for Christmas!

  29. Yes, my old one did that very thing. First, it got really loose, so my husband replaced the screw. Well, that got rusty, so he replaced it again. Then it did what yours did. My husband tried to fix ithat and the lid eventually got tossed because I got sick of burning myself. We now have one that we purchased two years ago and have not had any problems with the lid, so far. Guess my other one was probably 5 or 6 years old when the lid did that, though.

  30. Yes, the one I am using now has no handle and I was trying to send a pic but I guess I do that at FB. I just use my spatula and oven mit to lift my top 1st let the steam escape then lift top. But, I would much rather have a top that I could lift off easily without worrying if I will get a steam burn. my Rival was a gift only 4 years ago and within a year her head was gone.

  31. I don’t have a rival crockpot but that happened to mine awhile ago! For awhile i just stuck a meat thermometer in the but then myhusband told me it would ruin the thermometer so…..ive just been using the lid without the handle. It’s really hard to get the top off, i’m always spilling stuff and practically burning myself but it works. I know how you feel though. It’s a pain.

  32. Yes mine did the exact same thing. I now have to pry my lid open with a knife and then quickly grab it with oven mitts.

  33. Catherine says:

    Yes, I have the same problem! I have had to practice my tip, lift and snatch technique to avoid getting burned. Im getting pretty fast these days! My handle fell off about 6 months after I bought it. Oh, well. It’s not worth spending the money, but I do like the idea of finding another handle to screw on its place.

  34. Cindy in GA says:

    Mine has broken off, too! My lid had a sort of hinged part at the back with a lifting handle part on the front, and ALL of the plastic parts broke off: the center handle (looks like yours, but black), the front handle, and the hinged part on the back. I kept meaning to order a new lid, but now I’m thinking that one would just come apart, also.

    Our solution has been to stick a serving fork onto the bolt that’s left sticking up in the center of the lid, so that the bolt is wedged between two tines of the large fork. That way, we can still lift the lid safely while it’s hot.

  35. This same thing just happened to me about a month ago. I contacted Rival to see if I could purchase a new lid and they sent me a new (smaller) crock-pot because they no longer carried replacement pieces for my style of crock-pot. That was nice of them, but smaller is too small and the lid won’t fit my old one. I also had other issues out of them that I’m not cool with. I still have my crock-pot because I am brain storming ways to fix that lid. I have used it without the handle. I just use a butter knife to fit under the lid to pop it up enough to take it off with a pot holder. I just can’t seem to throw it away when it works perfectly. When I do go to purchase a new one it will be after some research. 😉

  36. Maddie Thompson says:

    Ours fell off too! It lasted maybe 4-5 years but then one day it came right off. I still use it (and it is 8 or 9 years old this year) and use the same method that someone else mentioned with the butter knife and the pot holder! I’ve thought about trying to find a way to put a handle on there … maybe super glue or a new screw or something, but so far I haven’t taken the time because the knife works alright!

  37. See if you can find an all-glass lid at the thrift store that fits your crock. I had to do that once when my all-glass lid broke. My toddler son pulled the crock down on him, and the lid shattered. Amazingly, he was unhurt (Praise the Lord!). The glass handle does get hot, but you just need an oven mitt or pot holder. It never falls off! :)

  38. BTW, it doesn’t have to be a crock pot lid. It can be any lid that fits your crock–even an all-metal one. The Goodwill usually has piles of pan and crock pot lids that don’t have bottoms to go with them, usually for $2-3.

  39. Is it normal for the crock pot lid to pop while the food is cooking? This begins about 2 hours in to cooking or until I turn it down or off.
    This popping noise is annoying especially when it is necessary to do something that includes a lot of concentration.

    • My Rival crockpot did the same thing. The handle came off the lid and I can’t find a replacement. What a downer…They ought to recognize this problem by now and make better lids.

  40. I had a hinged lid plus a top handle on the lid and both broke right after the warranty ended. I got a replacement lid because I liked my programmable crock pot too much to buy another. Remember the old crock pot lids that had a glass knob handle on top? Those were the best. Although you had to use a pot holder to take the lid off, you didn’t have to worry about it breaking. I wonder why they can’t use that glass knob-style lid and coat it with silicone to keep it from getting hot? We can put a man on the moon but we can’t make a good crock pot lid!

  41. They’re cutting corners. My husband did the drawer knob thing, too but eventually the hardware got rusty. Too close to our food.
    I found an oval lid and crock with no electric base at a yard sale. Different brand same color. The lid is lasting for years now and the spare crock is so handy when dishes back up. Even buying a whole set at a yard sale or Goodwill (usually $10 or less) for a lid is better than new units or parts. Just don’t get a Rival lid!

  42. I guess I have the worst story to tell– my handle was a little loose, but I could tighten the screw any further. I didn’t think this was a big deal and left it for years. Last year, when I removed the lid (a glass one), the handle detached and the lid fell and shattered in a thousand pieces on my tile floor. Since I seldom wear shoes in my house, this was a serious problem. I’ve been using a Le Creuset oval cassoulet pan, but it doesn’t quite fit. I have no idea if I can get a replacement at this point.

  43. Mind did the same thing, any ideas?

  44. Mine melted off, after 7 hours cooking at “low” on a Rival Slow cooker