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4 Moms Discuss First Weeks With a New Baby

This week, The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are reminiscing about what to expect the first weeks after having a baby.

(Be sure to see our advice on how to manage the home while nursing a baby.)

I have to admit that even though I have had 8 newborns, I can't remember a lot of specifics about those first few weeks because I was so. Very. Tired.

I even specifically remember once falling asleep while reading aloud and having one of the children ask me what was wrong and why did I keep closing my eyes while I was reading.

Yes, you will be very tired because the newborn baby needs to be fed around the clock and she doesn't know about your preference for sleeping between midnight and 6a.m.

And if you have other children who do know about your preference for sleeping during the dark hours, they will be wide awake and raring to go during the daylight hours, which means you will basically be subsisting on a series of 2 hour naps, broken up with bouts of nursing, diaper changes, and keeping your other children from wandering the streets looking for food.

In case I have scared you off of reproducing ever again, take heart! There is good news!

That li'l critter you gave birth to will capture your heart with her teeny tiny fingernails, her perfectly formed eyelashes, and her gassy smiles.

You'll marvel at how soft her skin is and that she can thrive and grow on your breast milk alone. You will wonder at the miracle God performed inside you when He created her.

You'll manage to incorporate the baby into your daily routine, taking her to church, wearing her in a sling while cooking dinner, and reading a story to the kids while nursing her.

And then you'll doze off again because you'll be so tired.

Then, nurse, change diaper, repeat.

I wonder what the rest of the 4 Moms team remembers about life in the first weeks after having a baby?

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  1. Jen Smith says:

    In the first week of my first child, one of my friends told me, “Survive now, thrive later.” Beautiful words. The perfectionist in me wanted it all done – the shower, clothes on, the bed made, the meals made, etc. Let some of that stuff go and be sure to ask for help when you need it. If everyone is alive after the first week, mission accomplished. Take time to enjoy every minute of that sleep deprived state to enjoy and snuggle with that newborn. You will thrive later.

  2. I’ve only done it once, having a 4-month-old son, so my advice is as a first-time mom who had no other kiddos in the house.

    In the beginning, I resisted the “sleep when he sleeps” philosophy, preferring instead to clean or meal prep or laundry. Eventually, I figured out that I didn’t need to sleep everytime he slept, but I did need 1-2 decent naps a day. And I learned that a shower does wonders for one’s mental state! And that I shouldn’t worry about meal prep – that was the reason that I had made some meals before hand – use those instead of new things! And that my husband was more than happy to boil some noodles while I tended to the baby, so I should let him.

    Biggest thing that I learned is just to hold him – that was the most fun!

  3. My advise after 3 kids is, let the freezer and crockpot be your friends. Even if this is not your normal way of doing things. Don’t worry about repetition.

  4. Agreed about the crockpot! Every dinner this week is coming from the slow cooker 😉

    I’m currently 16 days postpartum, and I have found that I’m better off emotionally after several kids but the physical recuperation takes longer. Was that your experience?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Yes, I would agree, Carrie. I am much more relaxed about how on earth I’m going to manage. I *know* I’ll be able to manage, but I’m much more tired while doing it these days.

  5. Im curious as to the age of your youngest child. Is this the largest age gap you’ve had between children? Might more Smockities be in the future?

  6. The first weeks of having a newborn to me were heaven on earth. Done it 7 times and felt the same every time. Loved all the cuddles ,clean baby smells and nursing loving moments. Yes it was tiring but looked into that little ones eyes made it all just melt away. Might think I’m crazy but I couldn’t wait for them to wake up to be nursed so I could have them in my arms.Thank God every day for those beautiful gifts he has given me especially those first weeks of life.

  7. I wrote a post about this a while ago! http://mylittlebitoflife.com/?p=1349


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