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The Feed Room

Our garage is detached from our house and about halfway between the house and the hen house and goat pasture. That garage has a small room at the side with a separate entry, which we use as a feed room.

We store all animal care products in there, even the bedding for the hamster and rabbit. Yes, we have a hamster and a rabbit. Don't y'all?

We keep the most frequently used items in these metal trash cans, which we labeled. (The BOSS can, on the right, holds Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.)

The scooper and feeding instructions.

For my friend, Melissa, who will be feeding and milking while we are on vacation. Melissa, you will be tested on this later...

We weigh the goats' feed on the scale on top of the old set of drawers. The baking soda is offered to them free will to regulate their digestion.

If you want to excite a six year old, let her write on an old dresser with a Sharpie. She'll be thrilled about it for the next week and a half.

Interesting note: When my 17 year old daughter was trying to convince my husband that we should get dairy goats, she made a spreadsheet, which included all costs pertaining to caring for the goats. She concluded, and this is what convinced my husband, that after all food, minerals, wormers, etc., we would be paying approximately $2 $3 for every gallon of goat milk!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me!