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Roundup of Homesteading How-To’s

In case you decide to up and start your own modern day homestead, this is your one stop shop on "How To" do just about anything!

All Things Chicken

All Things Dairy Goat

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  1. I wish we could have goats in the city!! We have our hens and I have been attempting to make cheese, yogurt and cream cheese with store bought milk!!! I love homesteading!!!

  2. I have never made deviled eggs with children! I usually just use eggs. ;D
    Seriously, your blog is amazing. :)

  3. I looked at your post about deviled eggs. To make them easy to peel even when they’re fresh they need to be cracked. I’ve done it two ways.
    #1: Crack the eggs slightly in the carton (the handle of a table knife works well). Bring water to a boil, then lower the eggs into it, cover and turn the heat down to a simmer when it comes back to a boil. Time for 18 minutes, starting when you put the eggs in the water, then chill immediately. You’ll still have some string out through the water and look ugly, but they’ll peel fairly easily. The person who told me how to do this said to crack them in the water 3 minutes after putting them in, but I can never get my act together well enough.
    #2: Put your eggs in cold water and bring to a boil. Crack the eggs with the handle of a table knife, then turn off the heat, leaving the lid on, and let sit for about 10-15 minutes (or till you remember them!). Chill.
    Either of these methods should result in eggs that peel fairly easily.

  4. “how to make deviled eggs with children” Shame! Bwaaaahahaaa! ;oP