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Modern Day Homesteading

This week, I am working with iHomeschool Network to bring you the "5 Days of ... Summer Series". I am presenting "5 Days of Homesteading", so each day I will be sharing a little bit of crazy here at our little house in the woods.

When we moved from the country club to the country a couple of years ago, we had no idea how challenging, enriching, scary, sweaty, and fun the change would be.

Our goal is to be able to use the land and our animals to be as self sustaining as possible. So far we have chickens that give us eggs (and meat when they stop laying), dairy goats for milk, cheese, and yogurt, and a garden that isn't doing so well. (We are told we have too many trees.)

We have enjoyed involving all of our children in the work and the benefits of our modern day homesteading.

One thing we haven't enjoyed though, is snakes! (shudder)

You have never heard a grown lady scream, I mean really scream, until you have heard her inside the hen house, after throwing a basket full of eggs skyward when she spots a huge snake slithering into the house, blocking her way from getting out.

This is our friend and hero, John, who is SIX FEET TALL. That gives you a good indication of the size of the devil he is holding! John dispatched the snake after I managed to run out, alerting the entire county that there was a SNAKE. IN THE HEN HOUSE. A HUGE SNAKE. HELLLLLLP!!!

You can see that the snake had been enjoying quite a few of our eggs. There are more lumps further down that are not pictured! We had noticed a sharp decline in egg production, from 15-20 each day to around 5 or 6, and this was the reason!

This was not the only snake that we have removed from the hen house, and believe me, we all step lightly each time we enter now.

Modern day homesteading is never boring, that's for sure!

Come back the rest of the week to see my posts on:

  • Yogurt making
  • Cheese making
  • Our feed room and feeding schedule
  • Involving children in homesteading chores

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  1. I am 150% certain I would have been screaming too! That is a huge egg thief and one brave young man!

  2. Wow, I just posted about the same issue about two weeks ago–but yours is bigger, I think!! We’ve always warned the kids about the possibility, but this summer was our first actual case and it freaked us all out a little bit. At least now I know the kids take me seriously when I say be careful! :)

  3. Is that snake poisonous? Or just really scary looking? I would definitely be FREAKED OUT if I came across this big guy! And, by the way, no wonder he’s so big! He was eating all your eggs!

  4. Do you think this creepy fellow was hiding in the hen house every time yall were coming in for eggs or leaving & coming back daily? *shudder*

  5. Kerri Utnge says:

    We keep a great number of farm cats that both hunt and are fed by us. We fed them just about 10 feet away from the hen house and we have never had snakes since we started that. I live in the desert of NM where Diamondback rattlesnakes are common(as are other types). Our 6th child was bitten when she was 18 months old and had to be medivac-ed out. She had 20 doses of anti-venom. She is all well but I don’t play with snakes at all anymore and the cats have been a life saver(literally) for us.

  6. I would simply curl up and die. The snake would have me instead of the eggs.

    (Which I guess would keep it busy longer, but… ugh!)

    I am really looking forward to the series – I’m doing “real-world math,” and I bet I get almost as many ewwws as your snake – but not quite!! :)

  7. My parents recently had the same issue. My dad went out to put their chickens away for the night only to find a 4-5 foot snake in the chicken coop. He had to pull it out by it’s “tail” and then shoot it. As much as I want chickens I’m not sure that I’m ready to have to deal with snakes.

  8. Yipes!! My son loves snakes, but his dad and I don’t! I would really hate to come across something like that.

  9. Sonya Vande Velde says:

    I hate those things too and have the same response. After my initial neighborhood-alerting scream, I run for the house with more screaming, “SNAKE. GET THE GUN!” Of course, I’m the one that has to get the gun since it’s locked up but for some reason I always yell that. Gets the kids to make way for their rampaging mother, anyway! Then as I’m aiming, I’m screaming some more! Btw, if you throw the carcass on a burn pile or in the burn barrel, you will not want bbq chicken for awhile. gag! The smell was quite the same and yet it’s just not “right” for something so vile to smell like normal food we’d eat. Just a heads up for ya.

  10. I have heard that moth balls deter snakes. I know, I know they stink!!! I would rather deal with the yucky smell then ever walk up on a snake that size!!!!

  11. Melanie says:
  12. LOL. You are a better woman than me. I have often thought about raising chickens but snakes are the reason I never get past the daydream.

  13. Lady, you crazy, is all I can say. I’d get packin back to the country club. Man, o man. No way. That guy looks more like St. George than John, but anyhow, what in the universe can you do about the snakes? I think I’ll be creeped out for months, but I suppose I’ll keep reading your blog :-) BTW, I milked goats for years as a teenager, and NO we never had snakes in our hen house in Minnesota :-)


  1. […] whom I haven’t seen or talked to in years, was sad to see that I posted a picture of the 6 foot long snake we killed that was found in our hen house. You see, he is very passionate about protecting snakes, and even […]